The Autobiography of Danielle Murphree: A Compilation Of Her Own Words

Since the feeds are down for the evicition and HOH tonight, I’ve taken the liberty of taking everything Danielle has shared about herself and creating her autobiography. Here is Danielle’s life story in (mostly) her words. New stuff in purple.

Big Brother 9 DanielleOn April 24, 1989 a child was welcomed into the world possibly to the lyrics of Madonna’s Like a Prayer …I close my eyes, oh God I think I’m falling… Out of the sky, I close my eyes…Heaven help me. And just like that Danielle Alexis Murphree fell from the heavens and landed in Alabama. Her parents were both marines and her father was also an alcoholic preacher who beat her and gave her whiskey when she was four. She quickly determined, at the tender age of four, that dark liquids (other than red wine) were not good for her. For the next ten years, her neglectful mother, who is a “professional swimmer” would spend all of her time writing a single computer program that only she was capable of writing. It was a very important program and she focused all of her time on the writing of it. Sadly, this left her with no time to tend to her lady garden which quickly grew out of control into a large, ginger bush.  Obviously, the mere sight of the ginger bush was emotionally scarring to young Dani driving her to madness at a very young age.

Dani’s father was not much help either as he was a drunk Marine-Preacher who would try to teach her to swim by throwing her in the deep end of the pool screaming “Sink or Swim, Sweetcheeks.”  Poor  Dani nearly drowned in that cement pond in Alabama many, many times. That doesn’t even include the time that she and her Daddy were down at the swamp hunting alligators and Dani fell and broke her back. Her Daddy threw her over his shoulder and carried her home where the back magically healed itself. When times were hard, Dani would retreat to the three-story tree house her Daddy built for her in the backyard and practice her poses in the many mirrors she kept there. Sometimes she would just sit in her treehouse staring into her mirrors and thinking of happier times, like back when her great grandfather invented laundry detergent. It was that invention that made her entire family very wealthy and allowed Danielle to buy all the make-up she could ever want.

Things were not any easier for Dani when she went to school. She was frequently whipped and spanked and paddled during her elementary years by the evil overlords. Then, once home her abusive parents would whip her some more just for fun.  Things were better in High School where at least she got to have some sex. She had a boyfriend that bit a hole in her lip and another that punched her in the face. Apparently, this was a popular form of foreplay in Alabama in the early 2000s.  She loved oral sex and swallowing in particular and tried every possible sexual position with her boyfriends. All her friends had parents who worked for NASA and they were all jealous of her. This would be a reoccurring theme for Dani because she was so good at everything she tried. She was the best cheerleader and gymnast in her school. She was also a super good softball player and spent every night in the batting cages. In her spare time, she was also a professional latin dancer. She is fluent in Spanish and “Chinese” which was useful when she was asked to be an Ambassador to China.

But high school life was not just all about re-enacting The Kama Sutra and doing more socially acceptable gymnastics with a broken back. Oh no, she had many other challenges to overcome. Her horrible parents took her to Europe practically against her will. She found the entire country of France boring and well, provincial. She was white knuckling it through the boredom, relying on cheeses to bring her comfort, when the most terrible thing happened to her! Her dastardly parents tried to sell her to gypsies! If those gypsies would have agreed to take her who knows where she would be right now! She certainly would not have gotten married, or pretend married, or almost married, or sort of engaged that’s for sure. Her pretend husband would never have spent her fortunes that she earned from being a diamondologist at Kay Jewelers, and working at Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie and Fitch and modeling and being in the Miss USA pageant and posing for Harley Davidson calendars, y’all. That bastard spent her money on some other girl! The nerve! She has since made up for the loss by her wise investments in the stock market.

All of this trauma of course took a toll on Danielle’s health. First there were all the accidents. She was in at least one fatal car accident and a jet ski accident. She has broken both her arms, her cheekbone, her eye socket, her nose (twice) in addition to her back. There were many, many serious accidents with many broken bones but this never slowed down her career as a gymnast, or cheerleader or professional dancer or walking in tons of runway shows.

She’s also developed myriad physical illnesses during her twenty-three years of life.  She’s had ovarian cysts, IBS, anemia, spastic colon, renal failure, kidney problems that forbid her from drinking dark liquids (except red wine), alcoholism, asthma and anorexia. She cured herself of the alcoholism and anorexia in a few weeks.  Currently, the only medication she takes is 20mg of Adderall each day.  Most recently, Danielle has shared with us her fight against cancer. It seems she has had cancer before, but this is a new non-cancerous cancer.  She has a lump in her implants that she often denies having.  She was given radiation for the non-malignant growth to soften it up and will be having chemo when she gets out. Also Danielle’s college friends have alleged that Danielle claimed she had cancer in college and went through chemo. When asked why she didn’t lose her hair, she reportedly told them she has a new, special kind of chemo that does not cause hair loss.

It was perhaps her many accidents and illnesses that lead her to be an LPN, an RN, and a nurse practitioner, who physicians seek out for advice. After taking a semester of courses at a community college and passing the licensing exam to become an LPN in October of last year, Dani became such a skilled healer that doctors from all around Alabama flock to her for help with their difficult cases. Between October and her Big Brother kidnapping earlier this year, she called the time of death of over 20 of her patients.  Her most traumatic case involved an elderly woman who had used a potato as a pessary and the potato has sprouted vines. Thankfully, Dani was there to save the woman and presumably make some potato salad. She also does all of these miraculous nursing feats while going to medical school full-time to become a doctor even though she is practically a doctor already. In other medical insight news, Dani doesn’t believe that people are born homosexuals and is against breast-feeding because it ruins your boobs and makes little boys grab the breasts of strange women.

In addition to saving lives and being a full-time medical student, Danielle is nurturing her acting and modeling/pageant career. Prior to coming into the house, Dani has turned down offers to be on The Bachelor, competed in Miss USA, was almost cast on The Real World and turned down a spot in a country music video. Presumably the country music video was being produced for two of her best friends Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.  During this time, Dani was so busy she barely had time to have an imaginary relationship with Trey who constantly made demands or her time. Despite never actually dating, she is concerned that Trey may become emotionally overwrought by her current showmance with Shane. She really needs to discuss this with her imaginary sister.  Recently, the viewers of Big Brother were able to see a Skype of her imaginary sister as part of a Pandora’s Box luxury. Oddly, though not at all related, they did favor each other, at least in the over-plucked eyebrow area. Fake sister Kristy never mentioned a single member of their family not even her imaginary godparents! It’s like her entire family has crawled under a rock or perhaps taken out a restraining order. ZING!

Life in the Big Brother house has been quite perilous for Danielle as well. Everyone in the house was jealous of Danielle’s beauty and intelligence.  Even though she tried to pretend she was just a dumb ole kindergarten teacher, it was impossible to hide her genius IQ.  Janelle was the worst of all. After Janelle bullied and attacked Danielle in jealous rages, Danielle was able to single-handedly have her evicted and she never had to participate in Yoga ever again.

After all the attractive girls were out of the house, Danielle’s constant harassment by the men in the house intensified. Joe was constantly using her for masturbation fodder. And so was Frank. And Ian. And probably Dan. Danielle had to dress more modestly to discourage all of the ogling. While all them men lusted for her on a daily basis, none was as persistent as Shane.  Shane seems to constantly want to make-out with Danielle despite her efforts to discourage him. He simply can’t help himself. Often, Shane would become frustrated and slam the door in her face! The constant advances by Shane have made her time in the house nearly unbearable. And yet, she carries on, selflessly helping others get to the end of the game. She saved Dan’s life and treated Joe’s heart disease just like Florence Nightingale in full drag. And while always, always staring at her own reflection. With all the heroic acts that Danielle has performed in the house, it’s no surprise that she announced the other day that she has grown an inch taller in the past two months.

I can only imagine the pageant wave that she will show us when she finally is crowned the winner of something. The first Big Brother female winner who beat out a man in the final two…Life is a mystery… Everyone must stand alone… I hear you call my name ..and it feels like home.

To read my interview with a college friend or two of Danielle’s (and some crazy comments) Click here. To see all of my Big Brother posts click here.  If you are a fan of other reality TV shows, use the category list on the left to find the topics that interest you! Stick around, we have three more long days before the finale! And thanks @jokersupdates for the mention.


