Anderson Cooper Invites Teresa Giudice Back Tomorrow. For an Apology?

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It seems I was not the only person who thought Anderson Cooper was a little rough on Teresa today. He seemed to know there was at least some dissenting opinion in the studio audience before the show was even over.  Now, the Internet is full of stories  about this particular interview and in each one, AC’s attitude toward Teresa was addressed. There are questions about his friendship with Andy Cohen influencing his interview style since Andy has been a bit hard on Tre this season as well.

For those of you with reading comprehension skills, I’ve not been Tre’s defended this season at all. In fact, all the Tre Huggers and I have gone at it right up until the whole PFS episodes. I was looking forward to those to episodes so I could finally say I TOLD YOU SO when the Tre Huggers saw the light. Imagine my surprise when it was clear to me that Tre had been ramroded by production. There is now evidence all over the place that it was Tre that was the target of production for the last two shows, not Melissa.  Which means despite all the stupid behavior Tre exhibited all season long, when it comes right down to it, the “big thing” that caused the entire cast including her own brother to cut Tre out of their lives (except for Jaq who just can’t stop tweeting about her and texting her) was a great big production set up targeting Teresa.  Clearly, I’m not a Tre fan (or a fan of any of them really, I just call what I see on TV the way I see it) so you would think I would have a bit of credibility when I come down on Tre’s side of things for a change.

Meanwhile, the folks at Anderson Cooper have asked Tre to appear again on the show tomorrow. Clearly, they have some apologizing to do. As I said as I was live blogging, it was clear to everyone watching that Tre was shaken up. It’s unclear whether she came back today to tape the apology scene or if she is in fact actually coming back tomorrow. I have to admire her courage if she actually does jump back into that frying pan. Here are some comments from Anderson Cooper’s website. Nearly all of them were saying the same thing.


I used to be a fan and a supporter of your’s Mr. Cooper.  But now that I have seen your true character I am done.  I don’t support bullies. Your interview was nothing short of an attack against Teresa Giudice. You should be ashamed of yourself, I am ashamed of you. Maybe you should join in the cast of RHONJ you would fit right in with the other bullies. Since you like kicking people when they are down and all

You use to be my favorite!  Fair and balanced.  I watch your evening show regularly (something my husband and I can agree on), but today I decided to stop home for lunch and watch your daytime show because I am a huge housewives fan.

I am so disappointed….I am not a huge Teresa Giudice fan but I am a housewives fan and you were disrespectful to her and I felt sorry for her.  Why would you play half of a preview clip and attack her?  Does not seem like responsible journalism to me.


I tuned in to yoru show today for the first time today to see Teresa Giudice. I’ve seen you on CNN and Oprah and I had a high opinon of you. You were biased and rude. The gentleman in the audience was spot on….you owe Mrs. Giudice an apology. The clip you showed was Teresa’s response to be attacked by Caroline Manzo on her appearance. Will not be tuning in again until you man-up and aplogise.


A very unprofessional biased interview with Teresa today. Anderson was rude, condescending, and predisposed to berate her. Very disappointed! Just deleted you from my DVR lineup.


Anderson I am very shocked at how you behaved during the Teresa Guidice interview, you were judgemental, mean and your audience member was 100% correct that an apology is owed.  I expected a higher level of journalism from you, but seems that you have just decided to do Andy Cohen’s bidding here and tow the Bravo line.  Very unfortunate.  First time giving your show a shot and I won’t be returning unless this is addressed.

So what do you think? Have I gone too far over to the dark side?


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58 responses to “Anderson Cooper Invites Teresa Giudice Back Tomorrow. For an Apology?

  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Wow. Very childish from Anderon Cooper. If you haven’t known by know, Andy has a mean streak, but he is very underhanded with it. Ever since Teresa pushed him, he’s been after her combat style. Anderson should have kept the interview impartial. Teresa is no Albert Einstein, yet she isn’t the only person on her show to say stupid and dumb things. Didn’t know Andy could turn him out like that lol

  2. Anderson has to know he was interviewing someone that was no intellectual match for him. There was no need to go that hard.

