RHONJ Finale: I’ll Cut Your Tongue Out!

I have lots of tidbits that I get that aren’t really worthy of a whole blog. One of them was that Rosie, Kathy’s lesbian sister, went batshit on Tre at the reunion for bringing up  Rosie and Kathy’s father. I filed that under… “I should really blog about that when I get around to talking about Rosie’s arrest record.”  And I was never motivated to do so. But now rumors abound that Rosie threatened to cut Tre’s tongue out on the reunion show. Or maybe it was after. Who knows. RHONJ has become the  WWE of the 2010s. Replete with fanatical viewers. It’s really kinda misogynistic don’t you think?


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  1. pcm

    tamara, the tongue bit is in the promo for the reunion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEEME3SIMxk

  2. Tc

    I’m pretty sure Rosie is….special. As in having an extremely low iq and possibly brain damage.

  3. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I mean, why in the world are all these outside people involved in the RHONJ? Bravo really needs to strap this whole show and start over from scratch. For one, the family storyline is played. There are too many recurring characters, between Pete and Sheila Giudice, the Manzo kids, Rosie, the Marco sisters, and Jac’s crazy mama (her dad is actually sane). Won’t be watching the reunion.

  4. I am soo interested in hearing about the arrest record!

  5. Critter

    Yep, you have my attention with the arrest record too…

  6. Kacey

    I read somewhere that Teresa says something like her Mother told her that Kathy & husband are getting a divorce. Kathy gets nasty about it and Rosie screams what she did. Not sure if true or not.

  7. Sue

    Oh Tamara…..you can’t tease us like that! You’ve just got to spill the beans with Rosie’s police record.

    • Lydia

      For me, the saddest part of this reunion is that all of these relationships: Teresa and Kathy, Teresa and Jacqueline, Teresa and Melissa, Joe and Joe, Teresa and Caroline… do you see where I am going? are irretrievably broken down. Though it is very entertaining from a viewer’s perspective, it is also extremely sad.
      Above the cacophony, I see pain and hurt in everyone’s eyes especially Teresa. All of her finery and orange glow tan cannot disguise the fact that she has been deeply affected by the drama of this season. She is not 100% responsible but she is involved in every one of the disputes. She should take some responsibility for her involvement.

      Reality TV is bad for family relationships. When RHNJ is eventually cancelled, the Manzo’s Guidices, Laurita’s, Wakile’s and Gorga’s family bond will be tarnished by discord, hatred, mistrust, vitriol, animosity and resentment. What a horrible trade off. No amount of money is worth that. Bravo TV are the devil incarnate. Can’t wait to tune in!

  8. Several months ago, some people I was following on twitter, I don’t remember who were tweeting about Rosie and …I guess her ex girlfriend. The GF was tweeting that Rosie was abusive or something.It’s all a vague memory. Seems like either Rosie or the GF are both were talking about restraining orders and Rosie was pretty aggressive. It was very public. but my memory sucks. The brain cells I drink away are apparently all related to memory. What are we talking about again?

  9. Lolag

    I hoping that Chris stark see my message as I do not have twitter account. I wish the best. Very surprising the lengths you go to to disprove the timing of Nicholas a 3yr old mind…his diagnosis was made this year not 2 yrs as you are so falsely tweeting. I understand you had a twitter dispute with Jacqueline and ever since you have been a crusade to disprove everything about her..

  10. Paula

    Hey, Tamara! I know this sounds like an Entertainment Tonight cheese-quality question, but I’ve only discovered this site recently, and I’m genuinely curious…

    Of all the housewives you watch/write about, who make your top three all time favorite list? And why? Oh, and one more: of all the housewives still featured, who do you think is the most ‘normal’, perhaps so normal, they maybe shoudn’t be in their cast anymore?

    • God, I dunno. I have attraction deficet disorder in real life with actual people. lol. When it comes to the housewives, there is no one I am a huge fan of consistently. Right now my favorite is probably Lea Black from Miami. I have no idea why she agrees to be on the show, but I’m glad she does. My other two at this moment are Caroline Manzo and Brandi Glanville. All three of these ladies seem very genuine to me and and seem to share a certain I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck attitude that I am quite fond of. :)

      I don’t think any of them are normal. Then again, normal is over-rated.

      • Paula

        I think we’re on the same wavelength, with the exception of me not including Lea Black, but that’s only because I don’t watch the RH of Miami;) Everything else, though? Complete agreement!!!!!:)

  11. Joan

    I might be totally off on this – but I keep having this thought that nothing is at it seems. At some point in the future the truth will come out. Bet it’s nothing close to what we’re hearing/seeing now. Who shot JR?

    • I heard next season begins with a close-up shot of Dina Manzo sleeping in bed with that fugly critter of hers. She opens her eyes and we realize that the last two seasons were all a dream.

      • Joan

        HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA – good one! After she wakes up, she walks into the bathroom and Juicy Joe G. is in the shower……..LOL…..!!!!!

  12. P

    I just saw the show and Rosie was out of line. She blew up and Teresa didn’t even say anything about her damn father. Yet, Kathy’s ugly gold fish looking ass can call Teresa’s mother a liar and her father a coward. Watch next week that ugly, ditch digging bitch comes out blazing away about how angelic her father was, as if anyone gives a damn. If you ask me the real Kathy came out tonight. That whole damn family was/is jealous of Teresa. As they got on the show – all any of them have ever done – is talk about Teresa and sought to bring her down. Jealousy is an ugly thing. I’m not saying Teresa is without fault. I just don’t think it’s right for ALL of those bastards to dump on her in the manner that they have. Her family, her co-stars, everyone is out for Teresa’s ass. These people look like petty dumb asses.

  13. AB

    LMBO at the last comment. I totally agree with P. Kathy’s real colors finally came out and Rosie needs to shut up

  14. Tammy H.

    Yes, Teresa DID say something about Rosie’s dad…she said that her father was more of a dad to Kathy than her own father because he was never around. Maybe u missed that!

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