Random RHONJ Reunion Thoughts

One minute in and why in the hell is Caroline answering Jacqueline’s questions? Here we go already with the screaming already. I think Tre was the first to call someone a bitch (Jac).  Andy is moving on from the birthday party story and Jac interrupts to ask Melissa if Teresa grabbed her arm. Tell us about Tre grabbing your arm Melissa. Jac really wants to be sure that story gets told. Good lord neither Caroline or Jac can keep their mouths shut while anyone else speaks. Melissa needs to learn how to sit with her legs closed. She on national television not hustling the crowd at Lookers.

Jac, we have read the court records for your business bankruptcy. It’s a public court record. The whole premise of the case is that you and Chris used business funds for personal benefit. Oh for fucks sake at the autism segment. That whole thing is unnecessary and out of place at a catfight. This show is about the housewives and the fighting. Why have a whole segment on one of the kids that was not a part of the show? I could have sworn Jac was tweeting that one of the only things the kid does say now is “I love you.” Let’s move on from this and stick to the main players.

But not on to Caroline’s kids. Jesus. Really? From autism to lap bands? This reunion sucks. Caroline only calls her daughter and asshole when she is being an asshole. I can’t believe I am watching this. Oh wait! Lauren calls Tre out about Heather Maclean writing her blogs. Oh yeah? Spell ‘napalm’? This might be the best part of this episode of the reunion. From Tre’s blog on June 16, “Melissa’s intent was to hurt me because she hated me. It’s not even apples and oranges. It’s more like Nair and Napalm.” I can’t believe Tre can lie about having a ghostwriter with a straight face.

I can’t believe we are even watching this. Teresa is saying Kathy and Rich have a bad marriage and almost got a divorce? Is there a picture of Tre in the dictionary next to the word ‘projecting’?  And where did Kathy suddenly get a spine and decide to use it go after Tre’s mother? Isn’t that Kathy’s aunt? Kathy called Tre’s mom a liar and Tre’s father a coward. Why is Kathy so pissed at Tre a whole year later? I love how Rosie is threatening to cut out Tre’s tongue and kill her and the next episode they bring her violent ass out and sit her on the sofa. Do they not have legal advisors at Bravo?

As for Melissa copying Tre, it happens. Case in point the dress Melissa is wearing on the reunion is the same style as the God awful feathery dress that Tre wore during her talking heads at the end of the season. Is this glitter eye shadow a New Jersey thing? I haven’t even seen Derek J or Lawrence wear it down here. Though one time Lawrence did glue actual rhinestones to his face. I could see wearing glitter eyeshadow if you were six years old and playing dress up.





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47 responses to “Random RHONJ Reunion Thoughts

  1. Just wait til the last five minutes LOL someone screams from the back hehe and comes out

  2. pcm

    tamara, i’m tired from watching that and i’m sure i’ll be exhausted for the next 2 parts.

  3. Critter

    Will read this tomorrow but wanted to say I have a new
    found respect for Lauren…

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I laughed so hard when Lauren called Teresa a “dickhead”…I never heard a woman call another woman that…

      Plus Lauren gets points for blasting Teresa’s fake blogs by asking her to define & spell napalm…Teresa can’t articulate a sentence without sounding like 5 year old brat, much less write her own blogs….

    • Anonymous

      But Lauren asked Teresa how to spell napalm and then Lauren proceeded to spell it: n-a-Q-U-T-a-l-m.

      Lauren, you don’t call someone out on not knowing how to spell something, when you don’t even know how to spell it!

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        I thought Lauren was being sarcastic as to how Teresa would spell napalm.
        After all Teresa is , ahem, such a brilliant writer, speller, and articulate speaker. (Insert more sarcasm here)

      • RVA

        LOL, Lauren (I can’t stand that girl) was being sarcastic. but her sarcasm was lost even on the person she was being sarcastic to.
        My God! she is such a whiner!
        Am I the only one who finds her relationship with her brothers a little disturbing?
        does she have ANY friends? two? one? somebody she can hang out with so she doesn’t cry when her brothers actually have the nerves to live their lives, or have a few friends over for dinner without inviting her.

  4. P

    I thought the best part of the show was when they talked about Nicholas. It was the only authentic moment. The remainder of the show was to much. Thus I have to believe that shit was staged. I mean Kathy blowing up on Teresa’s parents? What happened to that Italian loyalty and respect Kathy used to talk about? What about Rosie’s pumpkin built ass? Unless I’m mistaken, Teresa didn’t say anything about her father, stupid bitch. Jacq. I think Jacq has problems. I feel sorry for Chris b/c I believe she is a complete f’ing basket case. Lauren, please someone tell the Manzo spawn from hell to go away. She is another one I think has Psych problems. She works out at least 2.5 hours a day, wouldn’t she be stick and bones? She’s lying. Teresa was to defensive. One can tell when Teresa is lying. She looks pathetic as hell lying and making excuses for everything. I hope parts 2 and 3 are much better.