    • michelle cornwell

      Like you do on Jacqueline?lol

      • No. I am not interviewing Jaq on live tv. I am blogging about her on my site. If I were interviewing her, I’d probably back off when she started to tear up and use small words, like AC should have done with Tre. Maybe I’d even let Jaq bring you along to speak for her. You like to do that.

      • MaRiley

        The interview that AC did with Jac looked rehearsed. He fed her straight lines so she could have a snappy comeback……particularly when AC asked Jac if Teresa had “reached out” (oh gag) to her about the autism diagnosis. She put her new surgical nose up in the air and smirked. And all through the interview, there were photos of dramatic stills on the wall behind Jac. And that was the first AC I ever watched. I won’t be missing anything in the future.

  3. PFFT

    I like Anderson and usually like his shows… BUT Anderson Cooper says that Nene is his favorite Housewife, when Nene told Sheree she needed to “fix her body.” Even though Sheree is more in shape that Nene has ever been or ever will be. He never scolded Nene for that.

    Caroline’s own children made immature jokes about Lauren and her boyfriend Vito for their weight, and Caroline just laughed at them, but when Lauren says anything back to them she scolds Lauren. So Caroline isn’t a victim.

    Anderson shouldn’t be putting down Teresa for defending herself against the other wives. I think Teresa actually handled herself quite well in the interview.

    Furthermore, it is also time that Jacqueline STOP using the fact that her child has autism to attack Teresa. That is sick shit.

  4. michelle cornwell

    I’ll speak for Jaq and you speak for Tre it should be a fairly intellegent conversation lol. lighten up. I’ve been a fan of your blog even when we disagree.Don’t ruin what we have. lol 😉

  5. I just popped the cork. I should be nicer soon. Or meaner. You neve can tell. :)

  6. michelle cornwell

    having a drink too! cheers!

  7. Interesting Hope she does come back!

  8. lucy faggiano

    I totally agree! Totally done with cooper and cohen! Big bullies just like caroline. Not very proffessional or ethical!

    • BeReal

      I missed Anderson today.This does not sound like him at all.I am disappointed.Totally agree with you about Caroline lucy.She is obviously as miserable as she looks this season especially. She is totally obsessed with Teresa. Every single situation Caroline turns it into a Teresa thing.It is almost sad it is so abnormal. Something will be going on that has absolutely nothing to do with Teresa or her husband and she will flip the script to “well Teresa did it .It’s all her fault…..”Weird.It is really embarrassing.She can’t stop talking and blaming her for any teeny tiny incident.Al.Get your wife some help!And Kathie is becoming sloooooowly transparent.Just watch.You know.I would be pissed too if my family went on a TV show(especially where dirty laundry will be aired) and did not tell me then blame Teresa for not wanting them to make a living.It was really underhanded.Oh.ok Melissa.You did tell her a couple days before.Wow.Teresa really did look baffled when the guy that outed Melissa was telling her about Melissa’s past employment.You know.Nobody cares.Woman up like NeNe.”Yes.I danced at a club.I had bills to pay”.That ended all the crap right then and there.Time for some cast changes.I do not think things happened (the big set-up by Teresa)the way they are saying.I mean like where was her brother and Melissa when Teresa’s husband had to go away?She has those kids.Let’s put things in perspective here.Can’t wait to see the interview.Come on Cooper.You know better.You are a Pro.

  9. wendy

    Although i enjoyed it……AC was a bit harsh…..but it seems Theresa has no remorse for anything! just apologize and get over it. I am no theresa fan and its not just this season……doesnt anybody remember her snarky remarks and attitude since season 1? Her im better then anyone attitude and her famous quote tthat she would only live in new houses not dirty used apts? Do you think she really cares about her so called fans? This show has become more depressing as the seasons go by…….i definitely have to stop watching

  10. PFFT

    Teresa’s fans only report back postive interactions with her when they meet her in person. But check out twitter and look at the way other Housewives treat their fans. All sorts of people that have ran into Nene in LA or Atlanta, report back that she was cold or rude. Teresa seems to really appreciate her fans for their support, unlike other HW’s.

