Gia Giudice Has A Dance Video

So, um tell me what you think…


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50 responses to “Gia Giudice Has A Dance Video

  1. Kacey

    Um…I think the other girl has better moves and rythmn, but they’re still young. They’ll improve…

  2. Annoymous

    This is old Teresa posted this on twitter earlier in the summer. I will say she dance much better than melissa

  3. HannahJane

    I hate to pass judgement on what someone does with THEIR kid but for me, I don’t think it is age appropriate. If I had a daughter at that age, she would not be in that video. She and her dance partner are slightly out of sync with their moves. I have always felt that Teresa’s daughters are way too precocious, ill mannered and it would be in their interest not to be filmed. At the end of the day …. just my opinion!

  4. zero

    Are aerobics back? I miss the 80’s.

  5. karen

    I like it. Gia is good now but she will get better. She is already better than Melissa

  6. Lima

    I’m sorry but why are they dressed like Hollywood hos? There is no reason for a girl(I don’t know if the other girls is Gia’s age) that young to have shorts that expose her butt. You’re only a kid for so long, be innocent, carefree, and most of all a CHILD.

  7. Jaded

    Gia is often slightly behind the beat and she clearly doesn’t have the same sense of rhythm as her dance mate… I don’t think she yet has the same skill level either but she is still young.
    I have to say though, I would kill to have Gia’s skin!

  8. Vp

    I think they’re both really good and have those gymnast muscles! I love to see young ladies who are athletic and confident.

  9. Tc

    How old is Gia? I’m not quite sure I’d call the look “Hollywood”. But their clothes fit perfectly with what girls that age wear at the Jersey shore.

  10. Belinda

    Kiddie porn ? Who let’s their kids (UN) dress that way ? And the sexually suggestive dance moves…..I think it is disgusting.

  11. Tasha

    The dance was cute. They’re young and and their skills will improve with time. However the peek-a-bo butt cheeks are a no-go for me and mine. Not a prude, just not up for feeding the appetite of the local pedophiles.

  12. mzmotion734

    Their shorts were too short, and so were the tops. I have a 13 year old daughter, her shorts must come to her knees and only her arms can be bare. I thought both young ladies did a good job with their dancing.

  13. penhavanessa

    Personally I hate red lipstick on anyone and anything. Wearing make up so early in life could cause major skin issues later in life. The clothes are a little bit to short and show too much skin for 11 years old. Whomever picks out their clothing really need to take a step back and realize that they are still kids. BESIDES THAT I truly loved the video! So cute. Love the music. Editing could do a little better. Slight problem with rhythm and sync but with practice they will be AMAZING! Teresa is doing a great job with Gia. Better than Honey Boo Boo… cough cough sneeze

  14. They are young kids I thought they did great! I can’t dance at all I give them credit for even trying. I thought the video was cute.

  15. Well.
    At least its not a car wash?

    • ROFLMAO! too funny.

      I probably have the most prudish response to the video of anyone here. I am not a big fan of sexualizing 11 year olds. The song itself was inappropriate “It’s so erotic…girls gone wild” and the stripper moves… good lord. I’m okay with Toddlers and Tiaras even, but if this isn’t grooming your little girl for the pole… I don’t know what is. Tre will be lucky if she is only washing cars in bikinis in seven years.

      Alexa is 14 according to her FB page she is “in a relationship” and is interested in men. This should go well. She’s about 9 months away from being eligible for Teen Mom.

    • morgaineswann

      @Stella – roflmao!

  16. Stella, I RTed this post just now with this…


    Gia Giudice Has A Dance Video Can working at a “car wash” be far behind? #RHONJ

    And the Tre huggers went wild. One even called me a pedophile. Interesting. That was my first reaction to seeing Tre post this on her website. I don’t think she could be setting Gia up any more for pedophiles. This is precisely why many housewives keep their kids away from the cameras. It’s sad reallly.

    But I blame you for the carwash comment. For someone who is so anti-stripper, Tre seems to be making some poor parenting decisions.

    • Haha, love it!

      Watch yourself. On a rainy day, when you least expect it, a blurry 11 year old figure in a tube top will fly past the biggest “water puddle” you’ve ever seen and soak your pedophile ass.

