Real Housewives of New York: Charity Begins At Home

Poor Sonja is not going to get what she wanted, or apparently much of anything, in the divorce. When I look at Sonja crying in her house, all I can think is yard sale. Take all those dresses to a consignment shop. Put some of those dust collecting tchotchkes on Ebay. Sell a few paintings. Clearly the toaster oven market is in a slump, Sonja! Think outside the toaster oven box! Luann was called in to hold her hand as she put a couple paintings in storage (read hides them from the property inventory) and the art woman (who is usually there to SELL paintings not store them) tried to paint the picture as a new beginning. Luann’s helpful comment? “It looks really empty in this room now.” The irony that Luann hawks an etiquette book is lost on no one by now.

I love that Heather (And Aviva) both have charities that they are passionate about. Most of the time the housewives just seem to “do charity work” by going to luncheons and writing the occasional check.

The way that Aviva and Ramona enter the restaurant and address the staff is night and day. Is Ramona really going to wear those huge sunglasses for this entire indoor brunch scene? The brunch scene was not really worth a recap. But the location was just lovely. Sadly, they didn’t even make it to brunch before Ramona bolted. Because of the need to reshoot things, they generally don’t let the ladies have food during filming. They generally wait to eat when it is over. That was one of the most interesting things about the lunches in St. Barts. You actually saw some food! I doubt Aviva has ever actually eaten at a brunch anyway. She and Carole opted for fish pedis in St Barts rather than eating with the other squabbling ladies.

I have no idea what that ping-pong thing was all about. Anyone?

Carole seems mortified to be in civilized society with Ramona discussing diarrhea over drinks. Oh lord, Ramona is discussing other people’s domestic abuse, the woman whose home they are in no less.  Carole can’t even see the fashions because Ramona is complaining about Aviva in her ear the whole time. Ramona is supposed to be hosting this event, right? Did Ramona speak to the guests? Did she even glance at the show? No, she spent the entire event, before Aviva’s dad even showed up. running her mouth about Aviva. I’m not particularly enamored  with Aviva’s dad, but he’s of a certain age where despite his often gauche behavior he should be given a certain degree of leeway. You thank him for the check, which you take graciously, thank him for coming, and refuse to engage in conversation about Aviva with him or anyone else. You don’t call security. Poor Carole was stuck trying to limit George’s embarrassment. Of course Aviva should not have sent George to the event. But that was what the script called for. Bravo decided to make an 80-year-old man the instigator this episode. Lovely.

I get that Aviva is not letting the issues between her and Ramonja go. Aviva has some social issues of her own, but the show would be much more watchable without Ramonja. I don’t get why Bravo thinks we only watch for the alcoholism and catfights. I promise, even with two more civilized women in Ramonja’s spots there will always be bitchiness within any group of women. You don’t need to force it so much, Bravo.


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22 responses to “Real Housewives of New York: Charity Begins At Home

  1. Teddy bear

    Ramona is sooooooo gross and makes me change the channel when she comes on. She is the most annoying person on this earth I wish they’d dump her she’s got plenty and doesn’t need the job. She’s mental.

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I will never understand Ramona’s “success” in the business world in NYC.
    She seems so socially inept, awkward, & inappropriate… I find it hard to believe that she has not offended any of her associates, customers, & clients…

  3. Critter

    Priceless: the look on Ramona’s face when Aviva spills the
    naked spooning with Sonja…
    Why did Ramona put on sunglasses coming thru the door?
    Ping-pong lost me also…
    I can see Carol & George having a one nighter, he’d probably
    die smiling…
    Next week is the last, RHNY went much faster then the never
    ending RHNJ – heard NJ is a 3 part bitchfess…

  4. Tc

    I used to loathe Ramona. But I laughed out loud so many times last night. “On a scale of one to ten, it was…really bad.” “Sonja’s going bankrupt and has no money. It’s a wonder she hasn’t committed suicide.” And the diarrhea thing. Couldn’t help laughing.

    Eileen….I mean Aviva…is insufferable. She’s got no sense of humor and is no fun and really is low class. Proof of that is her father. Old Grampa Munster can say just about anything and its aok. Sending him to the charity event and using a check as a bargaining chip was beyond tacky. They could donate to the charity any time any way. I’m glad she rejected that pitiful, tacky ass ploy. Notice he HAD to say it was THOUSANDS of dollars. Money can’t buy you class, Grampa.

