Sheree Whitfield Is Ready For Her Scary Close-up!

Recently, here in Atlanta, Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen flew in to shoot a scene or two for Scary Movie 5.  One would think that would be enough objectionable characters for one movie. However, it seems that Sheree Whitfield has a little time on her hands and shot a scene as an extra. It appears to be a non-speaking (though possibly screaming), uncredited, appearance. If the producers changed their mind and gave her five or more words (which would likely be beyond her ability to memorize) she could apply for a SAG card and become a rich and famous actress like Nene.  I can just see the best actress category at the Oscars now, Sheree Whitfield, Meryl Streep, Nene Leakes, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

Oh, I forgot to mention Big Ang was in town to film Scary Movie 5 too. It’s almost like they are looking for a certain Je ne sais quoi.. Thoughts?


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3 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Is Ready For Her Scary Close-up!

  1. Critter

    Scary is right…

  2. Whatever

    Everyone is in this movie. I read Ashley Tisdale is in it as well. Can’t wait to see the previews when it comes out.

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