      More like “ignorant,” rather than “bad” parenting. Teresa probably thinks the old men that sit in cars parked outside Gia’s school during recess with telephoto lenses are just paparazzi. I feel like she just doesn’t know any better… as usual.

  17. Dear god. I finally blocked some people on twitter. They kept claiming they were unfollowing me, but went on and on about how I am a paedo for thinking a video of an 11 year old that starts with “IT’s SO EROTIC! ” and then goes on to booty popping and grinding to songs about sex….really? And the last one said. ” what if you were just a proud mom posting you kid?” Really?

    This is what parents have to be proud of these days? People pointing out she is being groomed for the pole is the problem? Talk to me about that i 6 or 7 years.

    I knew I would regret the influx of Tre Huggers… I’ll say it here. If you think sexualizing an 11 year old is a good idea. please unfollow me on twitter and stop reading here. You’re sick.

  18. GumboYaYa

    Wow! That was fast! Just last Sunday you were announcing your newly found allegiance to Tre. Looks you’re back to being Tre Trimmer!

  19. Tc

    I have a 13 year old who goes to an arts school. (He is in a com arts program, but is surrounded by performing arts girls — smart kid). Anyway, the clothes are actually very tame. As are the dance moves. This is her big hobby right now. Do you expect her to waltz in a beekeeper costume? If she were involved in competitive swimming, shed be showing more skin. And butterfly and breast are erotic as all get out (tongue in cheek ninnies). Does swimming lead to car washing and stripper poles? I think a girl itch no hobbies, parentl involvement and direction is more likely to end up on the pole.

    As for a 14 year old on facebook in a relationship — status quo!! And there is no interested in boys option! She gotta let the world know she ain’t a rosie somehow.

    I’d be more worried about adults who peruse kids’ fb pages and endlessly discuss whether a video is sexual than I would be about kids who ar being completely normal kids.

  20. Tc

    Oh and the car wash comment was laugh out loud hysterical. Because of the show and the cookbook and how silly all these people are. But remember, for them it’s their real lives. For you, it is not. It’s like watching fish in a bowl. I shall remind myself of the same.

  21. Dmoneybags

    Ugh…Gia and that young girl could be dressed as nuns and could still attract pedophilia. Why? Because just like RAPE, it’s about control not sex! Please do some research before saying something like that.

    Anyway, the outfits make them look to grown. Other than that it’s cool.

    I guess you’re not a tre hugger anymore since you now think she’s abusive? It was nice while it lasted lol.

  22. LisaN

    I don’t think there is any thing inappropriate I would have had the girls wear tank tops, my opinion. I just think Teresa should keep her daughter out of the limelight and off twitter until this crapfest of a season is over. I know her account is monitored but her friends see things, their parents see things. People are cruel and crazy.

  23. GREAT DANCE VIDEO! She is dressed appropriate! Not ONE shot of Butt! Which makes it age approp! She has been dancing for over 5 years and is very good! Anyone saying this was bad, watch the 5 year olds on Toddlers & Tiara’s or Honey Boo Boo, during the swim suit compitions!

  24. Paula

    Sorry, but I am not about to even try to download video of any Giudice dancing. It’s a self-preservation kind of thing;)

  25. Well now we know where the next generation of Snooki’s are coming from. Teresa has gone from dressing her girls as gypsies to dressing them like sluts. Honey Boo Boo may, Holla for a Dolla, but it looks like Gia will do anything for a dollar. Totally the wrong message to send to a kid.

    • Tc

      It’s only a bad message to a fucked up mind. I blame the fucked up mind.

      • It’s the fucked up minds that parents should be trying to shelter their kids from. Not offering them up half-nekkid on the Internet. One sad day, people will realize that posting their pictures and homes and children all over the Internet is not a good idea. As a teacher, I once got in trouble for translating documents my parents were supposed to sign to the parents. One was a photo release so the school could put their child’s picture on the Internet. Most didn’t sign when they realized what they were signing.

        I get that you have a different opinion, but for me, and most responsible parents I know, posting a picture of your eleven year old wearing red lipstick and booty shorts while gyrating to erotic music is considered child abuse. We are all responsible for our own parenting decisions. As for Teresa specifically, I don’t think she knows any better. Her daughters are gorgeous. But I think she is robbing them (Gia particularly) of their childhoods. And that is something they can never get back.

