Nene Leakes on Wendy Williams

This morning Wendy Williams a played a great clip from The New Normal before bringing out Nene. Nene’s acting is really improving on that show. I’m still not sure the show will make it, but if it doesn’t it won’t be because of Nene. She’s holding her own in a cast of serious actors. Nene looked stunning in an orange dress.

The two talk about Wendy’s short wig and Nene says her hair is not a wig although people think it is. Wendy asked why Nene wasn’t in the second episode of The New Normal and Nene says she was shooting RHOA at the same time. She assures everyone that she is “a regular” on the show and we will see a lot of her this season.  Nene has been telling everyone who will listen that after being on Glee, Ryan Murphy wrote the part of Roxy on The New Normal just for her. Now she has a whole nuther story. Apparently, when she first read the script she thought Roxy was a white woman. She called her manager and he told her she is supposed to read the script with “no color.” She still thought her character was white, so she called Ryan and he promised to fix it.  This story is interesting only in that it is the opposite of what she has been saying all along. But it really doesn’t matter either way.

There is an abrupt pause in the show where the producers ask Wendy to have Nene spit out her gum. Nene agrees to get rid of the gum, but then says, “Don’t sell it on Ebay!” Because that would bring the big bucks. Because, you know, she’s a big time Hollywood star! Nene is still Nene. I will say she seems very happy.

Wendy asks if her housewives persona with all the fighting and drama will hinder her in getting roles in Hollywood. Nene says that she hopes not. She says Ryan Murphy saw her on Celebrity Apprentice and Housewives and he loved her from those shows. He loves her “outspokeness”.

Wendy says that the new girls on Housewives are going to give her a run for her money and Nene interrupts to say, ” I don’t think so.”  Wendy says that Kenya Moore has the fever in her and can bring it and Nene says, “Bring what?” It is well-known that Nene was all high on bringing in Kenya until she started filming. Kenya tends to out Nene, Nene at times if you know what I mean. Let’s just say Kenya is not the type to back off of Nene.  Nene says Kenya “has a crown (Miss USA) but I have a light.” There may or may not have been some subtle neck rolling and a finger in the air and some finger snapping when Nene said this. Wendy found that comment to be very deep. I bet she has someone stitch it on a pillow for her.

Wendy says that she doesn’t know who Porsha Stewart is, and Nene replies with, “Most people don’t.”  Then she explains she is Hosea Williams granddaughter. I will say the way she describes Hosea Williams is interesting, and leave it at that. From her description, Wendy asks if Porsha “has a big civil rights heart or is she mean and catty?” And Nene makes a face and says nothing for a few beats and then says, “Maybe a little of both.”

Wendy asks the burning question on everyone who doesn’t read TamaraTattles’ mind. Why isn’t Kim in the promo picture she saw? Nene says that she was so happy seeing the picture that it was the first “all brown girl” franchise of the Real Housewives. She said there used to be some “vanilla” but now it is all brown. She sounded like a six-year-old who had been raised in a closet and was released to find that there are different ethnic groups in the world. Brown? Vanilla? Really? She then says that Kim will be there but we should all tune in to find out what really happens.  She said that “find out what really happens” line several times, not just about Kim but about Kenya as well. I think what really happens is that Kim gets evicted while pregnant and filming two reality shows. But, perhaps there is more.

Wendy asks her if because she is so “tall” if she faces any wardrobe problems. I think that is the most tact I have ever seen from Wendy Williams.  Nene seems less than thrilled by the question. She says that the wardrobe people at The New Normal do a great job and that she may be tall but her size is in the store.

Wendy is pretending that Gregg is not right there with here in the studio and asks, “I’m hearing that you are still involved with Gregg and I find that very endearing.” I think Wendy is a bit intimidated by Nene. I’ve never seen her actually ask questions and wait for the answers before. She asks, “How are you and Gregg doing?” And Nene replies with, “I love Gregg and you know, Gregg and I have been together for 16 years. So that’s a long time….” AND WENDY INTERRUPTS. When will she learn you have to give the interviewees time to finish and then, in situations like this, say nothing so they keep talking. But no, she interjects, “You’re grandparents!”  referring to Bryson’s (Gregg is not his father) new daughter. This gives Nene the easy out she needs to do her “Glamparents” routine.  Oh Wendy, you were doing so good there for a brief moment. Now Wendy realizes what she has done and asks if Nene and Gregg are “sharing a martial bed.”  Nene shoots back with, “Look at you trying to get the dirt, honey.”  Nene says she has been with Gregg for 16 years, she just loves him and you should tune into the new season of the Housewives and see what happens.