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  1. gupto

    hahahahaha i love your snark tams 😀

  2. really good job! definitely entertaining. “as the danielle turns” *cue music*

    • I believe the essence of this whole bio – just not some of the details. I think it all started when her parents were irresponsible and abusive. Her sister helped her get through it, and that bonded them, but she was left with super low self esteem. She was good at dance, softball and gymnastics, all of which she was proud of. She had a lot of sex, partly because it got her attention from boys to replace the attention she didn’t get from her neglectful mom. Her ex was an asshole. She worked in various retail jobs when she was young. She had some broken bones and medical issues, though a lot of it was paranoia on her part, and she was basically okay. She’s recently started a nursing career and she’s had some weird patients. It makes her feel good that she can be of use to the doctors there. Being a cute girl in LA she’s had some brushes with reality TV and music videos before. All of the men in the house do sexually fantasize about her. (They’re trapped in a house with her for months. What else are they going to do?) She’s also thought about them sexually – especially Shane. She believes that if he’d just be her boyfriend then everything in her life that’s always been awful will finally be a lot better. But deep down she probably knows that what she so desperately wants isn’t Shane per se. It’s just someone to love her. And really, it’s validation she needs as much as anything. He would be a status symbol for her – physically, empirical evidence that she’s survived her childhood, and she’s become a desirable adult woman. Her mistake is that she doesn’t feel like that story is enough. Like she’s enough. So she constantly feels the need to stretch and slant the truth, a little bit here and a little bit there. Which is really sad, because Danielle herself, and the experiences that have made her who she is, are more than enough. She’s charming, lovable, intelligent and desirable. This post makes a good point: That her little exaggerations do add up to make her sound like a compulsive liar (and maybe she is a little bit.) Just remember why she probably does it.

  3. Heidi

    Well done!!!!!! It’s definately Danielle’s world & we are just being allowed to view it……… SUPER JOB!!!!!! :)

  4. Lyn

    I can’t stop laughing..

  5. tonilost

    This is it all in a nutty nutshell of Daniellusion, brava! I must share with the world the glory that is this freak. Thanks T!

  6. Pamela

    can you make sure she gets a copy when she gets out!?! I’d love it.

  7. gallandro

    Well when you say it like THAT, it does sound a bit odd.

    (she said the was _almost_ a diamondologist, and that she’d be undergoing chemo if they hadn’t found the noncancerous mass; oddly enough the Harley calendar thing is truth)

  8. stormyboo

    Thank You I needed a laugh, the girl is a mess isn’t she?
    I hope she reads this, sorry dani

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    This so accurate, all these words came from Danielle’s own mouth. Crazy, but true. Spot on analysis of Danielle’s Delusions.

  10. oh you KNOW she’s going to read this! haha she will google ALL things danielle murphee

  11. MIchele

    NOW THIS! This is just perfect! You have captured most all of her delusions in one fell swoop. I commend you!! I only wish she could read it, and see just what a good job you did at capturing her essence!

  12. Paula Walton

    She is such a joke…I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. What makes me mad about her, I am a cancer patient being on chemo for the last 3 years and take a huge problem with her cancer story. They don’t give chemo to non cancerous tumors, they may do radiation and may remove the tumor but chemo is not needed. I sure hope the hell she reads what an a** she is but with my dumb luck she’ll get a movie deal out of her lies. LORD SAVE US!

  13. The work of a truly gifted writer… EC

  14. salem witch aka Francine Mascagni

    super job…well worth the read. Loved It….

  15. safari little

    this brought me to tears lol

  16. duderunner

    She must have been a great athlete tumbling on a gymnastics mat and dance floor, given she has a hollow vertebrate. She takes after her mother, an Olympic gymnast.

    Brilliant piece of writing by Tamara.

  17. did Big Brother just snap at her on showtime and tell her to “knock it off” about ehr incessant complaining?

    • ndnfabrics

      Yeah I thought I heard that too, it definately was not Shanes voice. then, the words came up at the top left… “previously recorded”

  18. Mo

    Hahahaha!! Danielle will cry when she reads this and make duck faces in the mirror the whole time the tears fall lmaoooo!! Excellent verbiage on bringing all together for us, we certainly didnt have any clue to the truth of Anything that poor child went on about the entire season. God help her, please. Amen.

  19. Dane

    I am fearful that she may sue you for plagiarism but probably not because she’s just sweet like that. I think she said in her BB14 interview that she was the inspiration for Katniss Everdeen and didn’t sue Suzanne Collins…..

  20. Excellent read! Linked you on our Facebook fanpage ‘Big Brother Feeds & Spoilers.’ Look forward to reading more from you!

  21. T Phord

    ..and photography expert! An LPN?…I thought she was a Head Nurse…..@@

  22. Optics

    Future Lie – McKayla Maroney was so excited to meet Danielle during Shane’s luxury trip to meet the gold medalists, that in being so excited to meet this now 2 time HOH winner, and celebrity, the gold medalist fractured her tibia in the process.

  23. Shonna

    That’s hilarious. And the funny thing is that I’m sure she believes all of this too. I think that she is a compulsive liar. I was married to one. He told so many lies that he believed them. Sad that she feels that she has to say these things to draw attention to herself.

  24. ndnfabrics

    Wait a minute – within the past two weeks she was talking about the time she learned how to become a professional photographer, how could you so blatantly leave that out?

  25. Ivorymist

    I do hope she reads this. I really think she will have a mental breakdown when she leaves the house, but not to worry…she will find a cure!

  26. Carolyn Poss

    Wow… when I see it all together it really makes me think the other house guests need a restraining order after the show! Sad…

  27. Cleo

    OMG I haven’t been watching the feeds 24/7 so I haven’t heard all of this. I am blown away by all of the sh*t she’s supposedly said! Are you KIDDING ME?

    This is an awesome “tribute” Tamara! Kadooz to you!

    BTW Did you know you’ve been re-posted on Jokers’? You have definitely arrived, gf! :lbf

  28. Kellie242

    LOL Tamara your Bio of Danielle made it Jokes Update

  29. Joyce Kapinos

    The girl has told some tall ones. When wrapped up in a neat little package like this, it seems so much worse. I’m suprised her nose has not made it impossible to contain her in one spot during a lockdown. Oh wait, she’s performing self plastic surgery while in the house (in the DR). Her made up medical stories don’t even convince a layperson. Too bad, she seems to believe everything she says. She’s really going to pay in the real world. I hope they set up an appointment with a psychiatrist for her, she won’t be ready for what she reads & hears.

  30. Love it! I wonder what her “alcoholic dad” thinks of putting him on blast. lol

    Janelle was jealous of her? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Terri

    Very funny and spot on!

  32. Shar

    Of course, she’s on Adderall so she’s flying high and has grandiose thoughts of herself. When you are on that stuff you can do and be anything. Love the tribute!

    Tamara, can you also do a story on Dan? His wife Chealsea does seminars for girls, it’s called He’s the most evil thing I’ve witnessed and I find this such a contradiction.

  33. Vicki

    Dear Danielle, Get help, professional help. You surely lied your way through the psych test. You have a TRUE self somewhere, but she is LOST LOST LOST. Until you find your TRUE SELF you will forever be ugly, inside and out.

  34. Spikenalabama

    Wow! Just something else to give Alabama a bad name!

  35. Teri Lopez

    Great job!! As a breast cancer survivor I find her repulsive… And that’s being kind! I’m so glad I didn’t get the feeds because what I’ve been exposed to during big brother after dark, grew quickly tired of her as a person! Now that you’ve so brilliantly composed this I even like her less.. If that’s at all possible! Thank you!

  36. bret

    She’s just another Alabama tater-digger with a huge ass and 50 pounds of makeup. Her butt is so big that when she leaves the house it’ll be a double-eviction, or at least a bubble eviction. Sir Mix-A-Lot thinks she’s got a huge butt. The only house guest who didn’t notice her huge posterior was the ambiguously gay Shane, who spent most of his time shaving his nipples and checking out his tan in the mirror. That guy never met a mirror he didn’t like.

