Who Is Winning The RHONJ Tabloid Cover War?

There are lots of stories flying around about the Real Housewives of New Jersey since the finale and in anticipation of the three-part reunion episodes. Contracts are negotiated after the reunion for the next season so everyone is vying for position. First out of the gate was Melissa Gorga.  Melissa, who was horrified that Tre would do INTERVIEWS! with MAGAZINES! for MONEY!  Finally got one to pay attention to her.  In her interview on Wendy Williams this week, she wanted to make it clear that Teresa was ruining her life. She managed to work into the interview the two main accusations she made in her US Weekly cover story this week. First she says that Teresa violently twisted her arm in front of throngs of innocent children at a family birthday party and then she claims that Teresa called some club that hires Melissa to perform and told them to stop booking her and not to pay her.

I can see Teresa grabbing Melissa by the arm. After the Kathy face grabbing incident, where Kathy repeatedly told Tre not to touch her, it’s clear that Tre has no problems getting in someone’s personal space. However, I doubt Tre was trying to wrench Melissa’s arm out of its socket while she was holding a kid. I have a theory on why Melissa is on tour with this story this week. I’ll get to that in a minute.  As for the club story, that one makes less sense to me. Why would Tre be calling a club owner telling them not to pay Melissa and, as Melissa added on the Wendy Williams show, “to hire Tre instead?”  When has Tre ever done the club scene? What the hell would Tre do at a club? Rattle off a list of ingredienceses for meatballs? Maybe now that her *ahem* “wine” is out she could borrow an outfit from Melissa and pass out free samples or something? It’s not that I think Tre is morally above such behavior, I just can’t find a motivation for her to do it.

I do have the motivation for Melissa to be making these particular allegations at this time though. It sounds like Melissa grabbed Tre by the arms at the reunion, according to a new Tre interview in In Touch this week. (New contract or one shot cover story?) If we end up seeing this on the show it will seem as though these interviews of Melissa are nothing more than her way of getting out ahead of the story so she can say that Tre started it. She’s already explaining a physical confrontation between her and her sister-in-law. Melissa is pretty good at this stuff.  Speaking of Melissa, I was irritated that in the previous articles here discussing the finale that I failed to mention Melissa in the SUV with Joe at the end of the episode. She kept trying to feed Joe his line which was apparently “Shame on you!.”  She tried to get him to say the line to Teresa several times and Joe ignored her.  Now THAT was a moment that Melissa didn’t think would be aired. That says a lot about Melissa and the image she wants to project about being the one taking the high road and trying to keep the peace between the siblings.  Tre told In Touch she had a complete breakdown after filming the reunion and is having a hard time being estranged from her brother. Tre’s position is not that she was jealous and didn’t want to share the spotlight with Joe and Melisssa, though I do believe that was part of it, Tre claims that she was worried that it would destroy her family. It seems that was a realistic concern.

Finally, while we are talking about siblings, Radar Online is reporting they have a source at Bravo leaking that Teresa may be getting her own spin-off based on the entire Giudice family. Pete Giudice and his wife Shelia would be a big part of the show. Ew. Radar’s source seems to think that will mean Tre will not be back on RHONJ next season. I don’t see the logic there, Kim Zolicak has a spin-off and she is still on RHOA (for now), Lisa Vanderpump has a spin-off and she is still on RHOBH. I do wonder if maybe Jaq is going to be leaving despite her desires to spread the word on autism next season. That interaction she had with a Tamaratattles reader recently about her secret jobs where she makes millions sounds to me like someone getting ready to explain her departure. If she gets the axe we all know how she will spin her departure.

It’s clearly “contract season” in New Jersey and it seems that a lot of people are fighting to get one. Oddly, Caroline has nothing to say in her blogs and seems to be over the whole lot of them. We will have to see if she is willing to go through with another season. I imagine it will depend on who else is returning.  Kathy is her usual quiet self. So that leaves Tre, Melissa and Jaq to try to out squawk each other. Thoughts?


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18 responses to “Who Is Winning The RHONJ Tabloid Cover War?

  1. Diana

    Could you please comment on the three entries from the Famewhorgas website where the RHNJ supervisor producers breaks down one by one all the ackward scenes that we have seen and clears Teresa on any wrongdoing. I truly believe the rumors circulating about Melissa and the producer Cat Rodriguez having an affair , that is the only explanation for such a favorable editing, such extremes to make Teresa look bad and the complete mess up and staged scenes.
    Tamara, I respect your opinion, please let me know if you think that this producer is actually saying what I think he is saying.


