Top Ten BB14 Danielle Comments of The Day

I’d like to present to you, the top ten idiotic things BB14 Danielle said on the live feeds today…thanks to the Danielle thread at SurvivorSucks for help.

  • #10 I was not wearing Shane’s sweat pants for three days because I miss him! I just couldn’t get out to do laundry. (And I am too fat for my own pants)
  • #9 If you give my phone number to JoJo I will tweet it to the world.
  • #8 I don’t want to want people on the live feeds to know I have fake boobs because they will judge me and think I am promiscuous!
  • #7 Anyone saying bad things is just a hater, and if you don’t have haters you are not doing something right.
  • #6 Ian, who has been in bed for hours and mostly leaves her alone has stopped “following her around.”
  • #5 Shane is going to be so mad at her for telling him she has fake boobs!
  • #4 I pack healthy food for my lunches at work because I am very health conscious .
  • #3 I could have saved the Zingbot! ( I am starting to wonder if the person in the Zingbot suit actually died as much as production refuses to let us hear about it and now this) (cut to fish)
  • #2  I made Ian cry last night, and I kind of feel bad about it but he is such a horrible person. He just sniffled and said he hoped we could all be friends in the end.  I feel bad, but he deserved it.
  • #1 I have to take two weeks off after the show for my (cancer that isn’t cancer) surgery.


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7 responses to “Top Ten BB14 Danielle Comments of The Day

  1. karen

    I am #7 I cant stand her – she is such a lying fool – so that makes me a HATER and proud of it

  2. Humph!

    Guess Ian is doing alot right because she hates him so much. Go Ian!

    Where did this girl come from? I wonder if her family are in hiding in shame?

  3. Paula

    I got a particular kick a couple of nights ago over Danielle’s proving to us viewers that she was and is still a master gymnast while in the backyard doing her workout. Two round-offs that I, fat and in my forties, could’ve executed better, and one epic fail of a handstand against the backyard wall (Ian had to yell out ‘Are you ok?’), followed by a successful handstand against the backyard wall (Ian then yelled out again, asking if she could do a pushup in that position like Frank used to, to which Danielle replied that she used to be able to easily, probably could now, but wasn’t going to try). You guys saw this, right? Please tell me you laughed as hard as I did, then cried a little;)

    • Simone

      I was thinking the same thing!! It was one of the most elegant moves I’ve ever seen, and that first handstand had me almost pi$$ing my pants lol :-)))

  4. Sunshine

    Issues and all, I liked Danielle til she had a hand in evicting Britney. I thought and still do think she’s rather pathetic and comes across as needy and clingy when it comes to Shane. I was pretty done with her the night of “Dan’s Funeral” also. She had spoken to Dan and he’d faux-apologized to her and she still curled up on Shane’s chest and tried to play the victim. Just so done. This girl got some issues, she might want to consider taking that stipend and paying for a good therapist.

  5. #8…fake boobs don’t make us think you’re promiscuous, but sharing that you love to swallow, had sex in every position certainly does!

    #7 She must feel like perfection now!

  6. Update: Zingbot chick didn’t die. She recovered from the heatstroke and was at one of the wrap parties. Dan and Britney both talked to her.

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