Thoughts on the Finale of Real Housewives of New York

It’s time for the finale of RHONY! I think this season was the perfect length. I got to know, and mostly love the three new ladies, and I’ve had enough Ramonja to last a lifetime. The mysterious ping-pong trophies scene with Carol last week has now been made clear. Carole hosted a ping-pong tournament which is perfectly normal princess behavior I guess. However, it was Heather who was the ping-pong queen.  Aviva really needs to just ignore Ramona. Pretty much everyone needs to ignore Ramona. Can we just talk about something else? Anything else? Heather is right about that. Also, Heather’s husband is hot. Just throwing that out there.

Now we have to see how well Heather handles Sonja. Sonja agrees with Heather and opts for the um, hotter, toaster oven. Everything went great! This means something is definitely wrong.  Shouldn’t Sonja want the one with just her? I thought the one with just Sonja was more Sonja than the others. It seems maybe when Sonja is by herself she’s less of a bitch than she is when Ramona is around to get her riled up. Plus she seemed oddly sober. Crisis averted. Point for Heather.

Heather seems to be having an easy time with Aviva. She manages to lead Aviva to the correct wardrobe without too much fuss. Heather is very serious about her fashion show. Aviva was nervous about showing so much skin but eventually agree to walk in the coveted last look position. Flash forward to the fashion show and Aviva is wanting to change everything at the last minute. She wants less clothes. She wants more hair. Aviva doesn’t really understand that a model is there to show the clothing line and that it’s not about her. Aviva is still mocking Ramona. Give it a rest. Unlike Ramona, Heather actually cares about her charity work. This is a big show for Heather. Of course Ramonja are being disruptive and loud. Aviva takes off her jacket at the last minute! Heather is going to be beyond pissed. That was her “last look.” I can’t believe Aviva doesn’t understand that. That’s just unspeakable.

Meanwhile, Sonja and Ramona are being bitches. They both very loudly pestered the photographer from the toaster oven shoot about things Sonja had previously said were fine. Sonja began telling Heather what she was entitled to, and Heather pretty much asked them both leave. Sonja doesn’t seem to get that Ramona just got her all worked up during …as they say in the world of Bravo Housewives, “Heather’s Big Day.” As usual Ramona starts the drama and then literally turns her back on it and listens with a grin on her face as Heather and Sonja argue. Of course Ramonja is drunk and that is not helping. So Heather had three people being rude and disrespectful at her event. And Aviva seemed to have no anxiety at all about taking center stage when it was all over and hugging the violinist. Ramona stumbles out muttering to Sonja that she provided the Pinot Grigio. We all know all of Sonja’s financial hopes and dreams are tied up in her toaster oven venture. So I think it’s safe to assume that Ramonja were not major contributors to Heather’s charity.

Later, Ramona crashes into Carole’s book party loud and clearly loaded. She seems to be sincere about wanting to make amends with Heather; but, she does it by throwing her only ally under the bus. Ramona stumbles off in one direction while Sonja swoops in on Heather from another direction. Sonja apparently doesn’t even remember what happened at the fashion show. Shouldn’t there be some sort of a rule by now that forbids Bravo housewives from attending fashion shows? I think that probably island vacations should be forbidden as well, particularly for New York housewives. Heather finally just tells Sonja what she did to ruin her evening. Sonja volleys the blame back to Ramona. Heather points out that Ramona blamed her. Then we have Ramona versus Aviva part 34. I’m so over it.  I like Aviva and seeing her waste so much time on Ramona is disappointing. Aviva seems almost as drunk as Ramona when she freaks out about the way Ramona mistreated her father. Luann, Heather and Carole take Aviva’s side. It looks like things are going to wind up as four against two in the finale.

But then, in the preview it seems like Luann may still be a bit ruffled that she’s been outshone by a real live princess. She accuses Carole of talking about her behind her back. I suppose it is about the Tomas thing. C’est la vie, Luann. Comme on fait son lit, on se couche. Which roughly translated means, the one who smelt (Lauren Manzo spelling) it dealt it. So we will have the new girls versus the old girls on the reunion it seems.  Expect the countess to royally sit side-saddle on the fence for some of the arguments.

What did you think about the finale?



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18 responses to “Thoughts on the Finale of Real Housewives of New York

  1. Pffttt

    Without Ramona there would be no show. Love her or hate her, she provides the most entertainment. Just like Teresa on Jersey.

  2. Over Aviva… she’s got to go!

  3. smooches

    Ramona is coo coo for pinot…I only saw the last 10-15 minutes and I wanted her to just vanish

  4. Trish

    Avivia is a bully. She doesn’t think it is inappropriate to call people names. I’m ready to vote her off the island.

  5. karen

    Let me start by saying I can’t stand Ramona. She is drunk or high every where she goes. She is loud and argumentative at every event. i like Aviva but Heather is right just let it go Aviva, there is no getting thru to Ramona.

