BB14 Live Feed Update and Drunken Rambling

It’s been a long night of RHONJ and Oprah interviewing Usher and now Iyania interviewing Evelyn Lozada… I don’t have much time to update y’all on the live feeds. But Dani has been losing her mind all day. Is she mad at Dan? Well not so much. She is mostly pissed at Ian for winning. When she talks to Ian she pretends like she is mad at Dan but when she is with Dan she threatens Ian. Dan had to talk her down after she said she “would snap Ian’s neck” if he talked to her today.

Shortly thereafter Dani was in the DR for a long time and came out heavily medicated. Whatever they gave her wore off and she just a bit ago went all in on Ian again while Dan was in the DR (ALLEDGEDLY). Dan has been in the DR for quite a long time. Like long enought to be shown the feeds and have a swedish massage and a couple margaritas. WTF is going on in there?  Meanwhile, Dani went after Ian again because he meds have worn off. (Not kidding, she admits she is being medicated and it’s obvious). She was a ginormous cuntbag and Ian sort of turtled and said something about them all being friends when the game was over.

I can’t BELIEVE the edit this deranged girl gets on the broadcast show. As I leave you for now, Ian is stimming on the hammock saying essentially he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and “she tried to blackmail me.” and oh wait he is going in now where she is losing her mind begging for a DR… I will stay with it for a few.  I can’t imagine what Dan is doing in DR that would take this long. They must be keeping him in there for the drama but both of them are at their breaking points and need DR or Dan or something. This will not go well.

(off topic but y’all need to watch this Iyania Show on OWN, she’s cray cray…but she makes sense…talking to Evelyn she says, essentially it was okay he was hurting you until he did it in a way everyone could see it. You had to protect your ego/image but would not protect your self/soul.  Deep. Personal. Important TV)

Sorry got caught up in an email. Am drinking. And Danielle is TOTALLY psycho.  I want to go drunk book a Christmas trip to Paris and I need you to follow the crazy for me. Meanwhile, Dan just said to Dani… it was four years ago today I won. She is clueless.

OMG Now she is saying… I have to go home and have surgery to find out if I have cancer….


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  1. chitown shelley

    is too was trying to follow all the madness that was on tv tonite. saw the iyanla interviews with evelyn both last night and today, and i must say, iyanla did a masterful job trying to unravel all the bs that is evelyn. still not sure how much she bought into evies lies,tho. totally disagree with oprahs bs that we would come away from the interview liking evelyn. didnt happen for me.

  2. Humph!

    I didn’t watch the Evelyn interview… For me to believe Evelyn a little bit, she needs to start with a public apology to those she tormented publicly.

    As far as BB, I am torn. I want Ian to win hands down but who to take to the final two, I don’t know. Both Dan and Dani are scary people.

  3. tonilost

    she was turning so scary towards Dan and the say something sweet to me shit.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    It was soooo paniful to watch Danielle fishing & manipulating for compliments, validation, and acceptance from Dan.

    As Dan was huddled in the corner of room in bed with covers up to his chin, he called her out for “fishing” him for reciprocation when she would say “Daa’aan, I love you like family” …
    “Daa’an how come you don’t say sweet things to me”….and much more. Dan completely shut her down, and called her out for fishing, as she gave him crazy eye giggles in response.

    It was crazy uncomfortable, and Dan would just tried to be reticent, vague, and answering questions with the questions. It was nearly identical to the way she would talk to Shane, and “fish” him to tell her nice things, and to be to nice to her.

  5. On the live feeds just now Dan was talking about what everyone out in the world was doing and then asked Dani what she would be doing at her job. He is asking her very detailed questions. He asked her what she at for lunch and she said she brings her own stuff most of the time because she is very health concious.

    I guess she gets up early to pack M&Ms and cheetos and froot loops. Now she is explaining about how she uses the paddles on the patients to bring them back to life. Dan apparently knows she is full of shit because he is mocking the entire situation. Now they are talking about when the Zing Bot fell outfrom heat exhaustion and she is talking about how she would have saved him.

    She has been up for five minutes and told 100 lies already. It’s been a very productive morning.

  6. Tc

    I did not know this, but on the BBAD scroll, it says that Dan whispered to Shane that Danielle has been playing him. He is a genius.

    • True but Shane told Julie he didn’t hear what he said. So we aren’t 100% sure he heard it….

      Dan is really poking Dani with sticks this morning talking about what the forums are saying….picking about her wearing Shane’s sweat pants… and she is fishing for him to “say sweet things to her”.

  7. Dani is hoping that her fake boobs are not going to be put on blast. Danielle just said it on live feeds. AGAIN. Now she is saying Shane is going to be mad at her for not telling him her boobs were fake. This is just the most hilarious collection of lies. This whole conversation needs to be You Tubed.

  8. DivaStar

    I watched the interview with Shame and Jeff. Jeff asked him if he heard what Dan whispered to him and Shame said he doesn’t know he wasn’t paying attention but thinks he told him to vote for Dani. Lol

    • I am hoping that Shane was just trying to save face. Okay that’s unlikely but still. I hope he heard it. :)

      • I am putting my faith into Jenn in the jury room. Dan said “she’s been playing you this whole time, ask Jenn.” so if there’s any justice in the world Shane is getting an earful. Although would anyone want to admit to being that stupid? It pained me so much to see her relentless lies and attack on Ian. I didn’t care for Dani but always said to myself “well, she’s only 23” however after seeing her verbally beat him down, threaten and manipulate beyond what would be considered “game” as she really took aim and rapid fired upon the kid, now I not only question her sanity but I question her Soul. I cannot wait to say goodbye to this mess.

  9. stormyboo

    Every season, 1 girl,usually a floater that obeys what the guys want, is dragged by a guy[‘s] to the end and dumped out at 3rd place has Danielle even watched BB? Has she ever heard of Janelle, Britney, Erica. Kesha ?? Wern’t they a;; 3rd placers? What I think is funny is that the HG all think that they will be famous for being on TV, then they see how they were on TV in that house, and you never hear from them again.
    Danielle, good luck with the boob problem, not drinking dark liquids, your family, who didn’t know you were going on the show, your nursing job, and modeling, and Shane

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      …..and you forgot her cancer surgery that she postponed for BB; and Trey, the imaginary boyfriend that will be mad because her one sided showmance with the resident dumb pretty boy…

  10. Verna

    Hi Tamara,
    Can you explain to me why does Aviva think she is so entitled? She said when people are angry (not crazy or “freaking out”) they say things that are acceptable. So why does this same rule not apply to Sonja and Ramona for “being angry” and saying that they wanted just a girls trip, and that once her husband got her to the island, he could leave. I feel if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander. If she can call them white trash, because it just “slipped out”, then they sure as hell can say “Reid go stay in a hotel”. Sorry, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

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