Teresa Giudice Denies “Roughing Up” Melissa “Marco”

Apparently Teresa is tired of Melissa telling everyone she physically attacked her at a family birthday party. So she contacted Naughty But Nice Rob over at HuffPo to tell him that the entire story is a lie. It seems to only confirm my speculation that this whole arm twisting story Melissa is shopping around is her attempt to paint Tre as the aggressor before the reunion episode where Melissa puts her hands on Tre airs. It is rumored that the reunion was an all out attack on Teresa by all the other castmates but Melissa took it to a physical level. Now Melissa is scurrying to take some of the heat off her before the episode is aired. Tre points out to HuffPo that the birthday party last January was held at a public venue with lots of people and a professional photographer. Click through the link to see what Tre had to say.

Gif From RealityTVGifs ~ Lord I’m gonna miss this outfit.

I usually don’t comment on stories about me, but I cannot ignore Melissa Marco’s vicious lie that I assaulted her at my own children’s birthday party while she was holding my baby nephew. It is completely untrue in every way. To make such a horrible accusation that involves our children is beyond despicable and speaks to her true character.

Doncha just love how she calls Melissa by her maiden name now? I’m not a huge fan of anonymous sources, but Rob seems to know a lot of people involved with the show.  His source says, “This supposedly happened at Gia and Milania’s very big, very public joint birthday party in January. The party was at Space Odyssey, owned by Elvira Grau, who was with Teresa the entire time. Elvira has publicly tweeted that it’s untrue. It was a very public party with a hired photographer there. No one saw them do anything but talk. They didn’t even hug because Melissa was holding her baby, so Teresa just kissed the baby. If anything had happened, why didn’t Melissa immediately go to the press about it then? She puts every other little complaint on Twitter. Nothing.”

The New Jersey women are not going out with a whimper, that’s for sure. Something seems to happen every day. I wonder what will happen tomorrow…


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  1. Tc

    I’ve seen a lot of people acting like they know that Bravo has asked TG back for season 5, but that the manzitas and gorkies are out. Can’t find anything official. Do you know anything? Not sure it would make sense to keep the franchise going under those circumstances.

    • I know that “people” have been saying that for several weeks. However contracts are never done until after the reunion show. Bravo is making the RHONJ decisions now. I’m hearing everyone is back. But it’s from a shaky source.

      • michelle cornwell

        Jag just confirmed on twitter she was asked to return but is not sure if she will

      • Jaq will come back in a heartbeat if she can. She has been telling everyone that she wants to have an autism storyline next season to “raise awareness” blah blah blah… They will all come back if asked. Again, my sources say they will all be asked back. The only one who may actually throw in the towel is Caroline. She’s over it.

  2. BeReal

    I believe very strongly in what I am about to say.If you watch closely,what we were shown,I truly think Caroline and Jaqueline committed a form of, or committed , child abuse when they had Gia ,it appeared to me,trapped between the two of them when Jaq. was reading some book(it’s been awhile) to Gia on sportsmanship.She kept crying, begging them to go get her mother. They sat there when Teresa confronted them ,,very guilty looks , and story was not told truthfully to Teresa when she asked them what happened. I felt at that time Bravo should have taken the reigns and done the right thing. I don’t care if they had to pay out their contract.They should have been fired. Adults arguing is one thing. Children being tormented is another! For this reason alone they would both be gone.

    • Jaded

      What rubbish… Child abuse? Please! Calmly speaking to a child, telling the child why their actions are not appropriate is in no way a form of child abuse – whether the child is yours or someone else’s. Children need to understand that there are consequences to their actions, both positive and negative. If your child is in my home and acting badly, and you don’t address it (either because you didn’t witness it or just didn’t bother), trust me I will. If you don’t like it, then ensure they behave appropriately or don’t bring them to my home.

    • Yes. Telling a child in tantrum mode to behave and reading a brat a book are two of the biggests forms of child abuse out there. /sigh

      This is why kids are so ill bred these days. Decades ago, every adult around the child would correct a child’s misbehavior. Now no one does.

      • Tc

        I do! I even brine em if I have too!

      • Joy Martinez

        You are very correct, that is why my generation has respect for our elders and people in authority, now days these punk kids start crying and everybody is so afraid to say anything to them, they have no respect for anybody not even their parents, disgusting!

    • Donna

      I’m a little late, after reading the comments I wonder which people are mothers.

      Gia was angry that her uncle had cheated and when she voiced her concerns Missy stuck out her tongue at her and wiggled her fingers in her ears at Gia.

      Gia then went into the basement and was talking with a friend her age. Soooo Caroline and Jac heard the conversation and decided to bring the cameras there. Poof the boy that was her age is gone!!

      Jac and Caroline proceeded to lecture Gia. Gia asked for her mother, she tried to leave the room but Jac physically blocked her from leaving. Then Jac started reading a book AT Gia.

      When Teresa came she took Gia to another part of the room to get her version, Jac interfered with the conversation between Teresa and Gia.

      • Kemper

        Teresa has said many times that Jac and Caroline are like family.. I dont know how everyone elses family works but.. My sisters and brother watch my children just the same as I do and if my kids step out of line or acted like Gia did I wouldnt go on the defense like Teresa did. When I was a child my aunts and uncles disciplined all the nieces and nephews just like our parents did.. All Teresa did was reinforce the way Gia was acting.. I cant wait to see those kids when they are in their teens :)

  3. Pffft

    I’m actually a Teresa fan, but that is one time I had to agree with Caroline. Gia was out of control and acting like a brat. She acted like a 2-year-old. With that being said, I think Gia was just having a bad day. She seems like a mature kid who takes care of her younger sisters. But I didn’t have a problem with Caroline and Jacq putting their foot down.