  6. AB

    I agree 100%! Aviva needs to let it go. You can’t reason with stupid. Andy needs to contact Dr. Drew b/c Ramona has a serious problem.

  7. What I loved about the finale is that both events didn’t seem planned for and by Bravo.

  8. Tc

    For entertainment, Ramona can’t be beat. This housewives franchise I can watch with no empathy or identification. Strictly watching the fish fight in the bowl. If I though about it differently, as I did when Jill was there and I felt sorry for her, I’d loathe Ramonja and know that I would never willingly associate them, and if forced to, would find terrific ways to stealthily an methodically ruin their lives.

  9. I think Aviva needs to go, but that’s mostly because her father gives me chills… and not in the good way. I have nightmares about those teeth coming at…

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s RHONY. I think the change in cast gave new life to the show. I was getting quite bored with Alex, Jill, Kelly and that other broad. I love Heather, she does not let anyone walk over her. Aviva (what there is left of her) will make a good counter balance to Ramona & Sonja. Carole is nice, but needs to get into the mix of things more. Otherwise, what is the point of coming on the show in the first place. Luann is her pretentious self and should worry more about getting her beau a nose job instead of getting pregnant. Looking forward to the Reunion Shows.

  11. Joan

    Bravo – please give Ramona a pink slip. It’s gone on long enough. Her story just continues to be a ongoing ferris wheel of crazy – going round and round…never stopping.

  12. Alicia (@ShakenNotBlurd)

    Ok, how did I now know about your blog sooner? Love it. So glad someone else realizes how hot Heathers hubby is! He def gets my vote for hottest house husband! Anyway, I am over the whole Ramona/Aviva thing. I really felt like Aviva went after Ramona to secure her place next season. Bravo loves drama and she is bringing the dramz with Ramona. Love Heather. If she is not back next season I will be so mad. I am glad she stuck up for herself. After all she was doing this for Sonja for free! Cant wait for the reunion!

  13. curioustiff

    Over drunk & bug eyed Ramona. I liked Aviva @ first & I’m glad she stands up to Ramona. But towards the end of the season I grew tired of Aviva rehashing the same old issues w/Ramona. I would give her one more season but only if she agreed her father would never be around during filming. He’s disgusting & way too touchy feely for me. UGH @ old man trying to sex you up, :-(. I absolutely love Heather & Carole.

  14. jojo

    I’ve come to the conclusion that overly-skinny gals on this show ALWAYS end up having the meltdowns…namely Kelly & Aviva. Wonder whats up w/ that?!

    Ramona is lost and misguided and listening to voices in her own head telling her she’s right right right. Sonja seems understandably fragile and in a transitional stage of life.

    Heathers the bomb and I’m pushing Carole over as I type this, trampling past her to raid her wardrobe.

  15. Tiffers

    I can’t quite figure out what Sonja should be more embarrassed about. The fact that she has been openly (on National Television) so unappreciative of a friend who was only trying to help her and for free nonetheless (whether or not she did It for publicity). I mean really, WTF? Are perhaps she may feel a little embarrassed (Though I doubt it) about her behavior when inebriated during this whole season. Which let’s face It, though somewhat entertaining ultimately makes one feel sorry for her. Or, OR, one might ask why a lady of class like herself (?) would feel It necessary to attend numerous Charity functions for supposed friends and openly not donate shit! I think she even threw her hand up after she asked Ramona what she donated. And don’t even get me started on Aviva the Diva. All’s I can say about her is that she just needs to go away. Not that she’s not interesting sometimes, she just brings the wrong kind of vibe to the show. I don’t know, I guess like a negative vibe that makes me wish they’d feel that time with one of the other ladies antics. Now, with Luann, I feel she’s also a throw away, only there to start shit and never involve herself. She’s aight but Bravo should find someone far more interesting and need I say with more depth than Luann. With Ramona and Sonja, I agree with Carole that Ramona’s more interesting although louder and far more annoying. Don’t see why either of these woman should be on the show. At least not next season, I’d say we’ve all heard enough about Pinot and Settlements. And then there’s Carole. All’s I can say Is If Bravo doesn’t (Are Isn’t able) to bring her back next year that I will probably be less inclined to watch RHONY. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still watch, but for some reason having her on this season has been a refreshing change for the franchise that has left me more interested than before. She is the most interesting person I’ve ever seen on any show on Bravo ever, at least in my opinion. Sure she has shown us flaws but you gotta admit we often become opinionated while watching and than the next season get over It and find someone else to talk shit about. Anyways, I love Carole, just hope she comes back and stays with Russell :) Thanks Tam for your Blog!! I’m from Los Angeles and girl I don’t need no shade or no Tea, just a big cup of Coffee and your blog.. Bless

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