OMG! I Can’t Breathe BEST Big Brother EVER!

OMG I look like such a dumbass for being the ONLY VOTE FOR DAN! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Guess who got NO MONEY for being Dan’s puppet?

It’s bad enough to lose. It’s worse to have been a puppet the whole game, but the CROWNING MOMENT OF GLORY? Being the only one to vote for Dan. Congrats on being first loser, Danielle!


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  1. bendy

    And Janelle called her out on her lies!

    • YES SHE DID! And the best part is she was specifically told not to!

      • welp! my summer is officially over and now I have nothing to do at 9pm with showtime…. and hellz yea Janelle, that was awesome! alas we’ll never know who Dan would have picked for final two and I kinda think he wants it that way. Danielle stayed true to her word to the end, her word of not having one move to make on her own so basically Dan played 2 games and even a 3rd counting Dan’s use of Danielle’s use of Shane and still couldn’t beat Ian. Bravo Ian well played and can I get a woot! for Janelle!!

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        Not only did Janelle throw shade at Danielle on national tv, she threw the whole damn lamp at her…

      • Cameron

        Janelle is now my favorite female HouseGuest ever! Most viewers just thought Janelle was referencing Danielle’s gameplay lies, but it was super-sweet for those of us who know how much of a pathological liar Danielle is!

      • kerrin

        Janelle was great making that one quick comment and moving on, not enough to get in trouble with the producers but enought to make Danielle squirm on life tv and think os, wtf! What surptised you most? ”
        Danielles lies.”

  2. Rella


    Wish there was a live feed for Dani when she gets home and reads the internet and realizes that we, America, don’t love her. <3

    • disgrazia4

      YES!! I’m right there with you!! It was an awesome episode!! Thank you Janelle for going off script and telling the truth!! Where did you find that info on Janelle, Tamara?? Crazy Sweet, love your post in it’s entirety. I would like to thank Danielle for helping to make the end of this season of BB14 so good!!!!

  3. My mother gave me most of the dirt on tonight’s finale since I had to miss it because of work. I’ll be watching it tomorrow!

    I am so glad that dumb ass didn’t get anything but a hot ticket to the jury.

    • disgrazia4

      Hello my FB friend, awesome to see you here. Tamara best expressed my feelings for Danielle this season. Kudos and a shout out to Crisi on You Tube for her Danielle Murphree impersonations! What fun! Thanks again!

  4. mo

    Could you possibly be any nastier and hateful about Danielle. Really, take a chill pill. Congrats to Ian and Frank, well done guys! The author of the headstone pic joins the loser ranks with Dan.

    • Cameron

      Yes, she could. She could post the entire email from Danielle’s former friend, although I think her choice to not air the juicier lies that were told outside the BB house is the right one.

      Congrats to Frank? He played the worst social game of anyone this season! He only beat Shane once Shane started throwing the competitions. Frank blames everyone else for becoming a target “week 1” but that was his own fault. Let’s also not forget that he would have been evicted in week 3 or 4 had production not decided to cancel the eviction that week.

      I wanted Britney to win America’s Choice, she was very impressive this season and just as witty as always…unfortunately she was Dan’s first backstabbing victim.

    • Dani said REPEATEDLY in the house that she would not die happy if “that little shit” won. Looks like she is going to die unhappy. She’s the hateful one. The only thing that could have been better about last night is Ian winning AF.

      • Cameron

        I was under the impression that the two finalists were not eligible for America’s Favorite. I agree that outside of Frank winning AF, the finale was perfect! Danielle wins nothing, gets blindsided AGAIN (regrettably only by information), then watches her sworn enemy Ian win half a million (she says she’s glad Ian won in hindsight but we all know she lies) and SHANE’S vote! And Ian takes home #1, with Dan getting #2. Dan played a better game but if he won he would have set a dangerous precedent. I don’t want to see his level of backstabbing every year. Sorta like Evel Dick…like him or not (personally hes my favorite behind Dr. Will and Dan) can you imagine what the show would be like if he was on EVERY year?

    • Paula

      It always amazes me when a Danielle defender pops up here or anywhere, yet there seems to be nobody supportive enough of her to start a site of their own aimed at defending the girl.

    • disgrazia4

      Why do you attempt to take the only funny from this season? Be gone!!

      Oh, and I would like to say that I think the America’s Favorite Player prize shpuld have gone to EAGLE EYE JOE< THE ONLY PLAYER TO SEE WHAT DAN WAS DOING! (had to shout it, I'm sure you all understand,LOL) If he had won I would have seen all my picks chosen. But no matter, my favorite pick, for Danielle to be evicted just before F2 came true. That was great TV!!

    • Tammie

      I agree why be so nasty and hateful. If a former friend of Danielle is telling stuff, she needs to grow up. It was a game, people need to get over it.

  5. Humph!

    YAY!!!! IAN!!! I am so proud and happy for him.

    Big high five to Janelle on calling Dani out. Dani even had another dumb look on her face like “no she didn’t just say that”. I was actually surprised that Dani’s family showed up (not sure if I would’ve of if I were them). I will say she sure played “puppet” (big dummy, really) all the way to the end.

    So happy Dan didn’t win. So, so happy. I wonder if his wife was paying atttention to his actions. Great gameplay but he became down right scary at times.

    Best BB finale EVER!

    • I woke UP on a bb high at 6 am. or maybe I am still drunk. lol. I love Dan, he made the game this season but I am happy Ian won. Bless his heart, he still thinks it was all statistics and has no grasp of the bitter jury concept.

      • on our local news they interviewed him after his win in the backyard and he said he was in shock to find out he was the main target so they must have filled him in right after the win.

  6. Louisville

    Danielle’s backyard interview post-finale was epic!

    Spicy brought up her health issues and her face froze, eyes watered. OMG I hope you can get a screengrab of that from someone.

  7. Louisville

    Danielle’s first face of the backyard interview:

    Danielle’s face upon hearing that Dan whispering to Shane that she’d been playing him all along:

    Danielle’s face when confronted over health lies:

    Finally, here’s a link to the actual video (I grabbed it as it played so I’m sure it won’t last long, they’ll yank it down) since you have to have Super Pass to view it:

  8. Louisville

    Since my previous comment had four links in it, that’s probably why it’s under moderation. Thought I’d try it again with just a single link to that video I mentioned:

  9. Tc

    This season was like Monkey Ball. rIANman and his stats. Has Danielle reared her ugly head in public yet?? Is she on twitter?

    I still think Dan deserved it more than Ian. No one has ever pulled off the level of confidence game that Dan pulled off. It was poetic. And you’d never get it from just watching the show.

    I have had he feeds in the past. This time, I relied on jokers updates on twitter. Those people have it down! It’s a 24/7 job, especially when it’s crowded in the beginning. And hey do an amazing job. Don’t like their board though. It’s impossible to read.

  10. Louisville

    Can’t stop laughing over the Danielle interview on Big Brother Network (the website/blog). She says she wouldn’t go to the SuperPass or Vegas parties to avoid negativity. HAHAHAHA. Dhahahaha.

  11. emmas

    I thought you might like to know that Danielle spoke at a High School today about Breast Cancer and her time on the show. I can’t even begin to put into words how disgusted I am by this news. Why wouldn’t they invite an actual Breast Cancer Survivor to speak to the students? This news is incredibly depressing.

  12. Give Credit

    “Thanks to for the image I ripped off.”

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