    Thanks :)

    • I edited your numerous links down to one because I have a lot going on here and don’t have time to go through all the links. I did read the first one, and it seems to go with exactly what I said in my post about this topic a few days ago. Which is actually where you should have posted this link. There is no mistaking what this “source” is saying. It is the same thing I said. So I doubt you are making your first post here to ask my opinion because I stated it very clearly had you read previous articles. It seems like a desire to link to another blog. So here you go.

      • Diana

        Sorry about that. I used to read here when Atlanta was on and didn’t know you posted about another shows. Today I link based on a google search. I will go back and look for your opinion on the previous entry that you are talking about.

        No desire to link anothe blog, sorry about that
        I enjoy your view on the HW of Atlanta even though I don’t like and will never like Kim :)

      • ah! welcome back then!:) I’m super busy today and the things to blog about have kept on rolling in today! I’m kinda cranky. :)

  2. First I don’t think anybody cares about either of them giving interviews to magazines as long as they put their names to the story. It’s the one where “a source close to the family” or “unnamed sources” are where things get sketchy. It’s clear you have become a true Tre Huger when you start putting words in other peoples mouths. I just went back and watched the interview with Wendy and at no time doe Melissa that Tre “violently twisted her arm” in the interview. I didn’t bother reading the rest of ‘your story’ once I read that and went back and checked for myself. Once you start being a mouth piece for someone everything that follows becomes questionable. http://www.wendyshow.com/videos/

  3. AB

    After watching this season it appears that Teresa may have been telling the truth about Melissa. I kinda feel sorry for Joe Gorga because Melissa seems to be in it for herself. Joe always wants her attention but she doesn’t seem to return those feelings. If Joe couldn’t fund her hobbies, she would be out the door. Teresa and her brother love each other and it shows. I guess thats why Joe couldn’t say “shame on you”. It’s a shame that he is willing to allow his wife to destroy his family for fame.

    Is there any truth to Melissa being black?

  4. Tc

    All I know is that Melissa keeps saying she is DONE with Teresa. And what immediately do when I’m done with someone is book a tour f talk show and magazine articles to talk about whoever im done with really make sure it’s clear I’m DONE.

    Jac’s meltdown on twitter today was epic. She was pissed because Teresa said on AC that jac was texting her and would not leave her alone and she was going to call the cops. So jac, on twitter, said she’s going to sue Teresa for deformation becaus it’s not true and then proceeded to post photos go her Sid of a half doz or so texts she in fact did send. Um…way to prove her right and yourself a nutbar! ( I was kidding about deformation. It was deification of character)

  5. no name maddox

    your explanation of why melissa would lie (i’m paraphrasing) seems spot on. they all may lie, but it takes a special hubris, like melissa’s, to lie so blatantly and repeatedly and think you’ll always get away with it.

  6. Tc

    So…this season started with Melissa freaking out because Teresa told her brother that if someone with more money came along, Melissa would be gone. GASP! went the world. Now…not so shocking. If my brother were married to that skankwhorebitch, you can be SURE I’d get physical.

    Tere made a point at the fashion show. Joes been out with the boys ( supposedly) and you’re going to call him to come down here now to beat up some guy??? Yeah. You care a lot about what happens to your husband.

  7. Its disappointing how this season was basically made to turn Teresa into such an evil individual. Granted she has done and said things but there is no reason for the whole show to be 4 vs.1. Its funny how they criticize her for doing magazines but they are quick to do the same thing. I just don’t understand how hypocritical these people are. I will say the show is NOTHING without Teresa and that’s the truth. They have no major storyline that attracts main stream attention like bashing Teresa. Bloop.

  8. Yes, I do belive that Ms. Andy did start to dislike T when she threw him around like a ragdol at the reunion with Danielle. But what everyone forgot is the REASON why she became so violent towards Danielle. Danielle was taunting her with private issues that could have ONLY come from horseface MeHo. That bitch was involved with all of the trouble BEFORE she even whored her way on the show. If you watch that reunion episode, Danielle was quoting things that could have only come from a family member. That and the fashion show where Danielle announced that T was in foreclosure. Those words came from her whore SIL. No wonder why T was in a panic when she found out her stripper SIL was on the new season. She is very protective of her family and she saw this coming. It makes perfect sense, that and the fact that the real prostitution whore got on to take her husband’s only sibling down. And the little man went along with it because he is pussy whipped. Those two are a match made in hell.

  9. Jess

    I don’t see Kathy as quiet but calculating.
    She is spinning her wheels in wait.
    The rest I can see your POV is close to mine. I see it for what it is and not what they want me to think. The idea to gang up on the uncontrollable, slow thinking, and confused Teresa is obviously the main plot in wait for the past 2 years. Horrible outcome. Horrible Show.

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