BB14 Danielle’s Chilling Lies About Having Cancer [Video] Here is a link to one that is still up for now, but not allowing embedding.

Okay here is a YouTube of Danielle’s fake cancer confessional. Also, while I was watching I remembered something I left out of the Danielle Autobiography. When I interviewed a college friend of Danielle’s she told me a story about how Danielle ALLEGEDLY claimed to have had cancer in college and had been through chemo. When someone asked her how come she didn’t lose her hair she said because it was a “new special kind of chemo.” Kind of like a “new special place in hell” for people who lie about having cancer for sympathy. At the time of the exclusive interview I chose to leave out several things that were told to me in an attempt not to villify Danielle. Since that interview, Danielle has continued to hang herself. I sincerely worry for her mental health and what will happen to her when she leaves the house.


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17 responses to “BB14 Danielle’s Chilling Lies About Having Cancer [Video]

  1. tonilost

    I can’t even watch this piece of shit lie, I just read that Kathy Bates had a double mastectomy. Someone that contributes to the world is suffering and I feel for her while this cunt Danielle Murphree is despicable.

  2. lyn

    scar tissue?? ah, do you take that too Cancer. What a disgrace to those suffering.

  3. APG

    Just in case that gets pulled by YouTube, I have the clip saved off. If they take it down, I’ll make it available.

  4. Tc

    What the hell. Dan is going o take a lot of crap for swearing on his wife and the bible. That’s nothing compared with this. Don’t think Dan bought it. I like how he plays just a little bit dumb with everyone. Takes skill not to just call bullshit.

  5. Tonya

    What she did Was Appaulling! and hurtful to Cancer patients. I hope No one going through treatment will ever be questioned because of Danielle and others who fake illiness! There Are Chemo meds in pill form which don’t cause hair loss. I took Sprycel for “cml Leukemia”. I’m in remission now. I’m very greatful this med… She should hope to Never have to deal with Cancer..

  6. Ashley

    The video saids its private. Do you have another one?

  7. baybek8s

    There are some chemo treatments that don’t take out your hair. I know because I’ve had both thyroid and bladder cancer.I didn’t have chemo with the thyroid,but I did with with the bladder.Your hair may thin but it doesn’t come out totally. It depends on the type of chemo,either way people shouldn’t lie about being sick with anything.

  8. Thank you for all the witty BB blogs. A gift for you to enjoy while taking time for tea!

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