  37. disgrazia4

    Yup. That pretty much sums the derring do of dear Danielle although you forgot to mention how all the world is so amazed at her gameplay of getting Janelle out. Let the clapping commence. She is Big Brother’s new favorite player!!! Oye

  38. Jenny

    You forgot about her Asthma she has that to . :p

  39. Sassafras

    Such a great blog! It helps me laugh instead of rage at this incredulous girl. I watched the first hour of live feeds the other day just to go back see how different they all were when they first got in the house and within the very first hour of live feeds (about 30 minutes in) Danielle started talking to Dan about her tragic life story. Then said she hates to rehash this…blah..blah…blah…THEN WHY WHY WHY WOULD SHE BRING THIS UP AS SOON AS BIG BROTHER GOES LIVE ON THEIR STREAMING LIVE FEEDS AND SHOWTIME? We long time Big Brother fans know good and well that the houseguest’s have a day or two in the house without any live feeds and they all know exactly when they go live.

    The non-malignant “cancer”/but had to have radiation/and”would be in full blown chemo” if she weren’t in the Big Brother house was my last and final straw with this…this..despicable piece of work girl. Like many, I’ve lost family members to cancer and specifically lost my grandmother to breast cancer so this part angered me. Especially because she came up with this ridiculous non-realistic story while telling Dan that she had breast implants and she didn’t want him and/or the other houseguest’s to see her as vain (she actually said that) so she concocted this. No wonder she kept saying “I don’t want this on live feeds” when she originally started this conversation in the back bedroom. The other bs I see as coming from an extremely twisted lying girl who, for whatever reason, wanted to trash her family on tv (she’s had an unrealistic edit on the primetime show though) and depict herself as superwoman. The people watching live feeds know the real truth.

    Bottom line: I don’t know what, if anything that comes out of her mouth, is true and on a human level I feel sorry for what she’ll have to endure when she does emerge from the house because she’ll have to reap what she’s sown. We all do. And God forbid she does have a terrible life story, the place to deal with it IS NOT A REALITY TV SHOW THAT SHOWS LIVE FEEDS 24/7 that was made for entertainment with people competing for half a million dollars!! Period! I do hope she’ll get the help she needs. Sincerely I do.

  40. I love Dani and hope she wins the 500k. She deserves it. Look how all the others have lied but since dani is so pretty and only a kid people have to pick on her. I know she tells lies but i am use to it on Big Brother. So all take a chill pill and relax. And no, i do not know her in real life its just my opinion.

    • the fact her parents did not send her a video during ian’s pandora’s box is very telling. methinks that she may need a new place to live when this is over. her mirror faces are comic gold y’all 😀

  41. HOLY CHIT TAM!! The only thing more disturbing that reading all of Danielle’s claims put into one post, is that YOU were actually paying attention to blathering! LOL 😉

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    LOL funny

  43. Chris

    First half was pretty good with some questionable things to consider (She suggested chemotherapy for the benign lump in her breast. From what I understand, neither that nor radiation is used to treat such condition. Danielle is sometimes guilty of exaggeration, I’ll give you that.), but the lower half was nothing but nonsense and, actually, the opposite of what Danielle said on BB. I mean, how can you question the existence of her parents or sister. That’s obsurd. And all she has been doing for quiet a while now is complaining that Shane will not kiss her or allow himself to get close to her.

    I understand that Dani is a rather easy target to make fun of, but I also think there is a reason for why she displays her obsessive nature and esteem issues, and I can see her turn out this way if she truly was treated harshly or indifferently as a child by her parents. Certainly, not something to make fun of. Other that that, however, I find her really sweet and, actally, rather cool, for the most part.

    I’m just trying to be objective here and not hate her with full might, as some do. I find that a lot of people like her as well, so it really depends on what we look for in people. I try to see the good first and not be so critical, because we all have our faults after all.

    One last thing. I don’t see the gratification of making a webpage with the sole goal of making another person feel bad (if Danielle or her parents get to read it). That’s a pretty big character flaw in my book, for the record.

  44. Erika

    Glad to know I am not the only one that thinks she is ridiculous! I also cannot stand how she constantly refers to herself as sweet as Jordan!! She also asks the other HG what they think of her….who she looks like (Jennifer Lopez etc.)…her fake baby doll voice makes me cringe!

  45. EML

    You forgot that she says you can get Aids from a drinking glass.

    LOL this was great. She should have a show called “As the Bunny Boils”.

    • K.Lee

      LMAO How is she a nurse? You can only get aids from bodily fluids. Unless there was blood on the drinking gas or 10 gallons of spit in the glass… or some other nasty thing (that came from a male) aids is impossible to spread from drinking glasses.

  46. Marlene Porter

    She also worked at the skating rink when she was 16 and got a very bad staff infection from her brother’s football gear.

  47. Jan

    Because of er and how fake she is and how she awestruck she is of Dan, I have lost interest in the show. This woman is a nut job. CBS needs to check on their houseguests more than they did on her. She does not deserve to be there.

    • Sorry Jan, but Dani is my favorite houseguest ever. She brings the crazy to the live feeds every single day. The best part is she will be there for the last week which is generally boring. I hope she goes out third though. I think Dan deserves the win and I want Ian to get 50K plus the 25K fan favorite. With the stipend and the 4K he already has he would get a life changing chunk of change.
      Here’s hoping the psych exam is a thing of the past entirely or else that the shrink they used this season gets the job permanently. :)

      • first n second place do not get a stipend. they just get the prize money = fact

      • The winner and the runner-up aren’t eligible for the 25k.

      • I don’t know why people keep saying that. Everyone is included in the “voting”. It has never been said that the winner can’t get them money. In reality, “America” has not chosen the fan favorite in years. Alison Grodner just gives a 25K bonus to whoever she likes best. Which this season was obviously Frank. I’ve never even SEEN a frank fan anywhere on any site. I believe them to be mythical creatures.

  48. Angie Adair

    LOL….You forgot to mention her ‘God Parents’…that raised her during the week….and she only went to see her parents on the weekend.

    • You’re right. I also forgot the part where her godparents bought her implants for her when she was 20 against her parents wishes.

      • Tenn.songbird

        Wait…….. I thought she said her boobs were real. She said this one night when joe told her he liked her shirt. Her response? why cause of my boobs? And then this big conversation took place about her real boobs looking fake and who she looks like, I want to puke right now watching her cry over Shane leaving. She has let Dan tell her how to play since day one, like a puppet, I can’t believe she fell for it. Wow ! ” Shane I’m so sorry” ….. She’s a dumb ass…….I hope she doesn’t win. Mirror mirror on the wall , who’s the fairest of them all?

      • Cameron

        For some reason I can’t reply to Tenn.songbird, so I’ll put it here. Danielle has on many occasions claimed to have implants, and on almost an equal amount of occasions denied it. She’s a chronic liar.

    • tammy

      also danielles mother was an olympic swimmer

  49. and her dog that stood in front of a cliff and kept her from falling off to a certain death …

  50. Stephanie

    That is crazy. Sne drives me nuts but I had no idea of all these lies. Her poor family.

  51. DSB

    I truly enjoyed this article. Very well written!!! And it is not your fault you missed a few, she has too many stories. But what do you expect? She lived in a tiny town with parents that tried to sell her to gypsies!! her stories are a coping skill!!


    Thanks for the compilation of Danielle-isms! Have to add that when she got hives she was convinced she had shingles! I guess she learned that at ‘doctor school’. I thought Rachel had driven me round the bend till BB found Dani. The girls a hot mess if there ever was one.

    • You’re right. I thought noone could annoy me more than Rachel and then miracle of miracles—along comes Dani, jacked up eyebrows, zits galore, mirror gazing and all. She was sooo offended that Boogie(?) called her “pouty” and then proceded to pout about that too. I just hope that BB will give us all a break and not bring her back again next year. She’s in for a shock when she learns how detested she is here on the outside. BB will probably bring her back as a “coach” teaching her humble newbies how to latch on with a death grip (no matter what) to the strongest, most ruthless BB player ever. Another life experience for her illustrious resume’.

  53. Linnea

    LMAO!!! Let’s not forget that she gets “cysts” and has never, EVER broken out in hives the way she did and it’s all Dan’s fault! (despite recently having “paint” thrown all over her from the punishment HOH [POV?] precisely where the “Dan-induced” hives/rash broke out. Serious BIZNESS all that she’s had to endure! ;D

  54. OMG Dani is talking to Dan and Dan asks what is it like when someone dies? And she starts this story talking about their face goes pale and they look very relaxed…a bunch of ridiculous stuff… AND THEN SHE SAYS…

    She has a patient that came back to life after she called time of death. The patient starts telling her that she talked to God and God said, “Soon, soon my child…” and then….