    • Meredith

      Thank you for saying that. Anyone who puts down the segment about nicholas and his autism is just as big of an asshole as Teresa is….I believe I am talking to you Tamara Tattles! And as for talking over people, I definitely think Teresa is #1 at that game.

  5. slaceybakes

    With the autism segment, I think Andy was trying to keep it in line with other reunions where they have actual story lines that don’t involve families being torn apart. It just didn’t fit here, and it almost made me cry dammit! Teresa was a total bitch, Carolyn got better towards the end, Jacq was a mess, and I was PISSED the whole time. Why do I care? I mostly disgusted with myself

  6. Joi

    These women are pitiful and sad and so is this show and this reunion is a bust so far I mmean arguing about whether or not Teresa has extensions in who cares Im over this crap it’s staged and Bravo told on themselves when they filmed the season 3 reunion while taping season 4 and all the loose ends were not tied up properly what a waste of my time down with the RH franchises

  7. The Napalm thing was great. Does anyone else notice how, when caught in a lie, Theresa starts to blink like a Tourette’s sufferer? And then, in a rare moment where she tries to clench down on that verbal diarrhea, she realized the irony in saying Douchey Joe could get more women than Richie.

    Andy went hard right out the gate on Kathy’s plastic surgery. If she’s stopped at a “yellow light” Jacqueline’s car is wrapped around the tree next to the intersection.

    I can’t wait for Rosie’s appearance. She looks like she knows what to do with a fist.

    • tracy

      Yes Rosie does ask her abouit her exgirlfriend Francine beat the shit out of her Rosie is a very violent person and has an arrest record not someone I would want to associate with

  8. Elizabeth

    I don’t want to sound insensitive to the fact that coming to terms with the reality of your child having autism is not a fun thing that people dream of, but am I the only one who things it’s ungrateful and annoying that Jac was crying one season because she had 4 miscarriages, then she finally has a child but cries hysterically because he isn’t “perfect” like she wanted!?!? I have a family member who had cerebral palsy and never spoke a word…couldn’t walk…couldn’t even eat on her own, but she was a blessing. She smiled, laughed, and brought joy without ever having to speak a word. I can’t imagine everyone crying because she wasn’t the same as everyone else…people loved her for the blessing she was. I feel like Jac and Caroline don’t know how to handle situations that can’t be fixed with money (ie, buying Ashley a car to make her care about how she treats people….buy Lauren the Lap Band if she doesn’t like her body….Albie failing law school? Let’s set him up with an apartment in NY and get him a marketing business.)

    • ANDREA

      Elizabeth, I have to agree with you. My brother also had cerebral palsy and it was a severe case, so severe that he could not eat, talk, or walk, and doctors advised my mother to have him placed in a nursing care facility, so that his needs could better be seen to. My mother took total care of him through 14 surgeries until God called him home in 2011. Needless to say, my mama didn’t put away her kid. She also didn’t sound all day and night tweeting (even though they didn’t have it then) about what my neighbor or her ex-friend is doing, she didn’t do much of anything except for appreciate her blessing from God. I can imagine, that it’s a bit difficult to have a special needs child, but focus on that. Teresa made a good point when she says, you bitches should be me, you spend all your time focused on me. Jacqueline had no business bringing up Gia having a magazine cover after crying about her kid nit being able to talk. I mean, he probably doesn’t say ‘I love you’ because she doesn’t spend enough time with him. I know this might sound a bit bitchie, but so what. The truth is the truth. Stop focusing on Teresa’s marriage (because yours crumbles while your being attentive to your own shit), stop focusing on Teresa’s kids (because yours have special need as well as regular needs (CJ and druggy Ashlee)), stop trying to defend Melissa (she’ not returning the favor- plus theres your family issues), and stop tweeting so damn much and parent those kids.

    • NovemberBaby

      Well, you do sound insensitive. When you have a child with special needs, you feel guilty and hurt because you know the obstacles they will face. You grieve because their life will be harder than others, and you wanted them to have the best things in life, and you hope that you can help them be strong enough to know they are wonderful and a blessing.

