Teresa Giudice Returns to Anderson Cooper

So it’s time to see why Anderson Cooper brought Teresa Giudice back on the show today. Anderson starts off saying he felt like he was a little aggressive with her yesterday. He hates rudeness and doesn’t want to ever be rude to anyone.  I’m already perplexed. Yesterday Tre was interviewed at the table where they do the days hot topics. I found that weird at the time because Jaq and every other guest in the history of mankind was interviewed on the couch. So today she didn’t come out in the first segments at the table, and now Anderson Cooper is interviewing Ty Burrell on the couch. However, I’ve already seen the clip above and Teresa and Anderson are back at the table.  What’s wrong with the couch Anderson?


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Anderson was so worried all day that he was rude. He said he was glad that Teresa was back. He did not apologize.  His first question “Was your life like this before you started the show?”  Oh that’s nice Anderson. Now Teresa is rehashing the history of her fights with Joe and Melissa. Anderson wants to know if there is a chance of reconciliation. Teresa is a bit teary eyed talking about Joe. Anderson is trying to get Teresa to say she regrets something. She’s talking about how Joe and Melissa got on the show. This is a boring waste of time. She came back for this?

Of course Jaq had to send a statement. She wants to Teresa to leave her name out of her mouth.  Jaq seems to think Tre should have done more than send a text when the People article came out. Really Jaq?

Anderson says that Tre doesn’t take responsibility for her actions. Tre says she hasn’t done anything wrong.  Tre is lying about getting paid for the magazine again. She now says she didn’t get paid. Oh wait she got paid for the one with her and Jaq and their babies. That was it. That is also complete bullshit. She also lied about have a contract with In Touch. She says magazines don’t give contracts. Oh so many lies. They talked about the reunion. Tre said there were four women screaming at her and two were her relatives.  Anderson says there are two sides to every story. Anderson did NOT apologize and the whole interview was stupid.

That is all.


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37 responses to “Teresa Giudice Returns to Anderson Cooper

  1. michelle cornwell

    Why does she continue to lie about th magazines. it’s so incosequential. can she just say yeah i did have a contract. Her own husband said she did. geez louise! Starting to not give a shiz about any of them! Except Jaq lol( you know I love to speak for her)I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I can’t wait for Gia and Antonia’s tell all books!

  2. michelle cornwell

    It was cowinkadink cowonkadonk how do you say that word?lol

  3. Of course Anderson didn’t apologize he didn’t do anything to her worth an apology.

    • So why bring her back today? One would assume if he didn’t want to apologize despite saying he popped Nexium all day from the stress of worrying about being rude to her that he would want some sort of resolution to his guilt and worry. If not an apology, then perhaps just to say “Look Tre, I sort of went over board on the blubber stuff yesterday and I wanted to give you an opportunity to give your side today since I didn’t do that yesterday.” Instead he asked stuff like “Has your life always been so fucked up?” and ” Do you regret any of the stupid shit you do on TV or any of the lies you’ve told?” It was almost like AC just wanted to take another swipe at her. Which is kinda funny.

      • michelle cornwell

        Doesn’t matter what he askedTeresa would got to her sound bites: My fambily when behind my back, Caroline is bitchy from the mentalpause, My sister inlaw wants to be me, jaclyn is crazy and they all attackled me for no reason. I never did nuthin to any a dem. right? right? Kathy tell em I’m right! bubbies fabulini malania haircare nephcure donald Trump!

    • Carrie

      Kids….really, Coop is Aunty Andys bitch…lol! he does what he is told! AA doesnt like Tre cuz of her hubs anti gay cracks ( ya know, the same crap a lot of so-called macho guys say) AA is HARDLY macho and sure as hell doesnt GET GOOFUS jOjO!

      This is really a bunch of bullshit! Coop and Aunty are just fucked up old gay chicks with attitude!
      Their bullies on the down-low!

      • Called A Princess...

