Bobbi Kristina Brown in Serious Car Crash

Since Whitney Houston died, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has been under the scrutiny of paparazzi. The mainstream media and blogs alike have been reporting on some pretty disconcerting behaviors in the nearly seven months since Whitney’s death.  At first, reports indicated that Bobbi wanted to be back in the Atlanta condo that she once shared with Whitney. We were told that Warren Boyd, the guy the show The Cleaner is based on, was with her at all times acting as an interventionist and sober coach.  This was believed to be a temporary measure designed to get her to agree to an in-patient rehab. Well, it was a temporary measure, but Krissi never agreed to go to rehab.

Then came the Oprah interview where Pat Houston seemed eager to take center stage. We did see Krissi who seemed to be getting through things the best she could. Even that interview was rather awkward as Orpah interviewed Krissi standing around a kitchen counter in a not very relaxed setting. But at that point we figured the family, you know the family that could not even allow Krissi’s half-siblings to sit together with their father at the funeral, anyway, we figured that family had her back. But we were wrong.

We started to hear rumors around town about Krissi being with Nick Gordon, her play brother turned boyfriend a lot. We heard rumors that as a young kid, Nick  would run get whatever drugs Whitney wanted for her when he lived with Whitney and Krissi in Atlanta. We stopped hearing about her going to rehab and started hearing that she was on a downward spiral. She was seen out all over town hanging all over Nick. She wanted to change her name to disassociate herself from her father. Nothing we were hearing was good.

And then came the Lifetime Reality show stories. For several months. Pat Houston was jumping in front of every camera she could. Pat said that she had been offered the show before Whitney died. MMMMMhhhhmmmmm. And that the show would focus on her and Gary helping Krissi through this difficult time.  I’m pretty sure that didn’t work out. I’m not saying we’ll never see the reality show; but, I am saying whatever happened didn’t help Krissi. I’ll also go out on a limb and say that was not the motivation. I’m still appalled that Cissy is complicit in the filming. This month, Bobbi and Nick were seen being filmed for the show in Hawaii. The young couple seemed to be having a great time snorkeling. I haven’t seen any leaked pictures of family being protective of Krissi.  The shows is scheduled to premiere in just a few weeks on Lifetime. We will have to see how that all pans out. I plan to watch and blog it.

Then came the Billboard Awards where Whitney was to be honored with a Millenium Award. There was reportedly an issue with who would receive it.  Pat wanted to accept it alone, and somehow managed to shove her way onto the stage to accept it with Krissi. She was supposedly doing this to support Krissi who she felt was too young to handle the speech on her own. MMMMMMHHHHMmmmm.  Krissi was in Vegas for the awards were with Nick. The two had their own suite. Paparazzi caught Krissi gambling (at age 19) in the casinos until the wee hours of the morning. Still it was the opinion of many of my readers that we should leave Krissi alone and that any 19-year-old would do that if they could.

Just last month, Krissi and Nick were sporting matching tattoos and Krissi had what appeared to be an engagement ring on her finger. All realities shows need a good wedding right? Rumors began that perhaps the two were already secretly married. Was that trip to Hawaii a few years ago a honeymoon? It would not surprise me. But let’s just say it is starting to sound like the Honeymoon is over.  Last week, Nick tweeted a photo taken from the passenger seat of his car of himself driving with a gun held up beside his face. (See above) It was only up for a short while before it was quickly deleted.

Now reports are surfacing that in the wee hours of Monday morning, Nick and Krissi were out somewhere, got into a fight and ended up in a one car accident. From the looks of the car, it was pretty bad. Both airbags deployed, the front bumper fell off and front rims were missing the tires. The police noticed the car when they responded to a noise complaint at the couple’s apartment because it was sitting in the lot with the hazard lights on. I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that perhaps that is something someone who has had an accident under the influence of something would do. Normally when tires and bumpers fall off your vehicle, you call a tow truck. Unless of course you have something to hide. Then, you drive it  home on the rims while peeking around the deployed air bags with the hazard lights on. When the cops went to the apartment, no one came to the door. I guess they were tired.

I’d like to take this opportunity to suggest that SOMEONE needs to get this girl some sort of supervision.  It seems pretty clear the family is not interested in watching over her. She needs a conservatorship or rehab or something before it’s too late. Am I right?


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7 responses to “Bobbi Kristina Brown in Serious Car Crash

  1. Amy

    Bobby and Whitney all aver again sad

  2. chitown shelley

    tam you are completely right. this girl has witnessed unholy behaviors from the adults around her her entire life. it appears the adults in her life continue to let her down. and yes i know she is probably refusing their help, but as one who was in the field, that is when folks need you the most. she is a statistic waiting to happen. i for one dont want to see phony sad faces from her family, once this child self destructs. someone who really loves her needs to step up, be the bad guy if necessary, and get this girl the help she needs. but right now, everyone is still bowing to the money whitney left her. sad!!!

  3. Diane

    Pat Houston is full of s@#t!! talking about she was offered the show before Whitney’s passing…Hello!!!!! Whitney did not like to be on any reality shows since after appearing on “Being Bobby Brown”..all she care about is money because her meal ticket is gone (RIP Whitney)..My heart goes out to Bobbi Kristina she really need guidance and help she will always be in my prayers

  4. Gloria

    Nick tweeted that Bobbie wasn’t in the car.

  5. F.O

    I don’t think that she’s ever had adult supervision. They can’t start now . You have to bend the tree while its young. She’s been living like an adult since she’s been a small child , there’s nothing anyone can do to control her .

  6. karen

    Pat is out for her 15 min of fame and Whitney’s money. Bobbie is young and probably has seen way too much for a young girl. Bobbie needs help but I don’t see her getting it anytime soon.

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