    BB flips us over to Ian sleeping in order not to air the ridiculousness and alarm the families of those who work at her nursing home. I can’t imagine these people giving her job back even though before she went in they said they would hold it for her.

    • kerrin

      guess she has never seen any one die because i have and it is aweful! they do not get a peaceful look, there is a death rattle, their jaws get rigid and stiff in open position not a peaceful site at all.


  56. Oprah

    You have to feel for the poor bastards who have to console her when she gets home. She’s gonna be one big mess.

  57. Rose Crockett

    I would like to add to the “Danielle lies” She told everyone outside one night that she got AT&T to put up cell towers all around the Alabama football stadiums. This was when her and Brittney were talking about football. Danielle said that she told her parents never to call her cell on game days. Brittney said that they didn’t bet cell service in the stadiums. That’s when Danielle told her that she got AT&T to put up cell towers around the stadium. EPIC

  58. Chase Xavier

    You forgot she has had her salad tossed twice!!

  59. Chase Xavier

    Oh and- this is a good, recent one- She confessed to Dan that she has PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY! Who would’ve imagined?!

  60. kaydi

    danielle should be disqualified forbherbthreats and behavior the last two days! she is a hometown girl that we dont want to come home!

    i wish ian would have said “do you really think shane has anything to say/hear from you now?” when she was saying how she would turn others against him. good guy Ian. i couldnt have kept so quiet.

    • kerrin

      it is pretty funny how she thinks she can controll shane’s vote. she is a bit full of herself. wish shane could see the footage her acting like she controlls him. have a feeling now that he is out of the game he is gonna run from the sight of her. you know his friends are gonna tease him for being her little boy toy. I do not like dan, but dan telling shane dani was in on the backdoor as he left was perfect!!!!!

    • Cameron

      While her threats were pointless and just made her look really bad on BBAD and the feeds, they were far from illegal. What Evil Dick to Jen did was way worse, but neither of them should have been kicked out.

  61. LibbyQ

    Her biggest lie…. “I’m a nice person”…. what I LOVE most is that she HATES Rachel & so wants to be loved by viewers… LOL, she’s most hated HG yet, imho.. KARMA, gotta LOVE OT!!

    • kerrin

      isn’t that the truth!! i have been told by several people that they now dislike danielle more than rachael riley!!!! that is pretty hard to be more diliked than rachael riley!!!!! poor dani, at least rachael’s boy toy played along and actually dug her unlike poor little shane who seemed scared of dani, with good reason!!

  62. Sierra

    The very first night the house guests entered the house and were introducing themselves…Danielle said her parents did not even know she was on BB. She mumbled something about not wanting to listen to what they had to say about her being there. I hope she uses whatever money she has earned to obtain some very seriously needed professional help.

    • canadalovesbb

      She also told Dan the first night that she had her father exorcised for alcoholism. The poor girl has been backdoored 3 times but just will not leave, lol. The houseguest who would not go away!!

  63. I remember her telling Dan on the first night that she had her father exorcised for alcoholism…right then I thought this one has to go but yet she’s still there…even after being backdoored 3 times!! The houseguest who would not leave!!

  64. nancy

    She is also a charge nurse..which means she’s in charge (of like 70 people)..and when she was kidnapped she had to leave the two universities that she was attending.. she already has a few degrees.

  65. OMG……..I love it. You out did yourself Tamara. There was an interview a while ago that featured her X-Best friend. They held this person highly as someone who knew Danielle very well. Of course she outed all of these lies and said Danielle had no friends at all because all she ever did was tell stories and if questioned about them when caught she would tell another lie to get out of it. That car accident that she talks of…she did lose a friend in that accident but she was never in the car. As far as “The Real World”, well she tried out for it and they didn’t want her. There was a guy she had the hots for (stalked him) that did get on the show but he said they never even dated. Sry but I forgot his name but he has had to take down his facebook page and change the name etc. due to Danielle and her warped imagination. Oh and by the way, this X-girllfriend said Danielle’s parents are very nice people.
    i hope she doesn’t make it to the final 2 and Dan cuts her like he has everyone else, afterall, she is under his “Mist”!!!!! You gotta feel sry for a person that is so caught up in a fantasy world and not in touch with reality. She has to be very insecure and feels the only way she can get friends is by making up lies that will interest them.We all know that catches up to you after a while and then your just a lier, Thanks again for your wit Tamara, I throughly enjoyed it. :o)

  66. Diane P

    We can all agree she is screwed up. I think the sad part is the way Dan is using her, knowing how unstable she is. Now he is using her to start fights with Ian, I used to like Dan, but this time I think he is way off track of just plain decency.


    omg… ty for making my Sunday! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time… well done!

  68. She is still working with Dan. The attack on Ian was put on to get him to throw the contest rather than have her turn the jury against her. Dan told her to do this. Dan has suggested to Ian that he throw the contest so Dan can be the bad guy and throw her off. Sure – Ian said he definitely would not be throwing any more comps. I am afraid that Dan has several days to work on him and the “Mist” might get to Ian.

  69. K.Lee

    She’s had ovarian cysts, IBS, anemia, spastic colon, renal failure, kidney problems that forbid her from drinking dark liquids (except red wine), alcoholism, asthma and anorexia. She cured herself of the alcoholism and anorexia in a few weeks. Currently, the only medication she takes is 20mg of Adderall each day. Most recently, Danielle has shared with us her fight against cancer. It seems she has had cancer before, but this is a new non-cancerous cancer. She has a lump in her implants that she often denies having. She was given radiation for the non-malignant growth to soften it up and will be having chemo when she gets out. Also Danielle’s college friends have alleged that Danielle claimed she had cancer in college and went through chemo. When asked why she didn’t lose her hair, she reportedly told them she has a new, special kind of chemo that does not cause hair loss.

    You know she likes to lie to make people feel sorry for her and to look good, I’m sure if not half, but all are probably lies and B.S. No one can cure themselves of alcholism and anorexia. How is she going to go in for chemo after big brother and not take the quote unquote mysterious medicne “that dosent cause hairloss” If you look it up online there is no such thing just a scalp cooling cap you take after chemo therapy.

    • Wait, what? You’re not sure but you think she might not be telling the truth? Really? What would it take to make you sure?

    • Paula

      Just for the record, and this is not me defending Danielle, there are several kinds of chemo drugs that don’t cause hairloss. My best friend has been going through chemo every two weeks where she receives three different chemo drugs at once, and hasn’t lost her hair after several months of this. And there actually is a scalp cooling cap out there to help prevent hairloss from chemo. I just googled it, and it exists.

      Still, we all know the girl is lying far more than she’s telling the truth, even if some of the things she said aren’t really that incorrect (the best liars always pepper truth and facts). She’s a bit Munchausen and Pathological and a whole lot of morbidly fascinating, a combination I will unabashedly admit I can’t get enough of;)

      I do worry, though, about what’s going to happen when she gets out of that house and hits the internet for the first time. We all know that’s exactly what she’s going to do, expecting to see all the fans talking about how gorgeous, intelligent, funny, and great at the game she was, etc. When she sees the harsh reality instead, it’s just not going to be pretty. I predict in the near future that we’re either going to see more of her on either TMZ, or in porn, maybe both.

  70. Is there any way that Ian can win first and second because at this moment (Sunday Night) watching BBAD, I dont’ want Danielle to win a dime or Dan. The both deserve to walk out of that house with NOTHING!! What a Bitch, making Ian feeling guilty for winning a comp over her!!

    • canadalovesbb

      and btw, I was coming here to say that sites like this are not necessary, I was thinking it was kind of mean to single out one person but since she’s showing her TRUE colors tonight, go to ‘er people, she deserves all the bashing she gets.

