What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kim K’s New Face

This is Kim Kardashian in Melbourne this past week promoting Quick Trim the Purple Jesus Version. Actually, I think the correct product name is Quick Trim Purple Reign. Purple Jesus is something we used to make in college out of grape juice and whatever alcohol we had on hand, and some fruit.  Kinda like trailer trash sangria. I am thinking about Purple Jesus because I keep reading that Kim Kardashian made the following quote in Melbourne the other day when she was asked who she would like to trade places with for a day.

Jesus. Because I think it would be pretty fascinating to see the power that he had.

I’ve started to mention this fascinating quote several times. The problem is I can’t find the original source. Most articles are giving the quote to News.com.au; however, I can’t find the original article and no one quoting them provides a link. Despite  saying that she was just like an 18-year-old fighting cancer, and William and Kate in an article recently, I just really needed to see it at the original source to believe that Kim said she wants to spend a day as Jesus to feel all the power he had. I mean come on. Nobody would say that, right?  But I am loath to look at any more Kim Kardashian articles, so let’s just say that she didn’t really say that to anyone. Because if she did, I’d vote for the day of his crucifiction for her to experience.

Instead, can we talk about her face? What the hell has she done to it now? She’s starting to look like that cat woman. That I can source to a picture.


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13 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kim K’s New Face

  1. I think she is starting to resemble the doll from madam and wayland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayland_Flowers

  2. stormyboo

    omg did she get some fillers? Her duck lips seem much bigger Kanye maybe wants her to look younger?

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Her face only looks different because there is no penis & $100 bill in front of it…

  4. Kris Jenner if you care at all about your daughters you will make sure that they dont say stupid things like this to media. It just makes them seem even dumber.

  5. btw it looks like kim just had too much chinese takeout and sodium cause usually post botox injections sites have a bigger impact especially on the face

  6. guys Kim is very rich, has a lot of power in Hollywood and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So keep chirpin cause this kind of talk only helps her!

  7. She is morphing into Jocelyn Wildenstein(sp) territory. Not a fan of Kim or her family, but I will say she is/was beautiful. To continue to tweak her face makes me think there are sum underlying issues.

  8. runtellthat

    Really, she has power no she does not!! She is only rich and I’ll give her props for promoting herself. She wishes she had the power that real hollywood stars have. She get’s on shows with low ratings hoping her appearance will increase ratings. Cameo scenes in B movies. She is a joke to Hollywood even more so after her wanting to have a star on the walk of fame comment. The only star she should have is the walk of shame. Shame on us for treating this woman like she is royalty when her only claim to fame is an obviously fake butt(never looks the same in any pic) and getting peed on in a sex tape and leaking it to the media. Oh and going from one baller, rapper to the next… all for love by the way.

  9. Cwokc

    I do not care for Kim at all! I think she is mean vindictive hateful to her brother and sisters not to mention self absorbed! However, I will say she is was very pretty! But, she is a damn liar if she says she never had cosmetic surgery on her face since sex tape. That looked fine & very pretty, but since about January of this year she has def had A LOT more done & looks terrible! Btw ever since Kayne has stepped in & started STYLING her clothes look like sh!t! Lmao! he has zero taste! She’s ruining her looks, but I could care less!

  10. Joycee

    Why, shy, shy do rich people like to F*&% up their faces, what the hell, they look like freaks, damn whoever told them they look good is going straight to Hell for really lying to these people, REALLY?

  11. sasha feirce2

    hahaha..hiphiphip..here come kim kardashian wadding that big ass around

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