    • Julieann

      I totally disagree about Aviva being low class or no fun. Ramona is getting on my last nerve. She actually turned down money for a charity that depends on donations? Now that my friends, is low class. Aviva has apologized without being disrespectful, about her father’s love for women.I am not sure there is an apology owed here.Especially from his daughter.It is hard to even put Ramona and Aviva in the same sentence. Ramona’s antics through the years have been very trashy.Oh yes. And she is white.It is too hard to compare these two women. They are obviously so opposite, there is no likeness between the two. Aviva ,to me and I am sure many others, is a class act.There was no reason to have an elderly gentleman ,escorted by security, thrown out of a charity event with large check in hand.Yet,I can think of many instances I would have had security lead Ramona out of places,events,and can’t say she had check in hand for any charity.Just booze and wild eyed.I have also watched her miss any event that was of value or trying to help other individuals.It seems she is only there for the party and to act extremely foolish while getting drunk and doing nothing but talk bad about others.Ok Ramona.To their backs or in front of them.You are also guilty of Behind the back.Please.I do know what viewers want and the Sonja and Ramona,Luann on the fence,days are over! We do not care to see them anymore.I feel my IQ going down just writing about them.

  5. A

    Why was Ramona wearing shades and a summer dress? This lady is crazy! She couldn’t handle Aviva’s questions or comments. I really hope she is not a part of the show next season. Also, Ramona was so wrong to kick Aviva’s dad out. He’s old and she handled it much better. However Aviva should not have asked him to attend the event. She did call them white trash so she should have known crazy eyes was not going to handle this with class

  6. Kellie242

    How in the world do these two lushes make it in the real world? It is sickening that their behavior is rewarded over and over again.

  7. Tamar voice

    Number 1: I like Ramona, she’s straight to the point and hilarious.

    That being said…I’ve never seen anyone shut Ramona down the way that Aviva did last night, lol. Definitely one for the history books. Aviva is a TOTAL bore and buzzkill, but I have to give her major points for shutting Ramona down. Nobody else in the history of this show has ever been able to do that, lmao!

    Favorite moment of the night: George being thrown out of the party. CLASSIC!


    I find it hilarious that Aviva grew a back bone all of a sudden. She use to kiss the ground Ramona walked on, and now Aviva has so much to say? Kind of too late if you ask me. Ramona is annoying, but atleast she has STAYED annoying throughout the entire seasons (haha). Aviva got some courage over night, she probably realized that her storyline was becoming a bore.

  9. momadison

    You know, your point about Bravo is so applicable across the RH and other Bravo shows, you really don’t need to create drama! Women, of all social and economic levels bring their fair share of drama to the table! It’s a disservice to fans to tamper chronology of shooting, editing for effect and with the “snatched from the ether” voice overs! I am a fan of reality, if I wanted gutwrenching drama I’ll watch Breaking Bad or the Presidential Election!! I need escapism, I want to see fabu parties, clothes, jewels and purse size dogs!!! I don’t want to see Jaq sinking to swearing on her autistic kid or the neglectful Adriene now swearing she’s the “good” parent! Andy C, I adore you but you’ve created these monsters like Ramona, Tre, Vicki and now even Aviva who play up so much to their “audience” the crap coming out of their mouths is beyond moronic. If your going to “script” the shows at least write them some smart consistant dialogue!! Additionally, lets stop this one year or more later airing, take a cue from Style who did their Tia & Tamara and Guiliana & Bill series rather timely! At your rate Tamara and G’s baby would be pottytraining while their moms were hiding baby bumps and gestational carriers on the tube! Oh and really is there anyone out there who wants to see Kim G and Kim D on NJ??? I will eat sketti with Alana and June before I’d ever watch those pot-stirring fourth stringers! Phew, just had to get that off my chest, sorry Tamera Tattles, love you, lol!!

    • Teddy bear

      I agree! Who would ever want to hang out with a bunch of woman that all you do when your with them is fight. Women by nature are mostly nice and interesting on what’s going on in their everyday lives. So much negativity mostly I have to change the channel because of constant meanness. In the real world woman would NOT hang out never mind vacation with one another

    • fpf1

      I, for one, would not watch a show where the woomen sit in a circle and sing Kumbaya.

    • Tc

      I was thinking something similar watching flipping out. It’s mean and edgy. But really smart. Less trashy than housewives. And…less popular. Shame. It really is funny. The ski mask scene and the twink falling down with the trash can were just gold.

      • shellbelle

        I laugh out loud at some of the things that goes on in Jeff’s world…I could easily watch FO a few times a week. Love that show!

  10. Flippin Out is great. It’s so good you don’t even want to blog about it. It’s one thing to read illiterate comments about RHOA, but I don’t think I could take them about FO. :)

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