  71. Maria

    I sometimes feel bad when some one gets picked on but not this time. I just read the story about Danielle and you did an amazing job. It’s the best bio anyone could have written for her. The wording was perfect I really enjoyed reading it and hope Danielle gets to read it when she gets back from chemo after the show LOL

  72. tiffy

    Wow..last week of Big Brother & Danielle Murphee still in the game…eating, looking in the mirror, but most of all-stalking shane..It has been her goal- morn, noon, & night to make sexy faces & tell wacky lies..Her & shane are an item, but
    its all in her head; or shane would not hide, when it was time for bed. A nurse, teacher, gymnast, & miss america too.. Thank god it is almost over; over for u..
    The days are long, but coming to an end, so you can go home to be a super model again. You are missed by the Dr’s who need your advise, on how to write scripts & save patients lives. What will you do when you finally see, that you are not America’s Sweetheart on reality T.V..oh crazy, crazy, Ms. Murphee-u will not get, any pity from me..cause all ur wackiness-U got final 3′ **** tiffy’s homage to the wackadoodle’ of BB14-..

  73. I can’t even keep up with Dani’s lies this morning. She’s spitting them out faster than my brain can process them. Dan was asking her about speaking to large crowds when she leaves here. (LOL) and Dani replies she is used to speaking to groups of thousands.

    Dan just word for word recreated Dani’s DR and said that was probably her best DR yet. Is he writing her DRs for her? We went to fish so production could yell at Dan. Now Dani is back to harping on Dan sending Shane out without telling her.

  74. Dani is psycho

    OMG this is great! Hit the nail on the head with her auotbiography…gave me a great laugh! Seeing all her stories all together like that was genius!


    The weird thing is that you were being nice. A compilation video would be devastating.

    I wonder if she can get into Michigan with a butter knife.

  76. StopTheInsanity

    Tamara this is the BEST!! Dani was rehashing the “trip to France” with Ian a few nights ago. Seems she has already slipped up on her lies in the last 72 days. She told Dan/ Ian that she went to “France, Italy” (I kid not) with a school teacher — no mention of her parents nor gypsies of the sort. She recounted it as if it were a bad Saturday at the Huntsville WalMart.
    NEVER to defend this lovely case study in histrionic personality disorder – BUT as a cancer “thriver”, chemo patient & REAL RN – there is a form of chemo that does not cause total hair loss. It causes major thinning of the hair but total loss. It is only used in certain circumstances and with certain cancers. Elizabeth Edwards & Farrah Fawcett are two examples of who have had this type treatment. Dani sickened me when she told Dan she “has a mass growing /attached to her implant”. I thought you B1tch!! How dare you lie about something horrific as cancer. This girl has NO idea what cancer patients go through – as terrible as she is – I would never wish my worst day on her – nor my best. It’s all a ploy – a sympathy card to Dan to seal a f2. She just recently heard about Matt Hoffman & his “lie” about his wife and she ran with it to see if it would work in her favor. I also believe she’s being medicated after her comment to Dan about “snapping (Ian’s) neck. Her true colors were showing while talking with Ian in the backyard. You can tell by how her voice changes when it’s “the real Danielle”. Oh and the “they are giving me meds to sleep. They film me to make sure I am ok”. Ok Dani they’ve been filming you for 73 nights now. Just catch on?? And the meletonin — Pffft she will still need to be taking it when she gets home for it to develop a normal sleep pattern for her. Please.. And that’s if she has a home to go to after all her psychotic blabber. Thanks for the posts and the time you’ve dedicated to our favorite, most delusional houseguest of all!

    • Cameron

      Well first let me say good luck with your fight against cancer!

      Second, while I LOVE huge lies in Big Brother (Dan swearing on the Bible, Matt claiming to want to win to get his wife better treatment for her non-existent cancer) Danielle’s lies are only contrived to make the other people feel sorry for her. She does it to be the center of attention, not to win $500k.

      Matt’s lie was carefully preplanned for Big Brother only and he disavowed it immediately after being evicted (as well as in the Diary Room, so the audience knew it wasn’t true). Morality, to me, isn’t at all related to the Big Brother game. Danielle, unlike Matt, will defend her lies for a long time after she leaves the house I think.

  77. Paula

    You know what I love, besides your writing and brilliant assessment of this blitheringly messed up girl? The fact that the haters you had who defended her so vehemently last month seem to have disappeared now, lol!!!;) Seriously, I only just discovered your site, had a chance to read all your Danielle posts this morning, along with the comments, and it’s amazing what a few more weeks of feeds and Showtime will do to shut some people up;) From one writer to another, thank you for the absolute funniest and most insightful Danielle talk I’ve seen all season!

  78. LibbyQ

    It has JUST gotten better, via this CBS clip… Now not only is she in MENSA, but so is her Mother & Grand-mother.. enjoy the clip:

  79. Danielle Lies

    How can anyone think that Dani is a bad person? After all she is the prettiest, has the best figure, is the best looking in a bikini, is a charge nurse, loves mirrors, everyone is jealous of her and didn’t she say she has cancer???

    She started out the VERY FIRST feed night talking about how abusive her dad was to her AND her mother and how she hated him and her childhood was horrible. She described them as alcoholics who gave her to another couple to keep on weekends and the stories grew and grew as the season went on. We heard some rather gruesome tales. Most recently she talked about her dad having an affair and that she thinks he got the babysitter pregnant and on and on. It doesn’t sound as bad when I’m typing, but it was pretty tragic and if true, probably shouldn’t have been shared in public. If false (as many of her former friends claim), it’s even scarier and she’s done a lot of damage to her parents.

    The biggest one (other than the Cancer stories) was about how her dad wanted her to toughen up when she was crying over her dead dog, so he made he swing on a rope over a river. But, her hands were so wet with her tears that she slipped off the rope, flew across the river, landed on some rocks, and broke her back.

    As far as the Cancer stories, A few things I must point out (as a retired LPN who has battled cancer);
    1. “Masses” grow on living tissue, not silicone. Danielle claimed that she was very lucky, the “mass” was only growing on her implant and not the surrounding tissue.
    2. BB does extensive medical and mental testing before allowing participants into the house, if she passed these with flying colors, then she doesn’t have cancer. (Too be fair they did seem to have missed her mental problems) I just cannot see Doctors clearing her from not receiving medical treatment for 3 months if she truly had breast cancer (or any kind of cancer).
    3. Most women undergo surgery for breast cancer and also receive additional treatment, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy or radiation. IF, and this is LONG shot, IF she has cancer AND was allowed in the BB house for 3 months without surgery and Chemo, then she would be undergoing Hormone therapy (she claimed she had radiation before coming into the B house). YET, she claims the only meds she is on is Adderal (for ADHD).
    4. Even if she was on a targeted therapy drug (Targeted therapies use medicines or substances that go directly to the cancer cells and don’t harm normal cells) AKA the Chemo that doesn’t make your hair fall out…If she is having surgery after she gets out of the house for cancer, she would have to be on meds while in the house, her hair would be lifeless….been there done that….before I had surgery….I had my hair cut so that I didnt have to worry about it after and the hairdresser asked me if I was on meds because my hair was ucky(how he put it). He said you can always tell that someone takes alot of meds.
    Even if she isn’t on them for cancer….for her broken back (regardless if it happened because her father pushed her or the car accident that killed her friend, or what ever else story I may have missed) she would have been on alot of meds.

  80. marcybarnes

    Awesome! That was sooooooo funny. I can’t wait for her to see how America views her!!!!!

  81. GWilder

    Oh I do I hope that Danielle learns from this experience. She put herself out there but I can guarantee that she never expected this kind of response. She was very loyal to Dan and for that, I give her credit. She blew it when she ousted Janelle.

  82. Gary

    I think she is the best loyal player Dan could of asked for. If I was in a firefight I would want Danielle as my fellow soldier. I hope she finds the love of her life, I was very impressed with her. Dan played the best game for television, Ian played best game for the jury. Danielle played best game overall,and would of won against both players, in my opinion.

  83. rene proctor

    I love your autobiography!!! I couldn’t stand Danielle on BB. She forced me to fast forward when she talked her baby talk or whatever it is. I am so glad she came in 3rd. Even now when on the Talk or giving other interviews, she is doing her pouty face. Boo Hoo Danielle, good riddance!

  84. I remember another one that’s been forgotten. Her parents didn’t even know she was going to be ON BB, she told her ‘sister’ to tell her folks she was kidnapped and not to tell them until she is on tv.

