Big Brother 14: And Then There Were Four

Although the live feeds have been off since early afternoon and are expected to be off until after tomorrow nights’s show, @MissCleoBB14 was at the taping this evening and has spilled all the tea on what went down. She saw, among other things the footage of Danielle and Shane at the Fierce Five gymnastics event where it appears Danielle was just as nauseating as she was in the house when she got home. Danielle was a tumbler and a gymnast, y’all. I’m sure she gave the gold medalists some valuable pointers. Click through to find out who was evicted and who the new HOH is…

This is how I feel about the new HOH…

Somehow the houseguests were blindsided when Julie Chen showed up on their TV and an eviction was announced. Apparently Shane didn’t even have pants on. As expected, it was time for Jenn City to go. Julie asked Jenn if she regretted going on slop in order to save Dan and Jenn said no.  Looks like Jenn would likely still give Dan her vote if he makes the final 2. This despite Jenn suffering mightily being on slop for the past several days. Julie brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Jenn. Jenn was grateful to receive it.

The HOH competition was based on some pictures that the houseguests were shown when the live feeds were down. They had to swing from a rope and put together magnetized puzzles to recreate the scenes. It must have been fairly simple since the final score was Dan 6pts, Dani 6pts and Shane 5pts.  The tie breaker was a numbers question which means Dan should have won since Danielle absolutely sucks as estimation games. However, Dan went over and Delusional Danielle will be trying to rape Shane in the HOH house tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon the all important POV competition will happen. It’s almost always questions about the houseguests. Because it is basically a memory test, Ian should be a lock to win with Shane going out in fourth place. Send Ian all your positive thoughts for the next 24hrs. Thursday we hopefully see Shane going home and then the final HOH.  Also, I believe that Miss Cleo said that tomorrow night the lines open for America’s favorite. I’m gonna need all y’all to vote for Ian for that, please and thank you.


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35 responses to “Big Brother 14: And Then There Were Four

  1. Tc

    They should really have an hour show on Tuesdays to show the jury house. Or switch BBAD to jury at this point. It’s got to be more interesting.

  2. Ooooh BBAD jury house would be fantastic. Have you ever seen the online clips of life at the Ponderosa for Survivor? It’s better than the show sometimes.

  3. michelle

    Would love for Ian to win POV. I would also love for Dan to be voted out. I am sending out good thoughts for Ian to win POV and smoke Danielle in the endurance HOH. Unfortunately, whatever the scenario I think Danielle will be walking away with 50K

  4. Tracy

    “They had to swing from a rope and put together magnetized puzzles to recreate the scenes.”

    This was the POV contest BEFORE the HOH that Dani won.

  5. sorry not voting for ian. dan is my man you might hate him and his sleezy ways but dick donato won the same way and they all loved him so out with the nerdy kid.

  6. ndnfabrics

    It would be nice to have Ian win POV.

  7. Shar

    Go Ian! He’s the only one I’m rooting for now.

  8. Sending positive vibes to my boy Ian. Yo Ian, it’s time to go cannibal son!!! Ian FTW!!

  9. Sending positive vibes to my boy Ian!! It’s time to go cannibal son! Ian FTW!!

  10. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Shane, “You big dummy”, get voted out soon…

  11. nam50

    Shane on you! You take pleasure in saying terrible things about someone you have never met. If there is a heaven forget about going there because you will never see it. Keep writing nasty things about people that aren’t true and you will be in Hell forever!

    • Sadly, the CBS edit that Danielle is getting is producing lots of people like Nam50 who think that Dani is some sweet young thang from Alabama. Let this be a lesson to everyone about what the media can do with information. For the record, your nightly news is not immune from editing politics and world events to conform with their political views and/or religious beliefs. Don’t be sheep.

      • nam50

        Sadly, there are people out there like you that use the media to spread nasty gossip to make themselves look good. It’s good to know that most people can see through your misguided statements and make up there own minds. Most people know that what they see on the news is only part of the story, I hope they know the same thing when they read your made up story about Danielle. Oh and I loved the picture of you I’m sure it looks just like you!

      • Perhaps you should do a simple YouTube search of Danielle, on camera telling each of these lies about her family, her friends and herself. The most egregious of the lies is on video here on this site if you click to my homepage. Unless you are completely delusional yourself, it will be obvious to you that the snippets of Dani you see on CBS are a completely false account of what she is doing and saying in the house.

        Then again, the commenters who stroll in here damning people to hell are generally the most deluded of all my commenters and that is really saying something.

      • nam50

        Big News Flash: Danielle lied! If you took everyone off BB when they told a lie there would be no show for you to write lies about.
        The biggest lier in the house is Dan, anyone who would swear on the bible, his wedding ring and his cross goes to the top of the list! Maybe you should rethink who your target should be, but don’t listen to me I’m to delusional to know the difference between right and wrong. But even in my delusion I know when I read garbage and every word you write is garbage.

      • i guess i am going to hell too cause dani is a disgusting pig.

      • nam50

        Well I may be delusional but I do know that when someone resorts to name calling they know they are in the wrong and just can’t admit it. And it’s a given you are going to he’ll!

      • dan’s lies are strategy related she lies for the hell of it. the things she has said about her family is unforgivable. u just know dan is so sick of dealing with her.

