Teresa Giudice Interviewed on Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper airs at 3 p.m. here in the Atlanta market, so I am just now getting ready to watch his interview with Teresa Giudice. Okay here is what happened…

Anderson started going in on Tre right away with a clip of the reunion where Teresa shouts at Caroline about her rolls of blubber. Anderson said no matter what people say to you there is no reason to behave like a 12-year-old.  Anderson really kept going in on Teresa. He said three times that no matter what people say to you there is no reason to go for the blubber retort. I tend to agree with that, Anderson; however, that’s what these people get paid the big bucks to do. It’s sort of their job. Also, Anderson, you really think it is great when Nene Leakes does it. You seem unnecessarily harsh with Tre. Did your boy Andy Cohen give you some instruction before the interview?

Then Anderson showed a clip of Jaq on his show where she ducks the question of whether Tre reached out to her about her  son’s autism. Tre says she did send Jaq a text saying, “I’m sorry to hear about your son. Hope all goes well.”  Anderson wanted to know why she didn’t pick up the phone and call her. (Clearly Anderson is clueless here.)  Tre said because things have gotten out of hand and Jaq is texting her constantly. Teresa said, “If I show you the textesess that she sent to me, it’s like, if it keeps going, I’m going to go to the cops. I want her to leave me alone. I haven’t spoken to her in a year and she keeps textessezzing me.” Anderson Cooper asked about a spin-off and Tre says she would love to do a cooking show but doesn’t really want to do one about her family. (Which is the rumor today).  We shall see about that. She didn’t really confirm or deny. Despite all of her protests about not wanting to film with family, it would not surprise me one bit if she did a family reality show.  Anderson asked why she would want to behave the way she does on the show if she isn’t really like that. Rather than just saying ‘money’, Teresa asked if he saw her on Celebrity Apprentice, the implication being that she was relatively well-behaved on there. Anderson said that he can’t bring himself to watch that. Sidenote: It probably conflicts with Honey Boo Boo and/or Toddlers and Tiaras both of which AC loves.

Tre was a bit rattled. Anderson asked her about her book. She seemed a bit shaken. Kellie Pickler innocently asked where the recipes from her cookbook came from and that got a bit of a physical reaction from Tre. Overall, the was interview was a bit rougher than the usual “two chicks on the couch” sort of interviews she does. It wasn’t so much that Anderson was being harsh, it’s more that most female interviews give the guest more of a chance to skirt the question. I guess I was not the only person who felt this way. At the very end of the show, Anderson Cooper let some guy in the audience defend Tre. Apparently, Anderson was told he was rude to Tre. Anderson let the guy speak and then said that there is no reason to ever go after someone’s appearance like that. Kellie Pickler chimed in with something like “especially in front of children.” Because there are so many children at the reunion taping apparently. Jesus.

Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, Jaqueline Laurita was having a busy day on twitter once again. In one of her forty or so tweets today, Jaq lets us know that she is spending her day researching autism sites and tweeting. So far she has been doing that for about six hours.  When the Anderson show aired in NJ though, she stopped her rigorous schedule to have yet another twitter meltdown about Tre. She tends to do that at least once a month for the past year. Here’s just one of her tweets about  Tre on the Anderson show, “Teresa shouldn’t go on TV to say I’m threatening her unless she wants a defamation suit against her. I’ve tried2get her to stop& she doesn’t.”  Then she starts tweeting all sorts of tweets she has sent Tre lately asking if each one is “threatening.”  The answer is no, nothing you posted was threatening, Jaq. She just wants you to stop textesssezzzing her entirely. She wants you to leave her alone! You’ve had a hand in ruining her family. Stop texteszing her and get to gloating. You win! Oh and while you are spending all day on twitter talking about her, she is tweeting pictures of her family and thanking her fans and advertising tons and tons of appearances and talking about her haircare line!  She’s doing things!  And then as quickly as Jaqueline’s meltdown began, it stopped. And she went right back to posting videos of autism dogs and rainbows and kittens.


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23 responses to “Teresa Giudice Interviewed on Anderson Cooper

  1. michelle cornwell

    Please please please don’t go hard on Jac for tweeting about Autism. She is doing a very good thing and not getting paid fabellini,cookbook or malania hair care money for it. She is getting info out there and joining parents in their quest to understand and treat their children with Autism.I know so many families going through this discovery, and I worked in and am educated in the field and it is by no means easy and it is ongoing.
    I think if Teresa would own just one piece of the dirt she’s done people wouldn’t go so hard on her. It’s all of the deflecting and excuses that get tired. Even Melissa(whom i’m not the biggest fan of) owned that she was in contact with Danielle, she was angry and it got the best of her and she was wrong. Jeez Teresa own one thing, just one.

    • MaRiley

      Hi, Michelle. I think that if Jac left aside malicious tweet ramblings at Teresa, I’d feel better about her state of mind and stability. As many commenters on many sites have mentioned….her son needs a calm and consistant home life to cope. Reality TV won’t allow for that. With Jac’s twitter meltdowns and publicity tours, it’s not so peaceful.

      And in A. Coopers interview with Teresa, he dissed Celebrity Apprentice and declared hi loyalty to Bravo, as in Andy Cohen.

      • michelle cornwell

        She’ just Raw at this point, It’s important for her that people get her perspective. Maybe twitter isn’t the best place to seek validation.. I agree maybe Reality TV may not be best for the family but I don’t think it’s good for “t,s” family either. Donald Trump is a misogynist and thinks woman are pretty little bubbleheads and he likes it like that. I’d rather align with the AC’s myself.

