Where are the RHONJ Blogs This Week?

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Since the filming of the reunion was last Friday and by all accounts it didn’t go well (or went great if you are a Bravo producer) it seems the entire cast is too shell-shocked to post. So no one except for Heather Maclean got a blog in so far. Heather seemed even less able to embody Teresa’s rather unique vocabulary this week saying things like, “I was delighted…”  and “coincidentally…” it’s like Heather herself has given up pretending she’s not writing Teresa’s blogs.  Despite the out-of-place vernacular, Teresa’s backhanded insults were ever-present as usual.

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She takes a shot at Melissa saying that she is only “all about family” when the cameras are rolling. Then she launches into Caroline by turning the knife regarding her “friendship” with Dina.  You know that years old friendship that tends to spark up whenever she is particularly pissed at Caroline? So the pot says to the kettle, “I don’t know why Caroline can’t just own up to her own problems, but I guess blaming me for everything helps her sleep at night.” Because to Teresa, staying out of the family drama of others always includes writing about it in detail in blogs and discussing it with tabloids.

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Heather Teresa gives us a bit of insight into the reunion this week as well. It seems she lost her voice screaming at everyone and sang. Yes, apparently she sang. What song would Tre opt to perform on the reunion? On Displayof course. I can only assume she will sing it in the same mocking way she has taught her daughters to sing it. Classy.



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3 responses to “Where are the RHONJ Blogs This Week?

  1. Jenn

    Just found your blog, really enjoy. Thanks

  2. Lolag

    Dina says ian one point she wanted to go home….well considering the public backlash should have.

    Wonder how Dina feels now that Danielle feels vindicated by Teresa…ha Dina maybe that karma that say hits other people has hit you. Oh zen one Dina.

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