        A am gay and my feeling is that if Andy and Anderson have an issue with Mr. Guidice then they should be man enough to discuss it with him. They are not. They would rather take it out on a women and stress her out, even more. She has enough problems dealing with Melissa, Jac and Caroline. It is kind of a social gang mentality, with all these weak people piling their broken dreams on to Teresa. We all know she is not a saint. None of the rest of the characters are either. IMO.

  4. chitown shelley

    this is why no matter what, i have no sympathy for tre. she lies at every opportunity, never takes responsibility for her actions, and if forced to admit to doing something wrong, its always justified by the things that others did to her first. its just boring to listen to the same lies and rationalizations over and over. i also think her people have prepped her with a prepared list of responses to questions, and she gets thrown and tongue tied when she cant match up her answers to the questions asked, fast enough. you can almost see her head start to smoke as she tries to catch up. in all of these seasons, and all of this drama, there is nothing she regrets or would do differently? please! and when i catch you lying so blatantly about one thing, now i disbelieve everything that comes out of your mouth. and jaq, serious issues, not sure if they are substance abuse, mental health, or both, but she clearly needs professional help. i wonder how many of these howives children are going to end up suing bravo for their screwed up lives later on???

  5. If Teresa was smart, mind you I said IF, she would just come out and admit that she inherited all these problems from the Bush Administration. It seems to be working for Obama and he lies a lot more then Teresa.

  6. Donna

    Do any other the others apologize and admit their mistakes? I can’t remember.

    • Tc

      Melissa finally admitted to going to Danielle scab behind Teresa’s back. And apologized. And was forgiven.

      • Joi

        But she lied like hell on the reunion show last year and probably only admitted it because it was gonna come back up and not look good for her I say all these women have been ruined by those cameras and money I had alot of negative things to say about everyone before now I just feel sorry for them all ! I have had some knock down drag outs with members of my family or close friends but the levels that these women have stooped to is just beyond me it saddens me more than anything

  7. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I am so glad an actual reputable journalist sees what I’ve been seeing all along: Jacqueline is not sane.

    • Did Barbara Walters confirm it? :) I used to think she was just sort of slow in a kinda cute way. I now think it is actually mental illness. She was totally in on the “set up”.Her year long reaction to the PFS is … quite astounding.

  8. michelle cornwell

    Damn it Tamara leave Britney alone! I mean Jaqueline!

  9. donnalee

    Well Melissa indicated that she does not get paid by US Weekly for her covers sooo..guess they all lie..and???

  10. MaRiley

    Watching AC’s Teresa interview/part II was depressing and maddening. Depressing because Teresa was never given the time to complete a thought or give a thorough answer. Depressing because most of the questions asked were “loaded” questions….as in asking if fame has hurt her family. And maddening because of AC’s non-apology that made his tummy ache front and center, not his nastiness. I know the difference between “rude” and “nasty”.

    • Good points all. It’s like he brought her back to be a dick to her again.

      • I think Anderson thinks he’s smarter than everyone and no one would notice that he didn’t actually apologize. I also don’t think HE thought he was rude-his staff told him that the public thought he was rude-and I resent him lying about it.

        It’s pretty obvious that despite saying that he doesn’t know facts from the show, Anderson has an active dislike of Teresa. Odd to dislike someone that you know nothing about, except what you’ve heard….it surprises me that Andy can still say with a straight face that he has nothing against Teresa, when everyone he hangs out with has a low opinion of her.

  11. Dawn

    Anderson did not invite her back to APOLOGIZE, he brought her back for RATINGS! Period. She is so freking ignorant it is painful.

  12. Tc

    I guess I’m ignorant too. I thought it was about an apology.

  13. L. M.

    Teresa deserves the treatment she got from Anderson. She gives it to the RHONJ cast–it’s time to take her medicine. Why should she be immune to nastiness whenever she dishes it out on every appearance? I wish she’d just get her own spin-off and start being nasty to her “other friends” so everyone can see just how ratchet this woman really is. The show will flop, her cookbooks won’t sell, Fabulini will go flat, and Milania Haircare (the LAST name I would have given it) will dry up. Then, hopefully, Teresa Giudice will be official Jersey history!

