BB14 LiveFeed Update: Someone’s Cryin’ Lord, Kumbayah…

So last night in the Big Brother house, it was Ian versus Danielle in part two of the HOH competition. Let’s take a look at some pictures from inside the house and see if we can determine what happened, shall we? Ian looks happy. He is convinced it will be a “Renegade” final two. But will it? Ian is definately taking Dan. But Dan has been giving mixed signals to the cameras since he got pissy with production for telling him to put his mic on. Is he going to try to take Danielle or has he decided his best bet is with Ian?

I hate him Dan! I hate him so much! I don’t want to go out like Janelle, Dan! This can’t be happening! Save me like you always do!

Thank God I have this letter from my mother before I completely trash talked my entire family on national television. I’m all alone in the house now. I miss Shaaaaaaaaaane.

So, if Ian wins part three on Wednesday night, Dani is out third and Ian could win the whole thing AND the America’s favorite vote. But if Dan wins? One or the other of these two is going to have a nuclear meltdown as they walk out the door.



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12 responses to “BB14 LiveFeed Update: Someone’s Cryin’ Lord, Kumbayah…

  1. i just hate how my little ian is being treated. if ian does not make to f2 i will cry like a big ole baby :)

  2. DivaDawn

    I was rooting for Ian in the beginning…up until he told Boogie to “get to steppin”. Then he showed how arrogant he can be when he was so upset Brittany was the replacement nominee for Dan. He was acting like no one in his group should be nominated. It always amazes me how they can nominate someone and not see why they are upset but as soon as they or one of their pals goes up, the world comes to an end and they get vindictive. Ian hasn’t done much to really win to me. But Dan…..anyone who can play the mind tricks he does week after week, well he definetely knows the game. And in the end, that’s what matters most.

  3. Effy

    I can’t help how mean this is, but there has been no bb event as satisfying to me as watching danielle cry for hours. I may have to flash back, record it, and replace my dvd of a thunderstorm with it as my preferred way of drifting into a blissful sleep.

    It’s clear, by the way dani went from bullying ian before to inconsolable after, that the DR helped dani bring the events since shane’s eviction into sharp focus. And while on some level i believe that dan may be undecided about whether taking ian or dani is his best option, she realized that she is truly alone, and has been used in every conceivable way save the ways in which she wanted to be used.

    I’m not a dani hater. Her peronality disorder and gorgeous expanding butt has been the guts and glue of this season. And while i might vomit if she won, an as with rachel, the absurdity of her very existence has been mesmerizing. It’s been like watching a camera in the cage of a zoo on which you watch a rare and impossible creature that roams and plays, unknowingly conounding the laws of nature.

    I think ian is going to have a tough slog to beat dan with the jury. And though i want to thank dan for working dani’s strings in the most entertaining ways, still, ian ftw.

  4. michelle

    Ian for the win all the way!!!!!!! Danielle can “get to steppin”

    • yes ian was loyal to boogie till he got wind that boogs was ready to sacrifice him to save stupid frank. ian has been all alone this whole game since britney left. this kid has my heart :(

  5. rebecca tietje

    Big Brother 14 Brought the show We love and need And can’t wait for next season to begin but now the payments again are cut . Jurys get the say there choice. I say is some win some lose. but yes I had the best seat of all what a ride love lovelove bb14hope at least danielle getssome money


    jurors keys

    s keysI

  6. Antonia

    Big Brother is getting more popular than House Wives lol

  7. tonilost

    she has a fan on twitter as sick as her, I had to post this so people can see crazy likes crazy is true- Very nasty piece of work, I hope people reply to her so they know they are crap humans
    Team Danielle BB14 ‏@TeamDaniMBB14
    I hope that hammock flips and Ian lands on his face. That would be HILARIOUS right now lol #bb14 #bblf

    • Jasmine

      Dani is grating on my nerves. I am tired of her bullying Ian and calling him BS names. The pathetic lies don’t help either…I say that all those who write things like above …are simply desperate and they ( like Danielle) “can get to stepping “… Make that ” get to “get to winning poor me!” ugh!!!!

  8. Tc

    I’d laugh if the hammock flipped and rIANman fell on his face. I like him and all. But it’s almost cruel to make someone with whatever affliction he has the focus of hours of viewing. Like a zoo.

  9. oh don’t be such a cuntbag. He’s adorable. He looks a lot like a friend of mine’s kid. I love him.

  10. kerrin

    aw, Ian love. all these nasty Ian bashers need to be careful you may one day have a child that is autistic or has asbergers syndrome! as a mother it heartbreaking to watch insensitve people treat an autistic child like a freak. you do not have to be autisitic to have an autisitc child! trust me. okay back to the danielle hate. Loved watching her mope around crying all week! and one more thing, am i the only person that thinks dan’s head band is ridiculous? he has been wearing it for how many years? everyday? really dan?? quit being a lazy slob and wash and comb you hair!! it looks sooooo stupid!!!!!!

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