Oh Look, It’s IAN!


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11 responses to “Oh Look, It’s IAN!

  1. F.O

    That was weird. Was that guy serious or was he trying to make Ian feel uncomfortable ? Lol

  2. Humph!

    Ian is too “kwute”. Still like Jeff, even though he lost some points with me last season (feeling entitled…).

    Note: I am still on a BB high also. Was a really good finale!

  3. Paula

    I’d have been happy with either Dan or Ian winning, so last night was a win-win for me as a longtime fan of the show. Honestly, I’m surprised that Frank won America’s Favorite, though. I tried all season to like the guy, just couldn’t, still can’t see why enough people did like him enough to warrant 25K. I crap you not, I’m willing to bet that the guy will spend the after-tax amount of his winnings on a ‘needs work’ Trans Am, mass producing a ton of ‘on the reg’ shirts, and a really tricked-out mum for his girlfriend’s homecoming, and if there’s anything left over, he’ll give it to his Nana. I could be wrong, though;)

    • grodner went HARD to try and make us like Frank.

      end the end she gave him 25K. She honestly thought we would not notice.

      • Paula

        I could not agree with you more!!!!

      • Humph!

        I was shocked that Frank won America’s favorite as well. Immediately, I said it was fixed (and I actually liked Frank. Yes, yes, I know terrible game play…). I just knew Ian was going to win it (along with the 500k).

      • Cameron

        I agree completely. From Day 1, AG twisted the game in Boogie and Frank’s favor. I think she’s trying to convince us that he’s likable enough for All-Stars 2.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I too believe that Frank was given that AC title. No way he won it with votes. He was negatively received by every BB website I visited this summer. Ick I can’t stand him.

      Honestly every year I say this is my last year watching BB.
      But this year it was so evident how the producers try to manipulate and steer the direction of the game. There were so many revelations & discussions by the House Guests on the live feeds, that I don’t know if I can ever enjoy the game the same way again.

  4. Belinda

    At one point Jeff had an expression on his face like he smelled shit…..regardless of the win, Ian may be small but he is big of heart and intellect and loyalty and humor…some girl should hitch her wagon to his (rising) star…20 years from now she will realize she made a good choice.

    • Paula

      LOL!!!!!!! Totally agree!!! In the very least, whatever girl nabs this little fella will be swimming in Bismuth, hammocks, Pokemon memorabilia and Diet Coke for life;)

  5. stormyboo

    Happy that Ian won, happy to see and hear Jeff and his humor, I miss him! Ugh if Dan would have won, he made the house lively with his lies, and freaked out Danielle what 4 or 5 times , but he already won, and Ian deserved the win…..but now is when my bb withdrawals happen ………………thank god for Survivor!

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