    Now tonight at the party, she shows up with Shane and they’re in love, she’s going to Vermont. I can imagine how that came about! She said such vile things about him when he wasn’t in the same room as her, projecting all the things she herself was doing (he’s clingy, follows me everywhere…endless)…and doesn’t seem to grasp that she chose Dan over him. If you held ALL the power with Veto and HOH, YOU are responsible for him leaving. I only regret we won’t have feeds on her when she sees all this.

    She’s going to have a hard time, but she brought it all on herself. I’m sure it will help her grow up. The hard way. I doubt she even remembers sharing all this stuff. She wont forget again.

  85. Danielle said in an interview that she doesn’t remember “the 30s” those days she was telling everyone who would listen that Jani was bullying her, because she was jealous of her. She does say that Jedi Jani didn’t yell at her and she might have exaggerated. i honestly don’t think this girl understands that we heard everything she said and did on the live feeds. This includes agreeing with Dan that Shane needed to go. OR her bullying of Ian and bragging to Dan that she made him cry.. and all the many other lies for no game reason whatsover.

    We watched you Dani, your constant lying made the feeds interesting. Now you have to deal with the consequences. I hope someone taped the scenes with Shane where you were begging for the attn of someone who only had eyes for Frank…

    • Andrea W

      At first sight of Danielle, I thought great another good southern belle to be excited to pull for on bb14..A few weeks into the feeds, showtime ect. I knew wow this girl is totally sick and needs to be committed for intensive psychiatric treatment. She is a danger to married men and their pet ninnies..haha

    • She said we took it out of context and she exaggerated a little, like Ian tearing up. What I REALLY hope she does is watch the feeds. She can FF thru all fish, and even scenes that she’s not in. I think it’s the only way she’s going to understand what people are talking about and how excessive it was.

      I’ll give it to her though, this season was incredible and she played a big part of that. Now if she’d just quit blaming Dan for everything she was just as guilty of.

      TT….can you do an autobiography of how…ummm…precious Shane is???

  86. Meagan

    No the worst thing she lied about was being in that fatal car wreck with Lauren eddlemam my best friends sister that died in that fail wreck a girl I knew very well so fuck you Danielle you never had cancer and you were never in that wreck you’re a fucking liar and to think you would lie about your family too bitch please I went to school with her and I know her family. You’re a shame to grant and to UAH and UAB Cuz you’re a shirt nurse karmas a bitch

    • Meagan

      No the worst thing she lied about was being in that fatal car wreck with Lauren my best friends sister that died in that fatal wreck a girl I knew very well. so fuck you Danielle you never had cancer and you were never in that wreck you’re a fucking liar and to think you would lie about your family too bitch please. I went to school with her and I know her family. You’re a shame to grant and to UAH and UAB Cuz you’re a shit nurse karmas a bitch

      • Cameron

        Meagan, glad to hear from an (ex) friend of Danielle’s! Would you care to expose more of her lies that she told on the feeds or Big Brother After Dark? I too find her despicable and also believe lying about her dead friend was the worst lie she has ever told…at least it has the worst impact on her own character.

        Mostly, though, I want to hear from her father. She has painted him as a terrible human being…abusive, alcoholic, insensitive, an adulterer, etc. She even said he tried to sell her to gypsies. How can you make up lies like that about your OWN FATHER??

      • Thanks for posting Meagan. I’m sorry you had to go through all that. Email me at if you want to share anything with me. I can post about it or not whatever you wish.

  87. More Danielle lies exposed!

    I thought Danielle lived and worked in Alabama?
    ANOTHER lie by Danielle!!
    this page says the potato story happened in North Carolina…..

    An old woman in a North Carolina ER complained of green vines
    growing from her vagina. Investigation revealed a large potato trapped in
    her womb. The woman then suddenly remembered that she had inserted
    it two weeks previously, because she thought that her uterus was falling
    out. “

    • Alabama has telephones and the Internet and people there actually hear urban legends that have been around for decades. I’m quite sure that Dan had heard the potato story too and was laughing his ass off inside his head when she told this story. This is why he kept asking her questions for the rest of the season hoping for more of her amusing lies to keep him entertained in the house.

      Did you seriously have to go all the way to the UK source before you realized she was lying?

  88. Deedee

    I have been reading all summer on different sites all of “THE LIES” Danielle has told you out in Alabama. You poor thing. It seems to me that you are a huge hater who has absolutely nothing better to do than to sit on you fat ass and just put Danielle down. Like it is your duty to make Americans hate the girl because you for some reason seem very jealous and a bit obsessed with her making it on Big Brother. I have a great idea for you to help you through this tough time of jealousy in your life… GET A LIFE of your own.
    Hate haters

    • Cameron

      So, Deedee, you have no problem with Danielle lying about her father attempting to sell to her gypsies, or her father being possessed by the Devil, or her father impregnating (and possibly raping, depending on how you interpret what she said) his babysitter, or her having cancer, or her lying about being in a car of a friend who ACTUALLY DIED in a car accident?

      Tamara hasn’t done much to make America hate Danielle, honestly. I’d be willing to bet the large majority of her visitors are already aware that Danielle will lie about anything just to get a few minutes of attention. Danielle made America hate her on her own.

    • LibbyQ

      seems the truth hurts.. we’re NOT haters or JEALOUS… right now my concern is that she’ll ruin Shane’s life MORE than she already has…

    • You should google Danielle Murphree on Youtube

      Or Danielle Murphree lies about cancer
      Or Danielle bullies Ian
      Or Danielle talks about her family
      Or Danielle says she is Miss Alabama USA
      Or Danielle lie about being in a fatal car accident that killed someone she knew
      Or Danielle has cysts, ITBS, Broken Back, renal failure, asthma, anorexia, Alcoholism, kidney problems, (pick one)
      Or Danielle says (insert name of any female houseguest) is jealous of her
      Or Danielle says (the cameras, Ian, Frank, any male houseguest name is following her

      That should get you started. Then you can see what we have all seen EVERY DAY on the live feeds for 75 days. My post is a SMALL PORTION of Danielle’s own comments that are out there for you to see. Take a look at small portion and get back to me.

  89. Rebecca

    I apologize if my opinion offends anyone but when Danielle said she uses the IUD birth control method because Plan B twice or more a month was too expensive shocked the hell out of me. Plan B is not intended to be used that often.. at all.

    • I missed this. I keep hoping you people are just making up random shit, but I know you aren’t. Who in the hell would even talk on TV about using Plan B at all? It just says you’ve had irresponsible unprotected sex and regret it the next morning when you sober up. Jesus.

      • Rebecca

        Yeah, it would be great if it weren’t true. I read it on BBdish and they are spot on so I believe. It was in the last day or two before the finale. It came out when she was telling Dan about her vaginal mucous lining!!

      • LibbyQ

        as I have said MANY times.. I just hope Shane, or his family keeps her FAR AWAY.. she’s beyond any help.. she won’t even admit to small things.. I just hope Shane isn’t damaged by her an more than he already has been, just by what he’s done with her.. & from their comments at the party about hotel rooms.. I worry for him

    • You should be worried for Shane for his own mental issues. He appears to be a closet homosexual severely closeted by his mother who was furiously tweeting about his heterosexuality and how “sweet” he is. He’s clearly, special. He came into the house asking things like has there ever been anyone who pretended to be gay and sporting pink EVERYTHING and wearing at one point what was clearly a women’s pink tank top. He looked physically pained in every private moment with Danielle and only seemed to turn it on for staged moments like the kissing Dani when she won the pirate ship. Any human with the slightest grasp of human behavior can tell from any photo of Shane and Dani where Shane doesn’t think he is on camera that Shane is repulsed by the thought of Dani. Shane’s mother’s twitter time line is full of religious platitudes and denial. She knows Shane is gay, And He can’t bear to “break her heart”. That is what you should be worried about. *

      *These are my opinions and the opinions of most people with a pulse that watched the live feeds and not just the heavily edited TV version. Shane spent 75 pretending to be straight to please his mother and because he hoped a “showmance” would give him TV time.

      I can practically here his mother now, patting his heavily gelled head while he is in pink pajamas murmuring, there, there, dear, I told them on twitter you are not gay.

      • Ms Urethra Franklin

        If there is any doubt about Shane’s sexuality, go to his twitter page and see who he follows.

        … @shanemeaney…

        oh and it also has a link to his web page which has a pic of him…Anybody notice how chewed up the top of his right ear looks?