      • And you be sure to do your greiving on national television while in the middle of a 13 hour filming of a cat fight. Don’t forget that part. And then moments later you scream insults toward your ex BFF while swearing on the life of said special needs kid who can’t/can/can’t say “I love you” and tell people they are going to hell. Then you go back to spending all day on twitter talking about what a bitch your ex BFF is and intermittantly tweeting random autism tweets. Somewhere in there you might make a gluten free chicken nugget for your kid.

      • NovemberBaby

        Those are Jacqueline’s decisions. I, however, was simply stating the fact that it is okay for parents of children with special needs to cry, and that does not necessarily mean they are selfish. Simple.

  9. karen

    I would have slapped the shit out of Kathy for talking about my mother and father. Why the hell is fat ass Lauren and Rosie even at the reunion?

  10. Vp

    This was the first episode I saw fully this entire season. All I will remember is that Rosie is psychotic. In the really real way. It’s gotten too Jerry Springer for me. I’m out!

  11. Ms Urethra Franklin

    This RHONJ part 1 reunion was more vile and toxi than RHONY last reunion that ended up with half the cast getting fired.

    PLEASE Andy Cohen, fire this entire cast, and start OVER…You heard our bitching about RHONY, and do the same with RHONJ….

    • Not going to happen. I suspect that all of them will be back plus someone to be Tre’s friend.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        I know it won’t happen. I’ve read that most will be back, but I thought if we scream it loud enough that Bravo will listen…

        I really don’t understand how Teresa allows Andy, Bravo, and producers to exploit her in the most humiliating ways. Though she brings it on to herself, she lacks complete self awareness as to what a dumb “c-word” she is. I only use that word because Teresa has used it on every cast member.

        I suspect that after the first two seasons of watching Teresa flip tables & chase Danielle through a country club, the Bravo producers realized they had a real money making hot mess in their coffers.

  12. someone posted previous seasons reunion. I watched when Danielle asked Teresa did she acknowledge Melissa’s son when he was born. Teresa lied but also she totally went off cause she was outed, and is obviously a way to deflect from herself. So she goes off when caught in a lie. So when she does interviews, it looks rehearsed as she talks totally different. The reunion is evidence.

  13. smooches

    I’m really laughing at folks who feel Teresa is anybody’s victim…they all sold their souls for that Bravo check…and I have 0 cares to give to Teresa who enjoyed being part of the lynch mob when it was someone else…Lauren is a child compared to Teresa so the disrespect was not funny in the least…Teresa with her fake breasts and eddie munster head has no room to talk about anyone’s body or features…all in all it was just a bunch of clucking

  14. Tc

    Last night Lauren Manzo tweeted that Teresa “spelt” a word or some such. Not spelled. Spelt. Which is some horrid grain I think is that not funny???

    • RVA

      Tc, actually Lauren is right (darn, I cannot believe I am saying this, can’t stand that girl) but most people use “spelled” these days and that seems to have stuck.

      • Tc

        Spelt is archaic. So, unles she wants to go with thy and thee, she is just a dumb face who used the wrong word.

    • “Spelt” isn’t outdated, but it’s more common for Americans to use the simplified version “spelled.” The former is proper English and used in UK.

  15. It was horrible and fascinating at the same time. I am not a big fan of the gang up and Teresa does seem to be on the receiving end of the group attack a lot. When one picks apart something of Teresa, they can be sure that the remaining four will pile on and agree and bash some more. I think Teresa came to the show being defensive from the get go and decided she’d had enough of this crew. I was not always a Teresa fan but I have admired how she doesn’t cry and run away when attacked. I see Teresa as being in survival mode–her family life was in severe crisis and something needed to be done to help the situation and so she kicked into high gear and took advantage of the Bravo spotlight to help dig her family out of the mess they were in that they created. I like that about her. She does gloss over a lot of the messiness of her life, but I think she needs to do that in order to survive. She puts on a smile and moves on. There’s really nothing horrible about that. The others are clearly resentful of her success. It’s a shame. I think Jaq has mental issues–she pulled the head on the pillow routine out again and that’s just childish. They all seem to have money troubles and Teresa is the only one who seems to have been able to translate her housewife position into a marketable career. I also think Teresa ought to give up her idea of getting along with her sister in law, brother and cousin. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Who needs all that stress. If you aren’t moving towards peace and happiness in life, then it isn’t worth the trouble.

  16. Verna

    Can someone tell me what Teresa said that got everyone upset when Jac was talking about her son. Teresa made a comment about Nicolas being one of her kid’s boyfriend, and all hell broke loose. They were saying this is not about you Tre!!!, then Kathy replied by saying “let them have their moment. Did anyone here what she said??? I personally think that Tre always wants the spotlight on her and her kids.

