Shots Fired at BET HipHop Awards? I’m SHOCKED!

So the filming for the BET Hip Hop Awards was tonight in the ATL and things got a bit heated between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. They had words in the building that then continued later in the parking lot.  Shots were allegedly fired. 50cent’s crew was somehow involved. It was you know, just like most Saturday nights in the parking lot when The Diamond Club stops serving. People get arrested, people get shot. It’s basically Darwinism at its finest.

UPDATE: TMZ is saying the cops said no shots were fired. ROFLMAO. Do they have any idea how many iphone cams were rolling? And the cops maced the hell out of the place and refused to let people in or out of the Civic Center.  You just can’t get accurate reporting anymore. ..If anyone cares “they say” it was Jeezy’s bodyguard who popped a cap off toward Rick Ross’s posse. I keep tellin y’all I live in the ghetto.


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6 responses to “Shots Fired at BET HipHop Awards? I’m SHOCKED!

  1. gigi

    lol !!!! @ headline

  2. Miss Bee

    Every year they have it m, something happens!!! REALLY?!?!?!?

  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Oh Lord. This the new Source Awards I see.

  4. Mike thompson

    Niggas and flies I do despise.
    The more I see niggas,
    The more I like flies.

    When will the “coonery” ever end!

  5. ehh....

    All I can say is “Rick Ross is wearing a shirt. Thank you Jesus”. In all seriousness, aren’t these guys too old to be acting like this?

  6. Kathy

    There is no rule that says just because you have money, you will have class, taste, respect or just plain ole common sense. If you don’t have those things before you get the money… you surely won’t have them after…. as 1 one of my less favorite housewives song goes.”Money can’t buy you class”
    Statistics show that 95% of black events or functions will have a shot fired, fight, brawl or even death before the event is over. The statistics also say that in most of the black events where this happens the black attendees were rappers.

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