  26. Kacey

    You know…I’ve been thinking about this and have been annoyed since yesterday when I first saw it and read all the comments. I have videos of my girls and all their dance recitals, and I have never once thought I was ‘abusing’ them by having tapes of them and encouraging their interests in anything. They participated in sports, modeling, theatre, gymnastics, cheerleading and dance, and while some were short lived, they were always involved in activities that interested them. They did volunteer work, were Brownies, church mentors and were tutors, so their lives were always busy. They got good grades, got scholarships for college and are pretty well rounded.

    To imply that people who actually encourage their children to explore their interests and acknowledge some talent they may have is robbing them of their childhoods is so harsh that I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that logic. This kid isn’t hanging around on street corners or getting in trouble as far as we know, so why so critical of a young girl who loves what she’s doing (for the moment)? The only thing I see to be concerned about is her becoming friends with the older girls she dances with and wanting to be like them way too soon. There are millions of videos on the internet with children in them, so how do we know the company she works for didn’t put it out there as publicity for them? Teresa put it on her website since she’s a proud Momma,don’t you think? Can you imagine if she didn’t and the backlash for that if it surfaced elsewhere? There would be stories all over about how she must be ashamed of her or something else even more ridiculous.

    • There is no reason to put a child in red lipstick and booty shorts in a dance video set to erotic music and post it on the Internet. None.

      I don’t understand all the justifications that start with “It’s not as bad as….” or comparisons to cheerleading or gymnastics or sports. It’s a little girl in makeup and booty shorts gyrating to very adult lyrics. It’s not a dance recital, or a brownie meeting. It’s a music video.

      And again, I’ve said nothing about the child in the video. I have said that it is a very bad idea for a parent to allow that video and to place it on the Internet.

      • Tc

        Lol. That seems very tip of the iceberg when you step back and think about putting your whole fucked up family on tv week after week. Yeah. I even tweeted to Teresa weeks ago to beg her to stop letting the child wear all that makeup. Especially in her giant mackerel lips.

        Would you have the same reaction to an African American step group? Because they mostly always look inappropriate.

        The Italian family I come from and many I know has a long history of letting the prettiest girls grow up too fast. But not without virtue if you know what I mean.

  27. slaceybakes

    My thoughts:
    1. Gia is clearly a talented dancer
    2. You only have to see the scenes of her dancing in RHONJ to know that she gets a huge amount of joy out of it
    3. You only have to recall the scene last year with Gia reading her letter to her mom and her uncle to know that she has been exposed to and damaged by what’s going on with the adults in her family. That’s the when Tre lost me as a fan. She was more concerned about using her daughter as a pawn in this war than in protecting her from that kind of emotional trauma.
    4. Regarding those who would say that this kind of dancing and attire by an ELEVEN year old is ”socially acceptable”, let’s remember that during the 1860’s it also used to be socially acceptable for girls as young as ten to marry and start having babies. Thankfully, SOCIETY realized that perhaps this was abusive and ended the practice. Is that an extreme example? Yes. My point is that WE decide what’s acceptable, and I’m sorry, but I don’t for one SECOND believe that the people commenting here that this is ok would allow their daughters to be exposed like this.

    Use your brains people. It’s ok to say that you are a fan of Tre, but not this video. She’s not perfect. She’s a mom, who I do believe loves her kids, but she’s in a situation that’s spun out of control, and her pride is causing her to make really bad choices. Like allowing this video to be made, and posting it.

  28. LuvToLoveU

    Have you seen Gia’s Avi on Twitter & her Instagram account? Good Lord! She is 11! Her account is monitored?? By whom?? A greasy haired man living in his Mom’s basement that likes looking at preteen girls? Isn’t monitoring your kids account the parents responsibility? Who am I kidding, Gia is the adult in that family. I guess Tre is trying to make sure Gia will be the best dancer in the fambly at Lookers.

  29. Oh my gosh, it’s just two girls dancing. Period.

  30. Bullfrogs wife

    You Tre haters really need to get a life. Leave Gia alone. This was a dance video that I am sure Gia is very proud of and rightfully so. This is how girls in dance classes dress. So stop saying hateful things about Gia and her mom on here!

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