      • Cameron

        Shane does seem to have an effeminate flair, and certainly made some dubious comments, but I’m not quite willing to brand him as a “closet homosexual” (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay) just yet. We can’t attribute his keeping Danielle at a distance to homosexuality…I’m straight and wouldn’t want a “showmance” with Danielle either. I’d rather have a showmance with Shelly.

        BTW, I check this page every day hoping Danielle will sign in and comment. This page is the most concise summary of her lies on the Internet. Her 100+ page on survivorsucks is more detailed but way too long to actually read in its entirety.

      • Cameron

        Can’t reply to Ms Urethra but she has changed my mind. After reading some of his own stuff, I agree that he’s probably gay.

        I just wish somebody would tell him that while Dan lied about the game a LOT, Danielle lied about it too AND she lied about herself. He’s expecting her to be a Mensa card-holding, part-time modeling, well educated, athletic, multilingual “charge nurse” when absolutely none of that is true. I’d like to see what he thinks about that. I didn’t appreciate his gameplay (he seemed to understand what was happening in the House but have no idea what to do about it) but he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy.

  90. My G*d, except for speaking Chinese, this is my story.

  91. Rebecca

    Sorry! Let me take this back. I just went and re-read and it was not that way at all. I must have been half asleep when I initially read it. here is a link and a quote:

    Dan: Why did you get it?
    Danielle: Plan B was 50 per pill.. 100 dollars for 2 mistakes.

    where did I get the per month part!? So sorry

  92. Kevin

    Not that my opinion matters..but this is not an autobiography. This is a biography. An autobiography is penned by the person of interest. Regardless of who said what..because Danielle didn’t pen this herself..this is an unauthorized biography. There could be a lawsuit with this..and Danielle..could sue for damages. Just pointing this out.

    • This is a compliation of things that came directly from Danielle’s mouth. I just wrote them down. She can always sue. but there are live feeds to support every single thing she said. I didn’t invent any of it. SHE said it all.

      • Kevin

        I understand that Tamera. But to claim that this is an “autobiography”, is not correct. Danielle did not set pen to paper. It might have several quotes, but there is narrative, as well. As in “she” did this, and “she” did that.
        When I speak of myself, I don’t use the term “he”.

        So the term “autobiography”, isn’t this instance. The narrative is second person. It truly is an un-authorized biography.

    • Cameron

      Danielle can sue but she would have her case thrown out well before tamaratattles had to appear in court. Not only are all the “quotes” on this page directly from Danielle, no rational person would think what Tamara has written is actually an “autobiography”. It’s quite obviously satire intended to expose Danielle’s extremely dubious, and sometimes categorically false, statements.

      • Kevin

        Hello Cameron,
        In response, the text is labeled as an autobiography. I don’t know for a fact, but I assume that no written permission was attained before placing this text. Because Danielle Murphree, didn’t actually write this text, it isn’t an autobiography. It is a biography, because the author chose to narrate the story line. In example ” She lied about her family”.

        If it were an “auto” biography, “she” would become “I”, simply because she..Danielle..was the actual author. But that’s not the case here. So this text is just a biography, based on Danielle’s verbiage.

        By not having written permission, there could be a Civil Right’s violation. I don’t know..I’m not a lawyer.

      • LibbyQ

        I’m sure Danielle has more to do than track down negative comments (even though in her own words). At least this was done with a bit of humor… she should have stuck to the dating show.. The One, maybe she would have appeared in a better light…. my thoughts are now with Shane, hoping he got the restraining order the Zingbot zinged Danielle about. Karma it’s a B*tch… just like Danielle!!

      • Danielle LMAO Murphree

        Thank you for your concern Kevin! My name is Danielle Murphree and I and hereby grant sole permission(s) to Tamara Tattles to write and express her opinions on her own blog. Autobiography, Biography, Life Story, A Day In The Life Of, whichever the site owner seems appropriate, for humor’s sake. There are a number of Danielle Murphrees on this planet and I think I’ll be one of them, just to simmer you down. Welcome to the internet, Kevin! Hopefully you’ll find other sites to troll and leave this one alone.

      • Clearly you are not a lawyer. I imagine you were a hall monitor in elementary school though. You concern for my legal liability is cute. Do you provide these services across the Internet on every issue or do you specialize in Danielle stories? :chin on fist:

      • Cameron

        @Kevin: Yes, this is a biography, not an autobiography, but tamaratattles labeled it as an autobiography for satirical purposes (kinda like how Sasha Baron Cohen’s Borat was called a “documentary”). In order for Danielle to win her libel case against tamaratattles, she would have to prove that a “rational person” would/could believe that this “autobiography” was published by Danielle Murphree herself. I happen to be a defamation lawyer and I can tell you that this case would be laughed out of court.

        Ok, I’m not really a lawyer. I guess I was channeling Danielle :)

    • Paula

      Bless your heart, Kevin, but really? You took this much time out of your day to admonish the writer over semantics? I’m not sure whether or not I want to pity you or party with you. Please tell me you don’t write fanfiction full time;)

      • Kevin

        Hello Paula,
        No Ma’am, I do not write Fanfiction. I am the Nerd your mother warned you about..clearly! I just think too much, I suppose.

        Have a great day..

      • Kevin

        Hello Again Paula,
        An analogy..
        Five men armed with rifle’s, face a lone man, hands tied behind his back.
        Their order’s are to shoot him in the heart. The five men squeeze their respective trigger’s..and each rifle fires one shot. The prisoner is dead.

        Not one of the bullet’s hit their mark. Two were in the abdomen, two hit lungs, and one missed completely.

        When asked about why they didn’t hit the heart..they all replied, ” he’s dead, right”?


  93. Admin Deleted comments: Yeah, you did and I didn’t post that one either. I gotta draw the line somewhere and you suggesting two men in two different families are sexual predators with no basis in fact is the line for me. You are a bit overinvested in Dani it seems. She has not murdered her child. She’s just a bit mentally unbalanced. You making further suggestions about her family members is unacceptable here. And truly, I have a very low bar for posts. So you might want to think about that.

  94. i should have better explained myself…..the point i was trying to make was i see a pattern in dani lies as the same pattern i saw in kc. i have no idea why these 2 woman lie. i posted the link 2 the book as to point out this ONE persons theory….i thought it relevent since he is a phd n did interview kc. i in my opinion never accused dani’s family of any wrong doing. i have no clue one detail of their private life. i was trying to give an option as to why….. while i am an expert on the anthony’s. i know nothing of dani. i just know what i heard out of dani’s mouth n me talking a few times to her former roommate. i did not even share my opinion of what i think is going on… i shared a phd opinion n shared a link to back it up…..sorry if this crossed ur line. i was not trying to be disrespectful.

  95. While I can see your point in some of the similarities in the two, Casey murdered a child. Let’s not shove Dani’s head on the same stake with Casey. Or disparage either of their fathers. That’s all. The parents of both girls have enough troubles.

    This post was meant to be a light hearted ribbing of a pathological liar. I’m sure that with a bit of therapy and perhaps medication she can have a happy and productive life. I’m a bit sensey about going to hard on Dani as I believe her to be mentally ill. So let’s just keep it light. :)

  96. Cameron

    It seems like Danielle was intelligent enough to fall off the face of the earth, outside of visiting her old high school and thanking EVERY ONE of her delusional fans on Twitter who obviously did not watch Big Brother After Dark or the live feeds.

    It’s a shame too…I thought she would come to these sites to defend herself. I was really looking forward to seeing her try to explain the lies tamaratattles has highlighted here. Oh well, at least I harvested a couple months of entertainment from watching Danielle’s psychosis swell even faster than her ass did.

    With that, I retire until next year. Thanks for the coverage, tamaratattles. And thank you, Danielle, for being the craziest HouseGuest who will ever play the game!

    • aw sweetpea.. don’t leave too soon. I still have hope for a public meltdown! xoxo.

      • Cameron

        I’m following Danielle and Shane on Twitter hoping they’ll go on a radio show or something, and just recently Shane tweeted about Danielle having a large incision on her right breast (and seeing the incision himself). Then, just 2 days later Danielle tweets a picture of herself bowling (with her right hand)! Shane is either still being duped by Danielle or is lying about cancer too.

