Guess Who Won’t Be On Season Two of Shah’s of Sunset?


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17 responses to “Guess Who Won’t Be On Season Two of Shah’s of Sunset?

  1. uh…..anybody? (crosses fingers)

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Well post pic leads to think that “Slimeball Slug Sammy” is not coming back, but I honestly wouldn’t miss that ugly on the inside hot mess GG

  3. Thank you, Jesus! He was my least favorite.

  4. frederick uncut

    He added nothing of interest to the show and gave off a vaguely perverted vibe. I hope they don’t replace him with that dude David who (while admittedly better looking than Sammy) also gives off molester signals.

  5. girlnbayou

    I honestly can’t believe they even brought this show back. If the people portrayed are indicative of persian youth on sunset blvd, remind me to never visit there. They are so shallow, materialistic, narssicistic, and just plain mean. This show brings nothing to tv except tips on becoming a bully.

  6. Paula

    Absolutely no offense to Shahs fans, but I’m just still trying to come to terms with the fact that there’s an actual season two. I kind of feel the same way about the Real Housewives of Miami as well. Just couldn’t get into either show on any kind of level… not even when drunk or high;) What am I missing here?

  7. Sammy did appear creepy on the last few episodes. It was hard to find much good to say about a guy who didn’t protect MJ. But I am quite fond of MJ and Asa. So you would do better to find another place to speak badly about them. MJ is a very sucessful businesswoman and Asa is an aquired taste whose talents are perhaps best understood by those with a more global life experience than you have. I’m rather tired of your trolling. You seem to have a personal issue with Asa. And it ends with this post.

    • Sorry that post was in response to a (deleted post by a )troll that was an issue back in the blogger days. I’m a HUGE Shahs fan. And it seems that there is someone out there (prior to season one even filming) that was on a smear campaign for a few of the cast members.

      Meanwhile, you are free to dig the Shahs or not. But this is not the board for some chick with a personal grudge. I’ve been aware Sammy was gone since filming began. I’d asked a few of the cast about it and they are now well trained Bravo employees who don’t answer me. I’ve also heard some other things that I can’t wait forever for them to answer on other topics. :) I really like the cast so sometimes I try to give heads up on personal stories.. I’d much rather have an exclusive interview than go with third party sources… but um.. I’ve been sitting on a lot for awhile…just saying… ladies.

    • disgrazia4

      Good girl!

  8. lilmissdiva

    Is he’s going to have a replacement? Wouldn’t mind if Anita became a member of the show.

  9. leilani

    He’s sooo creepy im glad he isn’t on the show, he does try way too hard…. and i think he is unnattractive to be someone who says he’s very picky and only dates certain type of girls…. he should be happy with any girl that decides to be with him

  10. I liked Sammy at first. And I think he has a sense of style and don’t find him unattractive at all in the physical sense. I was horrified by his treatment of MJ though. I began to find him indefensible for that. I can buy my own diamond earrings. But you can’t buy a friend like Reza is to MJ. I was hoping that Sammy was that kind of friend too, but it didn’t seem like it at the end.

  11. Lara

    Are you sure Sammy is not on season two? He’s completely denied it on his Twitter account (along with some expletives!) to anyone who has asked him the question. He says he’s still part of the cast and that they’ve simply added some additional cast members for the new season.

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