Wendy played fave fives with Nene.

Question One: Who is your favorite Real Housewive other than yourself?
Nene gives a long sigh and says I really can’t say me? Cynthia.

Question Two, What is your favorite quality in a man?
Nene says money she likes a man that can hold a conversation.

Question Three: What is your favorite cosmetic procedure that you have tried?
Nene says tooth implants my veneers.

Question Four: Your favorite guilty pleasure?
Nene says eating watching TV.

Question Five: Your favorite thing about being famous?
Nene says free stuff. LOL I was pausing and writing the answers I thought she would give before listening to her answer. This time our answers agreed.

Bonus question: What is your favorite Nene-ism?
Nene says Plonk! she has two, she loves “Close your legs to married men” (ironic) and “Ploop!”

Then Nene and Wendy hug and kiss and squeal with each other as the interview ends.


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15 responses to “Nene Leakes on Wendy Williams

  1. gigi

    very nice! thanks!! #teamnene

  2. Tc

    Great recap! I’m starting to not like nene. I think she is a bit racist.

  3. AB

    I don’t think Nene is racist but I think she is tried of Kim. I really doubt she would have the success she does, if she was racist. She helped Kim get on the show and she has too many non-black friends to be racist

    • Bloop

      Bloop! so right!

    • Whatever

      NeNe doesn’t have any white friends. Kim was her only white friend. We all know just because you have white friends doesn’t mean you can’t still be racist. White people always have black friends and as soon as that black friend leaves the room the whites start talking about how the black friend fits all the stereotypes they suspected.

  4. I liked Nene on Wendy. I thought she has learnt to present herself well without losing her point of view, or humor.

    I have to admit I’m not too sure that I will miss Kim being a regular Housewife (whatever shade of ice-cream she is) I found the whole Kroy & domestic storyline incredibly boring (one of the few times I have ever found myself fast forwarding a housewife storyline). I think the decision to shake up each franchise seasonally has for the most part worked well.

    Keep on truckin’ Miss Leakes. 😀

  5. McNeil

    By the way – NBC picked up The New Normal for a full season order as of October 2, 2012.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I heard and I am happy for Nene.I’m not sure she gets how this works. but….she did admit she missed working on TNN for RHOA so maybe. I’m glad for her.Her acting is improving.

  7. Katrina

    Do you know why Wendy was asking about Nene’s wardrobe? Sometimes, I think Wendy is trying to make Nene go off on her, like Omarosa did! The dress Nene wore was the same dress Marlo wore on the reunion. We all know that Wendy secretly wants to be a housewife!!! Do you find it ironic that Marlo Hampton never interviewed on RHOA, never appeared on WWHL, and never appeared on Wendy Williams show. What really happened? I know Marlo made a gay remark, but we did not learn about that until way afer the season started. What’s the real tea on Marlo?

  8. Cali

    I miss NeNe and Kim not being friends. Hopefully they can mend their friendship.

  9. Katrina

    Nene has done a lot of interviews and she has always referred to Black people as Brown people. It is probably how she was taught. I had to laugh because my 8 year old daughter and I had this discussion not long ago. We were filling out a form and I marked that she was black and she told me she was brown. She went to her room and brought back a black crayon and a brown crayon. She held up the black crayon and said, this is Black!

  10. Katrina

    Tamara, Is there something wrong wrong with your website? It keeps saying it is unstable and I cannot read anything anymore. Maybe it is just this computer. Sometimes it will let me on and other times it will not. Did you watch KKN on wednesday? Do you know what happened? Apparently Apollo said something on there and now Kandi has made the video private! Give us some tea, you know Atlien won’t!

  11. I’m not having any problems with the site. Let me know if it continues on another computer. I also don’t watch KKN. Although I should. They are always blurting out tea on there. But I just can’t… Let me see what I can find out.

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