  11. Dawn Raine

    I did not like Teresa the first two seasons. It is my nature to be for the underdog so when the others went after her like rabid wolves everay week, for mostly imperceptible reasons, that did it. I think Caroline and Melissa are devils, bro Joe, Jac, and Wikiewaks are weasels.

  12. Realityjulie

    Anderson was the same kind of jackass when he interviewed Andrew Wakefield awhile back. I stopped watching him then. Treated tre the same way. He’s a pompous asshole.

  13. Melissa

    I did not watch but I will search Internet for it. If anyone has a link I would appreciate it! Watching a pre-view of the reunion- it looked Crazzzyy I was surprised when Tre pointed out Caroline’s “blubber rolls” I think she called them! But I guess Caroline “the miserable” had done the first attack on Tre outfit. Is it just me or is Melissa trying hard to look like J-Lo on Reunion show? But the worst was when Jac had to play the “sick child card” and say, “I swear on my son with Autism”….wow… Who does that!

    • I get that you don’t actually read the posts you comment on, but it would seem almost impossible not to notice the video clip on the homepage right at the tippy top of the post. Are you blind, perhaps and reading through some audio method?

      • Uh…no mam….and you are correct. I did not thoroughly read or watch the info you provided. I ASSumed after watching Tee at her best for years that she was just her dumb ass self and again expected the world to revolve for and around her. My bad. Still have no sympathy for her tho.

    • Melissa

      Thank you Mike

    • Well Tamra, iI don’t see the video “right at the tippy top of the post” on this page, maybe it’s the browser I am using but apparently the person who asked for a link don’t see it either.Is it possible you were up playing the drinking game on WWHL last night? and possible reran it today and continued playing the game 😉

      • You’re about to not be able to see the entire site. Just a warning. Stop posting links.

      • Not a problem, I won’t bother coming back.

      • Melissa

        Actually I saw at the tippy top but I am using anIPad it led me no where. Didn’t know could not post links. Sorry for getting Mike in trouble! But I was a first time poster ( and now last time poster on your site ). I thought your comment saying “I don’t read what I comment on- and I must be blind” was super rude and uncalled for. I’m sure you don’t care but I have unfollowed you on Twitter and will be using IPad to read Housewife information of “nicer” bloggers.

      • I’m thinking I should assign some of you veteran readers a newbie to mentor when they come in. You can explain to them that being nice is not a goal of mine. Take them under your wing. In some cases you may have to teach them basic grammar. Hold their hand for a bit. Like I could have assigned Mike to TC… Kid of like a big sister program. What do y’all think?

      • Tc

        What the fuck is the point of being a “nice” blogger??

  14. She looked like an idiot. Teasing someone for being overweight… and then promoting her Weight Watchers compatible “Fast & Fit” book. She should write a book about her relationship with Joe… “Flaccid & Fixed.” Dedicated to all the cunt wives out there.

  15. Critter

    Don’t watch AC but will catch On Demand today.
    No Tre hugger here but didn’t like how the PFS went.
    Always wonder what’s left on the cutting room floor
    & how hard their laughing at HW fans for lapping up
    what they feed us. They have slanted NJ to be dark
    & vicious, disgusting.
    Looking forward to the show Tre & Joe are rumored
    to be getting, Bravo knows it will be a hit with all the
    shit they’ve stirred up on HW. Well, it’ll be the Tre
    show once Joe starts pulling his 10 years “away”.
    As always, thanks for the great blog Tamara.

  16. Anon

    Teresa gets tongue tied because she doesn’t have an explanation for her lack of maturity. The people around her get frustrated because they can’t get through to her and so they begin lashing out and making insulting remarks. This is what makes them look bad and like bullies because unlike theirs, her insults are not stinging and are lacking in strength because she lacks basic adult knowledge. What Anderson said wasn’t so bad. He only came across as harsh because he was interviewing someone who is mentally still a child.

