BB14 Spoilers for Tonight’s Show

This is by far my favorite season of Big Brother in years. Here we are at the final four with Delusional Danielle who has herself in a good position to win the whole thing, Ian the boy wonder who is still lost in the Dan mist, Shane the pretty but dumb jock and reluctant heterosexual who wins comps when he really needs them, and Dan, the mastermind of this entire season who is still pulling all the strings. Click through for spoilers for tonights so, which if things go as currently planned will be epic.

Danielle is HOH and she also won the POV.  Dan and Ian are on the block. There is no way that Shane is going to send Dan home. Shane things the jury will never vote for Dan to win. So Ian is going out fourth.

Not so fast. Dan wants Shane out.  Shane would take Dani to F2 and both Ian and Dani will take Dan. So Dan has once again misted Dani, convincing her to use the veto on Dan. Dan will evict Ian so that Dani doesn’t get blood on her hands. Shane is in agreement, because he’s not very smart. BUT, Dan is going to vote out Shane. I’m not entirely sure if Dani is in on this plot or not.  But let’s just hope Shane goes and Ian lives to play another day and hopefully win the final HOH.  Who knows if the plan will stick all the way until the live show tonight. But if Dani doesn’t know Dan is sending Shane out the door, this will be an epic episode. Plus we finally get some jury house footage. I can’t wait.


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5 responses to “BB14 Spoilers for Tonight’s Show

  1. chitown shelley

    tam i find your recaps, thoughts, predictions, etc. to b way more exciting than the show itself. i am so tired of dan leading them all around like sheep. hope ian manages to live another day. i find dani to be scary, as i think she dos believe everything she says; no way is this all just gameplay.

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Reluctant heterosexual…ROFLMAO
    I loves u Ms Tattles

  3. karen

    This has been my least favorite season

  4. It’s the feeds that made the season so great. The edit has been awful and boring for the show. The double eviction episodes were really good. But mostly they are not showing an accurate reflection of the house dynamics.

  5. Hai Clobby! :) I can’t believe we don’t have feeds yet. Will there be a BBAD tonight? Also WTF with all the kissing with Shane and Danielle tonight. Totally staged. Shane was actually believable in the role of a heterosexual for a bit tonight!

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