      • LibbyQ

        yep.. they did do a radio show on 10/2.. it was pathetic.. Shane still saying that Dan robbed him of 500K & defending Danielle, so he seems to be a lost cause. Also mentioned was that she had her “surgery” to remove the mass(scar tissue) & then flew up to Vermont to surprise Shane (because he was SO depressed).. Shane said it’s a 7 inch incision.. and I too wonder about the bowling.. but 7 inches.. really?? The entire interview was a joke, when anyone tried to call her out on her lies, the hosts simply disconnected them or told Danielle not to bother to answer. She is not being held accountable for ANYTHING… makes me furious. Shane is an idiot, so he deserves her.

  97. Barbara

    I work at a Mayo Clinic in Arizona and have treated many patients with Munchausen Syndrome….After hearing/reading about Danielle’ long list of ailments…..I wonder if she suffers from Munchausen syndrome? Most patients I’ve seen with this ailment work in the medical field and in published studies its documented most MS sufferers are nurses and caretakers (like Dani) and know what to say when they get to the hospital to get the attention/medical care they are seeking.

    There are lots of ways to get attention but for the fact her M.O. is by using health issues is a big HUGE sign she might suffer from this.

    Munchausen Syndrome…NOT….. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

  98. Barbara

    Hi LibbyQ:

    (Check out the 2nd to last one on the list). And when they do seek help…I’ve witnessed patients try to fool the doctor/psychiatrist into believing a real illness is occurring. Until treated, a MS patient will never own up to the fact they were lying.

    There is a recent documented case of a patient who would get pregnant on purpose, induce a miscarriage and then enjoy the attention/sympathy she would receive – Her family members did the intervention when they found evidence she was terminating her own pregnancies. If not for her family she would have never have seeked help.

    Anyway, symptoms to look for:

    • Constantly changing their story. Being sick all of the time with a different illness.

    • Begging for attention or asking for favors while pretending to be sick.

    • Patients that seem ill but then do things that a sick person would not do, such as travel, party, and otherwise enjoy life.

    • Understanding and being able to recite precise definitions of conditions.

    • Previous problems with loved ones or family.

    • Disagreeing to see a therapist of any kind.

    • Changing their symptoms or disease conditions quickly from time to time.

  99. Jeff g

    Are you people really this pathetic? Do you all feel that bad about yourselves that you need to put another human being down that has done nothing to you. It is really sad to see all of you getting your panties in a bunch over a girl who was on a reality show. The author of this article has to be the most insecure selt loathing miscreant whose only redeeming value is that they are biodegrade able to stoop this low. Time for you all to look in the mirror and get a grip. This hurtful slander is unwarranted and it really makes you look like the biggest compilation of scum. Just sad your lives suck so much that you need to tear apart others.

    • I can see why you would think that if you have not watched the live feeds. EVERYTHING in that post and way more was said out of Dani’s mouth while she was on 24/7 video. They are her words not mine. And anyone who knows her should be getting her some mental help rather than defending her behavior on the Internet.

    • Barbara

      Jeff g,

      Idiots like you need to keep defending Danielle….It’ll feed into her psychosis.

      BTW, I’ve never hated Danielle, her delusion and lies and memememe was always pure entertainment for me so I loved her and BB14 is my all time fav season.

  100. Paula

    Am I the only one here who suspects that ‘Jeff G’ is either someone really close to Danielle who was pressured into defending her here, or someone who really wants to be close to Daniellte, without the likely already-in-place restraining order? Seriously… I still google from time to time to see if Miss Munchausen has finally gained some defenders who actually know her and cared enough to launch some sort of site in defense of her. All I find are occasional goobers like the above whose discovery of this site I question straight up, their passion in defense of Danielle suddenly lacking when it comes to anything that takes more effort than bitching out blogs like Tamara’s.

    • Doubting Thomas

      Paula, It certainly has crossed my mind more than once! I am quite sure that others have thought the same thing!
      However, the only ones that would know is the person posting as “Jeff G” and possibly Tamera as she can see the email address…BUT on the other hand, it is possible that even Tamera would NOT know as throw away email address’s are quite easy to create for privacy and for anonymous posting

  101. bopo

    I agree with Jeff. I often wonder why people feel the need to attack her outside the house, especially if you don’t know her. I do not know her personally and would never judge without talking to her personally. Everyone who had met her outside the house likes her. There has to be a reason for that.

    As a therapist (yes, I do have three degrees and can prove it) I would never attempt to diagnose someone I have never met.

    Y’all can go ahead and attack me now, just sick of all the negativity.

  102. Rodney Schunk

    Seriously, you need to stop writing messages like these. It’s funny how you find time throughout your “important” life to make fun of my homegirl, Danielle, when SHE’S the one who made it onto reality tv and you’re just bitter because all you can do is sit in your own filth and watch. Bottom line, get a life. Leave Danielle and everyone else alone. You ever see that movie Bambi? If you don’t have anything nice to say, than don’t say it at all and that goes for online. Because all you are is a bully and if you got something to say to me, my name is

    edited to delete personal info.

    • From Stanley WI

      Hey Rodney, How can lying Danielle be your “Homegirl” if you are in WI? You seem to be as big a liar as Danielle.
      You would know if you watched the feeds and Big Brother After Dark, that everything Tamara wrote was what Danielle HERSELF said to people in the house. Danielle lied, used sympathy and tried to play on peoples hearts strings to get what she wanted, Shane and a half a million dollars. Fortunatly, everyone saw through her BS and played her for the lying fool she is…
      Oh, and for the record, it is not good to post your address and phone number as there are people (like me) who live less than 30 minutes away from you….You don’t know what kind of sicko’s are out there that would take you up on your offer to contact you…LOL maybe you are hoping Danielle will stalk you……..

      • LibbyQ

        Well said!! Danielle seems to be teaching Shane to lie as much as her now too!! Their last interview on SuperPass (which I pay for & will comment on WHATEVER I want) Shane told them that his “parents had to borrow money for groceries”… and a few moments later he said “my parents flew her up to vermont to surprise me”….
        SO RODNEY… if this is the kind of people you like to hang with.. poor you!! BTW.. she was a REJECT for the show she tried out for.. & BB LOVES drama.. so most likely that’s why she got on.. IMHO.. she has Munchausen Syndrome.. so go help your “homegirl”

    • Marlene Porter

      Sad thing is everything that has been said in this blog is the truth . Words that came out of Danielle’s mouth , If you would have paid to watch BBAD you would know . All this is truth. The girl needs help before she finds herself in legal trouble for fraud. I think that is a possibility for sure. A lady just went to jail for lying about a sickness and accepting ” Blessing’s and donations” for it. Its going to take a few people to call her local DA and present the evidence from BBAD and them investigate her ” surgery” and when it is proven yet again she lied. She can be charged with fraud.

  103. Rodney Schunk

    Rodney Schunk back again and first of all, she’s my homegirl because I instantly loved her while watching Big Brother. Second, I will admit I lie every once in a while (heck, I’m wearing a Chilltown shirt right now) so you can call me a liar if you want to, but one thing you will never be able to call me is a bully, and by adding a snobby comment to this website, that’s basically thats just what you are. And about me posting my adress, yes its real, but what I wanted to do was show that you guys aren’t as powerful as you really think you are. I mean if you live thirty minutes away, go ahead stalk me, I don’t really care. What’re you really gonna do? And the whatever syndrome? That’s just hurtful. People might really be affected by this stuff. If you get your kicks out of insulting some girl you’ve never even met, than I’m starting to wonder who really has the “syndrome”, or at least too much time on their hands. Lastly, if Danielle was stalking me, I wouldn’t hate it one bit but that’s just an irrelevant statement from one person that threatened to stalk me (I await the arrival of your white van, sicko). To end, don’t bully, cyber bullying is for wimps like most of you guys (shout out to Jeff G.) And don’t do drugs I guess.

    • LibbyQ

      Look it up, the girl needs help.

      • Dylan Hunt

        She does have godparents and siblings. She has had some med. issues. She was in a long-term relationship, but it didn’t work out. No one on the show was honest that’s kind of the point of the game, and so what if she flirted with Shane. He looked like he liked it.

  104. Riley

    WOW, If only I found Tamara’s site before I did, for this shit is priceless.
    Here is a comment to an old post to help my gal Tamara .

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