Photo Leak of the BB14 Jury Filming Last Night

Left to Right: Joe, Brittney, Shane, Ashley, Frank and Jenn

Last night the current members of the jury for Big Brother 14 filmed the requisite footage where they argue about who should win. Today the second part of the HOH will be played. It is usually a puzzle of some sort based on the season’s HOH or POV winners.  Here’s the scoop on part one if you missed it. The winner of that HOH will take on Dan in part three of the HOH. Part three is usually sort of a crapshoot. They tape some comments made by the jury and you have to guess what they said. The answer is generally the opposite of what you would think.  It seems most likely (but never a sure thing) that Dan will be in the final two against either Ian or Danielle. There is much debate about who any of the three would take to the final two but I would be most surprised to wee an Ian and Danielle pairing.

Who else is obsesssing about this with me? Tell me what you think will happen? Who would win if it were Dan v Dani? Dan v Ian?  Ian v Dani? Who do you want to win America’s favorite?


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10 responses to “Photo Leak of the BB14 Jury Filming Last Night

  1. tonilost

    the only one I see is Jen, is that Frank next to her? Why are they doing this filming now when there are still 3 in the house? More shenanigans.

  2. They always do it with three in the house, the third place guest doesn’t participate. Should be on Sunday’s show. No shennigans. In this case. :)

  3. oh goodness you know I’mm obsessed. I put my thoughts on this in your other posting but just to surmise, I think Dan is going tot he end and I think he owes it to Ian as the only other person to make serious big moves on his own as well as Ian earned it and to make the win legit. Everybody knows (in Phadrea Parks voice) that Dan will beat Danielle (unless the jury votes on emotion) because even though Danielle won some competitions, she basically played Dan’s game for him. However this plays out I pick a great year to start watching this!

  4. Yeah this was one of the best years in a long time. And normally by this point, hell by week three we are all saying it sucks. :) If the winner of the HOH and is not Dan and they had the sense NOT to take Dan that person would win, even if it was Danielle. I don’t think Ian would take Dani, but Dani MIGHT realize that dumping Dan is necessary, maybe… but I doubt this happens. I’d like Dani to go out third now that she has been there the full time for my viewing pleasure. I want Ian to get some money, 2nd is fine.

  5. Production has been building the set for this comp for TWO DAYS so the houseguests are suspecting it is something very elaborate. Here’s a link to an elaborate part 2 from season 7 that might favor Ian. Let’s all say a little prayer for something like this…

    I can’t post the link because WP wants to embed but embed is disabled so copy this


    and put it into google and the YouTube will be your first choice.

    • wow! watched it. I do have to admit that in competitions danielle is pretty strong. should make for an interesting battle. However dan is pushing for her to get ian to throw it to her. I don’t think ian will do that, he’s not shane. I don’t think her tears will work on him. but dan’s strategy has been masterful and “anything can happen” is true.

  6. michelle

    So glad Ian won the second part HOH!!!! Not if he can only pull off part 3.

  7. GaMom

    I think everyone is too hard on Dani-she is the only girl to win HOH this entire season and 2 times plus she did go toe to toe with Janelle and put her out which was a huge play in the game. This was her first time playing the game and she made it farther than most of the guys and she did protect Shane from being evicted earlier and she told Dan NO. She kept Dan and Shane safe a few times. She got Dan further than he would have if someone else would have won HOH. She was a good actress when need be, also. BB wants it to be Ian and Dan in the finals and they are pushing the other for that. I hope she smartens up about Dan. If Dan does not bring her – I think it is so wrong. He pretended to be her couch and wanting to get her to the end. I hate Dan for the way he has treated people in the game, he has swore on the bible, his wife’s life, and his marriage. He is wrong. I want him to loose-I wish Ian would drop him, but he has him so fooled, Dan played smart but very cruel and brought religion to the game.

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you don’t watch the live feeds. If you did, you’d see a whole nuther show.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      There was no game play by Danielle to get out Janelee. Danielle was the HOH when Janelle was evicted; but it was Boogies plan/idea, and Dan agreed.

      Danielle wipes her ass in the direction that Dan tells her to…Unlike Shane, Danielle may have independent thoughts, but she depends on Dan’s approval for ALL of her “game moves”.

      Again I will say Danielle is Dan’s puppet. Depending on the outcome of this game, who knows if she and Dan will ever talk again.

      Oh by the way, has anyone seen the pretty boy dummy Shane’s interview with Jeff?
      Oh gosh he is ridiculous. Sure nice guy, but he is so goofy & gets on my last good nerve.

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