    • Jaq has recently shared with us that she has many super secret jobs that pay her millions of dollars. Apparently, her presence is not invovled for any of them to pay off so she doesn’t have to go out and work her ass off selling cheap swill and shampoo and cookbooks. Jaq has plenty of time to sit on twitter all day ranting about Tre for a year. How much more time does she need for her perspective to be heard? She’s had several seasons of talking heads on RHONJ to get her perspective across and A FULL YEAR of twitter rants. To get her perspective across. Meanwhile the other cast members, two of whom are relatives of Tre’s who have actual invested interests in the situations manage to go on and live their lives without the CONSTANT whining and meltdowns about how Tre is acting. Jaq broke up with a girlfriend she had an unhealthy relationship with. Tre moved on Jaq did not.

      Jaq is not spreading any news about autism. EVERYONE is aware of autism, most people have some personal experience with it through friends,or their own families. Jaq doesn’t know shit about autism….YET. She’s brand new and doesn’t need to be a spokesperson for anything at this point. What she needs to do is get off of twitter, forget she ever met Tre and spend some time being grateful for her family. Not everyone has the blessings she has. She needs to stop being such a sniveling little snot and appreciate her blessed life.

      • Sky

        I agree with you. Her son just got diagnosed. She is not an expert in Autism yet. Naive people, that don’t know about Autism , will only say to have her be a spokesperson.

      • michelle cornwell

        Seems your in hate mode. Name calling is not necessary. Everyone is not aware and we can never know enough. I’ts important that we share the info we receive whether novice or professional. We all have to appreciate our blessed lives. I bid you peace

      • Tc

        Her son was diagnosed a year ago. She just put it out there for sympathy recently. She’s the Paula Deen of housewives.

      • Very well said. It is hard to take Jac serious with her drunken psycho babble ranting on twitter. She is incredibly insecure and wasn’t competent enough nor self confident to raise Ashley, with all her boozing where will she find the strength and wisdom to successfully raise a special needs child who needs a mature, stable, rational parent….Jac fails miserably on all counts. God help that child who has a pure fool and lunatic for a mother.

  2. no name maddox

    i swear on jackie’s baby with autism, that i won’t watch this show next season.

  3. Do you believe any of this crap?

  4. Beth

    I am not a fan of Teresa and for the 1st couple minutes I was very uncomfortable. Anderson seemed to really going in on Teresa. I mean Teresa deserves some of it but damn. Anderson was going way too hard. He acted like he had just seen a housewives show this afternoon. He is a huge fan and is BFF with Andy Cohen so he should know this like the back of his hand. Towards the end he lightened up but by then it was too late.

  5. Vp

    This post seemed especially funny. :-)

    That is all!

  6. Former AC fan

    Anderson Cooper is a total douche! I used to love him but it seems obvious that he lured her on his show just to attack her. I have not always been the biggest fan of Theresa but I do feel like she is under constant criticism by her castmates and she is trying to handle it as best she can. Those women (and Bravo) know that there is no show without Theresa & they are purposefully creating intense drama for ratings and to make themselves look relevant. Shame on you Anderson Cooper for doing more of Bravo’s dirty work. You are a total jerk!

    • etta

      It made me wonder if Cooper was sent in to do what Bravo failed to do.He wanted to bring her down.He failed!Like her or not she is a tough lady that just keeps going forward.Make fun of her all you want but if that lady hires a coach for speaking she will no longer sit there and be attacked like that.Many people do get tongued tied when stressed but god forbid that is what happens with Teresa.Let us get in line to bash her for making a living for her family..

  7. Dawn Raine

    I suspect Anderson Pooper’s comment about Celebrity Apprentice has more to do with Donald Trump’s Republican politics than his actual or perceived feeling toward women. In fact, Anderson did injustice to women today. Comparing Teresa to a 12 year old, he would not say that to a man! The man had an abnormal upbringing, and it shows, he spoke about it recently. If he wants his views and opinions respected, he needs to get out of Andy’s bed, on Bravo Housewife matters.

    • Called A Princess...

      Dawn ITA with you. Richie Rich goes to journalism school to end up interviewing, scripted reality TV stars. Strange science! IMO.

  8. Look, I ADORE Anderson Cooper. ADORE. ADORE. ADORE. He’s learning a new genre where the lines are a lot more blurred. He is a fantastic journalist . One of the best. But now he is two timing as a talk show host. He’s still learning the ropes. And today he learned… as he did not when he has thrown people off his stage and been all Jerry Springer in the past… that you can’t evisciarate your guests. Or you can if you just admit you dislike your guest as he has done before. This time he just assaulted someone and gave them no recourse. He is learning his way in the daytime talk show field.

    I still love him. He’s brilliant.

    But today he fucked up, and I think he knows it. And it’s not about the Tre Huggers. He didn’t let her speak and when she tried too… he just kept driving the blubber point home. Which was a set up clip from Andy Cohen. He didn’t even know the whole story…

  9. LAC

    I dunno. I cannot work up enough sympathy for Teresa. She does spew verbal garbage on a regular basis and has shown her ass too many times for me to weep over Anderson Cooper’s treatment of her. I don’t get her followers – what is it they see in her?

    • I totally get where you are coming from. However, Anderson loves the housewives and Nene in particular. It was quite odd for him to suddenly be averse to housewives shouting at each other about how fugly the other one is on a reunion show. And he was pretty relentless. Even at the end of the show when someone called him out, he defended his position, which only seems to apply to Tre.

      • LAC

        I see what you are saying. However, Teresa is a particular breed of exhausting housewife. When she argues, it is just a spewing of words, a level of denial that is almost insulting (a camera filmed you saying that. How do you deny what came out of your mouth in front of a camera?!?). She just frustrates me because her level of arguing is like a 5 year old an hour past his bedtime and on a sugar high.

        She is just irritating and that is saying something, considering this franchise.

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