    • MaRiley

      Hello, L. M., Unless Anderson Cooper wants to be the next Maury Povich, he needs to find a higher road to traverse.

      I dearly hope Teresa and her family tell Bravo to shove it and live happily ever after. NO MORE TV. Her brother and the witch he married are in the same or worse financial straits. The Wakiles are triffling BS artists and their kids are nearly adults and will have to share the shame. The Manzos and their kids will never be a whole and trusting family again. I would be surprised if Chris and Jac Laurita can ever be the family they appeared to be when this began 4 years ago. Everyone and every family unit has been split and burned.

      Teresa and Joe have been through Bravo’s Trial by Fire. They are imperfect but good people. They will not only survive, but thrive. They love each other and love their parents and children.

      • Kendra

        I am sorry but a man who calls his wife a c**t and a ret*rd and she herself used the same words this past episode are far from good people. Good people grow and learn from their mistakes. How many times have we heard Tre say I don’t know why Joe talks like this we never speak like this in our house and then she turns around and uses the same horrible degrading talk, how many times has she made him apologize for calling someone a f**got, a ret*rd. Hollow apologies every time.

        Good people don’t drink and drive, then use their brothers id to get around their punishment resulting from drinking and driving.

        I think Tre could be a good person if she was willing to be open and listen to others and not immediately go on the defensive. If she was honest with herself and realize that what people do and say have consequences.

        Just look at the children, the children are a reflection of what is going on in the household. The children are out of control because Tre and Joe are out of control.

        I will say they are in a huge catch 22, the show is destroying their lives, yet without the show they could not maintain their livelihood. At some point she needs to stop and see what the show has really brought her (in fact they all need to do it) and consider if it is worth selling her family to maintain this ridiculous facade that has become her life.

      • Tc

        Lol. My husband has called me a cunt. I call him fuckface like you might call your husband pookie. And we live each ither unconditionally. I yell cunt at people when I’m driving. I proudly wear bitch. And cunt. And my kid is Tardy. We don’t give those words the power that you might.

        And “good people don’t drink and drive”? Really ???

        Kendra, you are a judgemental twat.

      • Jaded

        I agree with the majority of your points Tc, the only exception being your last point. My take on Kendra’s comment was not that good people don’t make mistakes (like drinking and driving) but that when they do, they own them and don’t lie about it to avoid consequences (and potentially negatively impact your own brother). That was the thing most shocking to me

      • Joi

        I am with Tc words only have the power u give them and yes Kendra is being very judgemental good pol make bad choices all the time and sometimes more than once it has nothing to do with how good they are they just have poor decision making skills and that’s something that can be worked out I hope Kendra never finds herself in a situation where the decision she makes is a bad one it can happen in the blink of an eye like someone told me ish happens and when u r married u say all kinds of crap about and to each other and I’m sorry but Melissa was being a cunt and we all saw it! Making her brother say mean things to his sister made her a cunt!

    • Joi

      Wow u have alot invested in this huh ? Wishing all this on family I don’t know u but I bet given the same platform u would hustle and do what could to help keep ur family financially comfortable u found like u have been personally hurt by Teresa get OCR ur self let her do whatever and all the money she can u know what u can do ……not support it and change the channel

  14. AB

    OMG…that was the worst thing to watch. Tre is so dumb! She would have done better just walking off when Anderson did not own up to his actions. I felt really sorry for the set up however I am so tried of the lies. Everybody knows she was paid and Joe doesn’t have a problem saying she was paid. Joe has a good ole boy way of thinking so its no surprise he is antigay. I really dont care but he could show more respect. Since he makes these comments it make me wonder if he hates other groups. Thats why I asked if Melissa is black. This may be part of the problem they have with her.

    Also, I love this blog

  15. Dawn

    .?? Tamara , love your blog. I was referring to Teresa being ignorant, not you!! Apologize if misunderstood.

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