    • Tre said “Nick used to be whatsherfaces boyfriend,then they broke up.” That was all she said. I think she felt she needed to say something after the inappropriate video that made it looked like the kid was dead. Saying nothing would have made her seem insensitive so she made a comment about their kids and how they used to be close. Then Caroline lost her damn mind and the whole pack of banshees went off on Tre.

      • girlnbayou

        I think it certainly shows that she has to turn the attention back to herself. She interjected during a moment that most people would have showed empathy. A simple, “Im so sorry to hear that” wouldve sufficed. Then the whole “now she says we broke up” actually shocked me. I know in her simple mind she thought she was saying something cute but at first reaction I thought she made it seem like they broke up because he has a handicap. I was actually horrified for a split second.

      • Verna

        Thanks Tam for clearing that up!!!. I just love. love , love this blog !!!!! You keep it real ♥

    • court

      Not a tre hugger but I saw what she did there…she made light of the moment but was crucified for it. We’ve seen in past shows where she acts and says silly things to make people feel better but this time it came back to bite her in the c-word (don’t see the big deal about this word…its the same connotation as dickhead :)).

  17. Tc

    God Wendy Williams is a moronic jackass.

  18. Kendra

    Last night confirmed that I need Real Housewives Rehab. I found myself wanting to bang my head against the wall because of the stupidity of all the women. And yet I could not turn it off, my friend and I had to recap the entire episode and I find myself needing it to be Sunday, so I can watch part 2. It is seriously like a bad drug. I know it is not good for me, but just can’t quit it.

    Am I the only one who feels that all of the reunion shows sets womenkind back centuries???? They are embarrassing and completely re-enforce every stereotype of how women behave.

    I am still trying to figure out what this says about me and my friends as we keep on tuning it to watch this.

  19. shellbelle

    This was a horrific car crash that I couldn’t look away from. It would seem that Jaq had lots of Tre’s business locked up that she is now willing to part with. ( Walking in on Joe while he had a girl on his desk) I am not a fan of Tre’s, however, I pity her children and the fact that their mom looks like a fool and their dad is an asshole. My guess is they will grow up with the knowledge with or without having ever watched RHONJ.
    As much as I would like to think I am above the drama and more mature than these women, I will absolutely be tuning in next week to see what else is revealed!

    • Kyia

      They all talk about Joe cheating on Teresa, but Teresa never brings up the fact that all the other husbands are doing the same thing. Some are even worse than Juicy (i.e. Al Manzo)

  20. Tc

    Omg! It was like chewnobyl!!

  21. AB

    OMG…they really didn’t want Tre to say anything! Every time she opened her mouth to speak someone attacked her. Caroline should fight her own battles and never allow her kids to get involved. Lauren just seems really unhappy and mad. Kathy claims to be all about respect but the comments about her aunt and uncle were totally out of line. Rosie acts like cousin Tootie (every family has one) who never did anything but spend time in jail so she holds on to “Im a thug” bc thats all she has. Like really you got so mad bc Tre said something about your father but Kathy can disrespect Tre’s parents…get real. Melissa sucks!!!! Who cares about weave? Jaq needs to find another type of dress to wear bc she has a really bad build. Also, the reunion was not the place to put her son on display. That was kinda weird…Im sure Tre felt like most of us so she needed to say something. I really feel bad for Tre.

  22. michelle cornwell

    Ok heres my two cents. I really had to take a timeout and ask myself why do I give an Shiz about any of them. Why have I become emotionally invested and do I care anymore. The answer to the latter question is not really. It’s just not fun anymore. Teresa will never own any wrong doing, Caroline will always try to matriarch everyone ad nauseum. Jacqueline is a flake and Melissa is no doubt a fame whore. I think Bravo aired the Nicolas montage for the benefit of those fans who don’t obsess over blogs or have a twitter account(i have only recently joined the twats on twitter). It’s the missing piece we rarely saw him all season. I was brought to tears I can’t imagine that kind of pain. As far as I’m concerned they are all fair game for Wendy or Anderson or any of us. Publicity is publicity good or bad. They all knew this from the get go. You want fame? well it’s going to cost your dignity.

  23. Maureen

    White eyeshadow vwas used many, many years ago. The RHONJ look like they’re trapped in a bygone, archaic fashion style that their mothers used in the 60’s and 70’s. The only thing equally hideous and outdated is lip liner that stands out as a hard obvious line; it’s intended to be blended.

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