    • BeReal

      Gia may have been having a difficult day or even “bratty” But, Caroline or Jaq should have immediately gone and gotten Teresa and expressed their displeasure or irritation at Gia’s behaviour. Disciplining kids is for parents only especially when they are present and at the same location.

      • Tc

        Wrong. If your kid is being a brat in my home and you are not there, I’m going to discipline the way I see fit. Don’t like it? Keep your kids with you at all times. That said, they were morons about it. Jacqueline has the emotional iq of 11. That’s why her daughter has walked all over her for years. So for her, it was a peer bullying. Caroline is just hormonally insane and bitter.

      • Anonymous

        BeReal I mostly agree with you on this.

        Since Teresa was in fact at the location, just not in the same room, Jaq and/or Carolyn should have gotten her and let Teresa deal with Gia’s temper tantrum.

        However if Teresa had been someplace else, then Jaq and/or Carolyn (but not both) should’ve stepped in to deal with it. Unless the child is out of control, never should two adults gang up on a child like they did. That’s just plain wrong.

        Believe me I’m no push over when it comes to disciplining, but parents know if there are extenuating circumstances that need to be taken into account.

      • Joy Martinez

        That little girl is acting the way her mother wants her to act, she is raising a spoiled little brat that thinks if she crys about it everything will be ok but wait till she grows up in the real world and has to deal with real people that crying crap will not work and her mom did her more harm than anything, her eyes will be opened up real quick sorry to say but that is her mothers fault and she will have to deal with the problems her kid is going to have later in life, good luck with that!

      • Joy Martinez

        Bullcrap, if you bring your bratty ass kid to my house and let her act like a moron and you do nothing or say nothing or are not around to see the bullshit, I would set the kid straight too and never have you people in my home again! Keep your uncontrollable spoiled, bratty kids out of other peoples lives, like really? They say kids do reflect their parents and I believe it you got a mini drama queen here.

  4. michelle cornwell

    I love reading TG’s blogs in an english accent. She only speaks dialect but she writes in the Queens english!

  5. stevod

    i had read that Caroline declined her offer, jacqueline was not asked back and kathy will be at most a friend of the housewives. no authority here but the source mentioned the contracts are started (or at least begun) prior to reunions, so that andy’s “viewer” questions (which i bet production writes) can be designed to wrap up any loose ends from the ladies who are getting the boot. makes sense to me but who knows.

    my theory is that season 5 will turn hard on melissa. bravo isn’t stupid. teresa is (love it or hate it) the star of the program and to salvage the series they will probably crucify mel

    • stevod

      …by exposing her as part of the setup, but all in a fabricated, bravo-is-not-involved, the-viewers-are-stupid kinda way. total gorga annihilation. the good stuff.

      theory number 2 is that dina will return now that her family is gone. in my best doncaroline voice: you heard it here first (or maybe not, the internet is big).

    • contracts are ALWAYS negotiated AFTER the reunion. The old contracts run through the reunion. You source doesn’t know anything.

      • stevod

        yet they got dina on for a featured appearance. these are just theories, i really know squat about the contracts but i’m sure they know who’s getting canned well before filming the reunions. i’m pretty sure what i read was written after the reunion was filmed anyway, if that makes more sense. i’ll try to dig it up.

        just thinking the obvious path would be to keep teresa and melissa, add dina (if existing contracts allow) to preserve any manzo fan base and bring on two (three?) completely new faces to pave a path for future seasons. kathy will be a “friend” and the season will pretty much take down melissa, if even only in an effort to clear the production team, and probably let her go after the season wraps.

        i’m honestly not partial to either tre or mel, these are just my observations. melissa’s comments to joey to “tell her shame on you” in the final moments were awfully convenient and completely unnecessary if production intended to stay on mel’s side. these storylines might be complete crap but bravo(/production/whoever) has been outstanding at tying the seasons together. under this light it makes sense to can jac if caroline quits which is pretty likely.

        but who really knows, just my thoughts. love your blog.

    • Tc

      Andy cohen has read my tweet as a viewer question. I know other itch the same experience.

      To save ace, they are going to say they have been asked back. So when they are fired thy can claim to have quit. They know bravo doesn’t make is offers public.

  6. Glad that you love my blog! I just hate having to refute stupid things on other blogs. Let’s just talk about my blog here, and other blogs at their sites. 😉 Otherwise I end up having to point out that blog X doesn’t know what they are talking about and it hurts blogger x’s feelers. :)

  7. @WendyWilliams #RHONJ MORE PROOF MELISA GORGA LIED starting @ 4:27 in the video when The View’s Joy Behar asks if there’s been any violence and the last words out of Melissa’s mouth are, “No violence, no.” P.S. The View segment was filmed June 6, 2012, or about five months AFTER the January 29, 2012 party in question.

  8. Lolag

    Chris stark

    I see yout tweets. Why are so bitter? You are so hateful towards everyone except Teresa. Sad.

  9. LOLAG: u might want 2 re read my tweets. i do not call names EVER, i never comment on anyone apperance EVER. i NEVER SWEAR. I do not use any hate words ever…I do not even refer 2 anyone by a nick name = such as lapband lauren, or MeGo etc. Also – i have never faught on twitter, i have never had a twitter war etc. so, i am confused as to how i am displaying hate?

    • Tc

      You are a blogger??? I sure do miss the days when writers knew how to formulate sentences, punctuate and spell. When I say spell, I mean using letters and not numbers.

  10. Lolag

    Chris stark

    Very sorry your tweets about RHONJ seem hateful to me. You may not use nasty nicknames but you certainly do tweet about people being drunk. You accuse Jacqueline as having fake accounts.

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