Kim Zolciak: A Brief Refresher

TMZ runs an “exclusive” unsourced story about Kim Zolciak saying such shocking intimate filming secrets like “we heard she was pregnant while filming” and “she is getting her own spin-off ” and the crowd goes wild. Really?  Newsflash: Kim is not “getting her own spin-off”. Kim has a spin-off which already aired one season and has finished shooting season two. I feel like I am telling y’all the world is round and the sky is blue, but apparently you need to hear it. Remember when we watched Tardy for the Wedding together? Nod your heads if you remember. Good. Remember how the ratings were good and then she started filming season two at the same time season five of RHOA was filming? Yes?

Remember when I posted about her filming at some staged party that Nene was hosting for season five?  Remember when she got evicted and we talked about how this could be bad for the filming of season two of her show?  Remember we joked about it being called Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction and Kim got mad and blocked me on twitter?  So to recap, Kim was filming RHOA season five and the Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction at the same time. The birth of Ka$h is presumably the season finale for Don’t be Tardy for the Eviction. So between being super pregnant toward the end of RHOA taping and simultaneously taping her spin-off you won’t be seeing her on RHOA as much. Didn’t I tell you guys that all the other RHOA were pissy with Kim all through filming because they felt like she never had to go anywhere? They were super worked up that she didn’t have to fly out to the New Normal set.  Is any of this ringing a bell  now? Good.


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25 responses to “Kim Zolciak: A Brief Refresher

  1. Anon

    Is that really the name of the new Show? Don’t be Tardy for the Eviction? Surely you jest. lol

  2. Lol love it you just re-warmed the tea! That girl Kim is something else

  3. D .SUE

    Kim look’s like a country hill billy , her dad and mom look’s the same .
    Kim just put on some expensive outfits, but she is really trash and that wig
    really make’s her look old and country .
    this women has no class.

  4. pffft

    Did you see where Kim was asked on twitter if she was demoted to “friend of the housewives” and she answered: “No, nobody on RHOA is my friend.” So I can guess Kandi was one of them that was pissed she didn’t have to go to the events, and their friendship is over.

    I also seen where Nene was tweeting about men not wanting their women to hang out with their other friends. She always makes passive aggressive swipes on twitter, and I bet she was talking about Kroy.

    If you read Kim’s bio on the RHOA page it says she may leave the group in favor of her family. I bet Kim is written off as “choosing her family” and “rising above the drama” of the real housewives… ::rolls eyes::

    • Whatever

      Why do people get so worked up because someone wants to stay home with their family? She has two little babies and teen daughter who seems to think she is grown. Kim NEEDS to be a home. She doesn’t need to hang out with those girls. All they do is keep mess going.

  5. None of the RHOA ever particularly cared for Kim. That said, Kim is quite happy shooting out mini Kroys and being AN ACTUAL HOUSEWIFE. Ironically, that is not a positive for the Bravo Housewives franchise who don’t care if you have a house or are married but only if you can film catfights at the drop of a hat. Kim didn’t follow the script of RHOA this season. After going to Nene’s fake party, I think she was pretty much over it. It would seem that Kim is the exception that proves the rule with regard to that old adage, you can’t turn a whore into a housewife. In this case, apparently you can.

  6. Jess

    Kim is an opportunist, as long as she can she will put her big face out there to be on television, She wants those greenbacks…look how she was surviving before with her sugar Poppa. She is a Gross person with no personal morals.

  7. Stephanie

    I didn’t think she was going to be on RHOA at all this season. At least, she isn’t in the new promo picture Nene posted…

  8. I must say I really like Kim! She is a character but aren’t they all! I do think she has changed and is really happy with Kroy, her girls and the babies. I wish her the best!

  9. Lydia

    I think it’s a good idea for Kim to leave. The show needs new blood. She has what she always wanted: a loving husband, healthy children and a happy home. She leveraged all of her opportunities with RHOA. She will get lots of green paper. Wigs, drinks, awful auto tuned songs, appearances etc She doesn’t need to fight, create drama or do anything for ratings on RHOA. She is a real housewife now! She’s not my favourite person, but I say Bravo!

  10. MD

    Funny how up until the TMZ exclusive we heard absolutely nothing from you regarding Kim’s participation, or lack thereof participation in RHOA Season 5….You seem to only make noise when somebody else starts to report something that seems to be true….Sorry Tams you still get no validation from me on being right…You just happened to get slightly lucky with your unproven rampant speculation on this one…You, like the rest of us will find out more info about Kim’s show when those details are released. You get no credit for having inside info because you are able to deduce info from logical reasoning….Again this blog is merely an on-line diary entry.

  11. Angel

    I agree. It was obvious Kim was filming a second season for her own show this year. Also, why is the tone of this blog post so angry Tamara? Did someone disagree with what you have been saying about Kim? Not everyone thought she would get a second season, that’s why they’re surprised. People who don’t follow her wouldn’t know when she was filming and therefore wouldn’t know if she was pregnant during filming or not. I can see the need for a Kim refresher, but it doesn’t need to be so condescending when everyone doesn’t keep up with her or read this blog.

    • I have a reasonable expectation that people who read here, even occaisionally are most likely aware that Kim recently gave birth and that the next season of RHOA is about to premiere. I assume, perhaps falsely, that people are aware that birth is preceded by pregnancy. According to you, I was wrong to afford people the the benefit of that much intellect.

      As for my tone, since I had to moderate your first comment that you furiously attempted to post repeatedly, I can assume you are new and under the impression that I give a flying fuck what you think about my tone. Let me assure you, I do not have a single fuck to give in that regard. Now run along.

  12. Katrina

    I wonder why Kim keeps insisting she will be on season 6 of RHOA? If Kim role is limited on season 5 and Bravo plans to give her a second season for her spinoff, why does she care? I bet with the eviction issue, being pregnant and moving into a smaller home, they did not have enough footage to accommodate both shows. However, I do think this will be the last season of RHOA with Kim if she plans on having another baby!! I guess we won’t see the trial, it will be handled privately.

  13. Nene does seem to be rather gleeful (pun intended) about Kim’s lack of appearances on the upcoming season. She’s chomping at the bit to tell us “what really happened.”

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