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Hope Everyone Has a Safe Halloween!

Looks like the Gorga’s are going as themselves this year! I usually go to the movies to avoid the trick-or-treaters. Plua, it’s a great night for child free movie watching! But I’m still on antibiotics that are hard on the tummy so I’m just gonna turn all the lights out and hide. :)

I hope everyone has found a safe place to stay after Sandy. What are y’all up to tonight?


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Why Would Anyone Marry Kelsey Grammer?

I’ve been more in the mood to read blogs rather than write them lately. There has been the usual ridiculousness with Kelsey Grammar making the rounds. The main story is that he and his newest blond wife went to a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion. The newsworthy part of the story was supposed to be that the idiots brought and three and a half month old baby to the party and just set him/her in a baby carrier in the VIP room while they partied into the wee hours.

But today, there is a picture of their costumes. Please tell me what they are. Especially the blond. Because there is controversy about the picture. What is she supposed to be?


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Nene Leakes Lands The Cover of Ebony



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Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Show Cancelled After Two Seasons

I’ve gotta admit that I’m pretty shocked that Anderson Cooper has been cancelled after only two seasons. I thought his first season was better than the second. He did seem to take a turn toward the weird lately. He also got pretty confrontational with some of his guests. But I didn’t see cancellation in his future. Were y’all watching this?


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Tonight, On a Very Special Episode of Real Housewives of Miami…

Gif by the Fabulous RealityTVGifs

Come on people. Are you really not going to watch this with me?


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Sneak Peek at Nene Leakes on RHOA Season Five

Although the first episode opens with a Nene Leakes scene, there is not a lot of Nene on the first episode. She has two scenes just like everyone else. I’m saving Kenya and Cynthia for last for a reason. Those are the exciting scenes of the upcoming season. Kenya Moore’s behavior makes Nene’s worst day seem civilized.

Am I the only one that thinks they could have done better than this short black dress for Nene’s intros? It doesn’t seem to fit right on her. Maybe it’s just too short? It looks like a tall person in a petite cut dress to me.

Anyway, we open the season with Nene and Gregg. These two have been joined at the hip for ages despite being “divorced.” Continue reading


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Joanna Krupa Attempts to Revive the Merkin

I sort of thought I might have imagined this whole PETA thing with Joanna last night. I thought perhaps I just dreamed it up in my drunken slumber or something. But no, it is a real thing apparently. Which is awesome. Because there are never enough things to mock Joanna Krupa about. I dunno what is worse, being a high-priced hooker, screwing Joe Francis or making this PETA Campaign. It really doesn’t matter. I’m laughing about it all. Unattractive indeed.


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Joe Francis Claims to Have Slept With Both Krupa Sisters on Tonight’s RHOM

Real Housewives of Miami has been on for ten minutes and I am just now starting the blog. So far we are getting ready for the big lingerie party with the slap heard round the world.  Adrianna told most of the others that Karent gave an interview to the lovely Lesley Abravanel of the Miami Herald saying that she is doing housewives to prove that Miami has intelligent beautiful woman (like her) and that she said bad things about them having botox for brains and being attention whores. Attention whores? On a Real Housewives franchise? No WAY!  And who is the one doing all the interviews, Karent? Ms. Abravanel says that the “botox for brains” comment was her editorial not Karent’s words. In fact, you can read the blog here and see that the only quote from Karent was, “I’ll kill them with kindness.” Not trying to take Karent’s side ever, but apparently neither Karent or Adrianna have above average reading comprehension skills.

Alexia’s house is beautiful and it seems like someone will be stopping by to visit her in every episode. I like her. I don’t understand why she is not a full housewife this season, she has as much storyline as anyone else. But enough with the girlfriend chat over sangria by the pool. Let’s get to Joe Francis showing up and Joanna getting the bitch slap! Continue reading


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Was That Really Whitney Houston’s Grave on Last Night’s Show?

I was trying to wimp out of being the one to say this in the other post, but it’s driving me crazy so I’m just going to put it out there. I felt like that was a staged grave visit. I don’t mean just the whole “hey let’s go visit the grave on Mother’s Day with full camera’s in tow”, I’m saying I am not convinced that was the actual grave. Continue reading


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The Houstons on Lifetime

Sometimes I blog to share some tea or throw some shade and other times I blog just to say, WTF? This blog is one of those times where I am dying to know what you guys thought about a show. Last night, I watched the premiere episodes of The Houstons on Lifetime. I wasn’t planning on blogging it or recapping it because sometimes you just want to watch TV, ya know? The show was so unsettling, I just want to see what you guys thought of it. Continue reading


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A Sneak Peek A Phaedra’s RHOA Season Five Storyline

Here is a little more tea on episode one of Real Housewives of Atlanta season five. The first episode starts off slow with each of the housewives in their respective corners so to speak. It’s not until the last scene that anyone comes out swinging. There are a lot of couples scenes and family scenes.  And then there is Phaedra who openly admits that she plays a character on the show and that will be no different this season. Continue reading


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Sneak Peek at Kandi Burruss on New Season of RHOA

Next up in my RHOA, a few words about Kandi. Kandi had two scenes as well this episode. One of the scenes I already talked about here.  I will say that even though Kandi is trying really hard to maintain a working relationship with Kim, and she tries not to let Kim’s digs get to her, that the writing is on the wall that Kandi reaches critical mass with Kim this season. She’s forgiven Kim a lot over the years but I think this will be the season that she writes Kim off for good. Let’s look at Kandi’s other scene… Continue reading


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