    • LAC

      I agree with you. I am not on board with this Anderson bullied poor Teresa. Having watched her in action on this show, I have seen her bully and screech at people. I have seen her act like a clueless idiot when she does something offensive and cannot understand why someone is not going to accept her throwaway “apology”. Again, I am confused by Tre Huggers and their worship of her. She is crass and mean.

  17. I’m don’t see why people are crying about Anderson asking some questions that may be a little tough. She the one that keeps talking about how she wouldn’t stoop the the other wives level, so way does she have to make childish personal attack about Caroline physical appearance. I’m sure if Caroline was on the show he would ask her about her attacks on Tre calling her “human garbage” I can almost hear the Tre huggers now crying about how rude and one sided Andy was during the reunion if he asks any of the question the viewers want answers too and God forbid hes asks a follow up question to her unintelligible answers. Truth is, these women get paid for a certain amount of shows for the season and get paid extra to attend the reunions, so if Tre feels she will be attacked and mistreated all she need to do is not show up, just like Jacqueline did last season. Problem is Tre still thinks all press is good press to push all of those product on her fans so she enjoys being there. I’ll say what I’ve been saying all this season and most of the last. Shut this series down fire every one of them. Then New Jersey should buy out ever home in Franklin Lakes, burn them to the ground and then salt the Earth so no living thing can live in that town for at least 100 years. The show has gotten too dark and I would care what all those women and their husbands said and did to each other if it wasn’t for all those young innocent children being used as pawns.

    • Tc

      You are a wackadoo. There is do much wrong with your post that I can’t begin to counter each hyperbole or inaccuracy. It’s time you shared a bit about yourself. Are you male or female? What did the last person you had sex with look like an what department would they buy clothes in at Macy’s?

      • No need for you to reply since I could care less about anything you would have to say about my post. It’s my opinion and I’ll stick by it. As for my personal life, it’s none of your business, get your thrills fantasizing about someone else.

      • Tc

        You could care less??? Hahaha. That means you CARE SO MUCH. 10 yard penalty for mis-use of cliche.

  18. Abby_Wabby

    I don’t think the interview was mean and AC did not treat Teresa like crap…it only seems that way because Teresa has the brain of a dimwit and can’t articulate or rationalize to save her life! Come on people…she’s a grown arse woman so let’s stop coddling her and enabling her bad behavior! That goes for the entire RHWONJ cast too – I just can’t stand ANY of them!

    • cns

      She’s an adult with the mentality of a pre-teen. So his words came across has harsh.People should just ingore Teresa until she grows up.

  19. Donna

    The neighbor’s pit bull keeps jumping the fence into my yard, it’s all Teresa’s fault!!

  20. Tc

    Did anyone watch? How did today go?

  21. I don’t watch RHoNJ so know very little about Teresa, however all I saw through this appearance was the terror in her eyes. Anderson came off as flippant & mean, while openly acknowledging his ‘heart’ for Bravo & Andy. There was no apology either the next day. The whole interview was simply an attack on someone unable to defend herself properly. That is the definition of bullying, no matter your seperate thoughts on the parties involved.

  22. This is why you would make a delightful mentor. I think it is nice of me to try to pair you up with the new and uninitiated. :)

  23. chitown shelley

    hysterical! how many posts do they read before they comment? do they think this is candyland?

  24. So…I assume what is being said…is….he should have dumbed it down because she is not his intellectual equal? How about she should have declined the offer if she couldn’t keep up. Just because someone is exposed as being ignorant is not a good reason for an individual who is not to appear to be to moe her dumb asa look good. There’s is crafty and manipulates the intellect of others everywhere else. Why didn’t she here?

    • Tre is not even on the same planet intellectually as Anderson. That’s not the issue. The problem is, is that he went in hard on her for something he has been all over TV claiming to love. The Housewives drama, Nene in particular, but all of them. He LOVES IT. And then when Tre is allegedly there to sell her cookbook, he goes in on her several times about insulting her castmates? Um that is what she is know for. Then to bring her back and let some other dipshit housewive have a lengthy stated read during her time? It was a shitty thing to do and I am a WAY bigger Anderson fan than Tre hugger. Trust me.

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