      • Just to be sure I understand your point, because I assume you have one other than the big one (that I am going to hell) your point is that I am lying and Danielle never said any of these things? That this story about Dani going to a gymnastics even and winning HOH is all “misguided” “made-up” and “garbage” that didn’t really happen? I guess you should watch tonight’s show and then come back to me if that is the case.

        There is also a video on the front page and a picture of Danielle preparing to leave the house with Shane with no underwear on and her autobiography where I list MOST of the lies she has told in the house thank will really piss you off! I don’t think everyone lies about being abused by their parents and having cancer and being kidnapped by gypsies as part of a game strategy. It’s actually a psychological defect.

  12. tonilost

    Yeah lying about having cancer is such good gameplay, you must be a lying piece of shit too to want to protect dumpy so much. Yeah I called you a name AND I know I’m in the right. There are 2 kinds of people my kind of people and assholes who lie and protect liars because otherwise they’d be alone in their dark dinky holes of life. No parent should be slandered by their child on tv, no one who has been affected by cancer killing a family member should have to watch a dumpy, single white female (who steals stories from patients and former friends because she has no life or friends except a fake ass sister), lie that they have to have chemo and has had radiation for a mass. Chemo and radiation are for cancer patients not lying twats on a reality show. And the people who know her from her sorority have not said one positive thing about methface picker, not ONE, quite the contrary.

    • nam50

      I don’t remember MD after your name so you should check your info because chemo and radiation are used for other things besides cancer ( Danielle never said she had cancer). Also all her friends don’t have to respond to the crap your vomiting out only because they know just how nice Danielle is. And your back to name calling again just to get people read your slime. Also if I’m a price of shit that makes you the rodents that eat shit!

      • If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?

      • nam50

        I’m 58 years old and quite capable of looking at something from all sides unlike you who can only at the negative side. How old are you? 14?

      • And Danielle’s sorority sisters have told me directly that she claimed to have cancer in college. I think you might just be a young girl who likes pageants (so do I, btw) and not really understanding what is happening on the live feeds because your parents (smartly) won’t buy them from you. If that is the case, then I’d like to ask you to find a more age appropriate place to read. I don’t mean this so sound rude, but this is an adult board. I actually tried to google an alternative for you but I can’t find one that is age appropriate and posititive. If you are under 21 and a Dani fan, I suggest you stick to the CBS site and the things you see there. Seriously, I’m a southerner, I love SEC football and pageants and tailgating. But this is not a good fit for a child. It’s okay to like Danielle. Just don’t google her. Go talk to your GFs on the phone.

    • You’re 58? really? Sorry, as a teacher I was trying to look out for a child. I’ll take another tact, As my elder, could you please explain to me what redeeming qualities you find in a young lady who would go on national television and falsely accuse her father of being an abusive alchoholic ( I have spokent to many people who say she HAD a decent relationship with him, he loves her and supported her college expensives) and discusses her mother’s “lady garden” and had pretended to have cancer PRIOR to the game and now in the game, how she adopted the story of a fatal accident and pretended she was in it, who claims numerous health issues and then tearfully tells Dan she had radiation and needs chemo for a growth on her implant (growths don’t occur on implants btw only on tissue)…etc etc..

      So please, mam, explain to me why I am damned to hell for pointing out a liar while Danielle herself is a lovely lady.

      I’m open to being swayed to the other side. What is it about her that you, a 58 year old woman who is wise finds so redeemable about her? Perhaps I am overlooking something.

      I’d think disgracing her family and looking like a fool on TV would be a bad thing but clearly you have a different opinion. I’m listening.

      • nam50

        Your a teacher? I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my grandchildren! EVER!!! With your warped mind that can only see bad in people you are going to twist young minds. As I have said before yes Danielle has lied but everyone but you knows they all lie. IT’S PART OF THE GAME. But since you have talked to ALL of Danielle’s friends you know better than the rest of us just how she is. Have you even read any if the good things said about her? I on the other hand want to see the good in people, not what happens on some tv show where you can’t hear what goes on behind the Diary Room. And there you go again being a doctor… Until you graduate from medical school and get a look at Danielle’s medical file keep your mouth shut about her problems! You say you have talked to her so called sorority friends but I haven’t heard about anything from her family and close friends. Unless college has changed since my time sorority sisters are the most catty back stabing women in the world. As far as her family why don’t you let them handle that, it’s not your business. Your going to hell because your a foul mouth name calling disgrace to all teachers and should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Again, sorry for assuming you were a child. Let me just concede I am going to hell in order to have the whole ‘Love one another” “Love they neighbor as thyself” arguement. Let’s just assume you followed that dictum and you love me and you are just trying to be helpful as the good christian lady you are.

        Let’s first address my abilities as a nationally certified teacher. I teach my kids to critcally look at both sides of the arguement. We have both agreed that Danielle lied about having abusive parents, cancer, a plethora of ailments, and being in pageants etc. Please explain to me how this was gameplay, because a LOT of cancer survivors are pissed and her parents refuse to send her a letter in her HOH.

        It seems everyone but you thinks she is a ginormous cunt.

        So help me to see how we are wrong. You have the floor.

      • nam50

        1. I am a good christian lady, I don’t say nasty things to anyone that hasn’t targeted someone who can’t answer back as you have.

        2. As for what she said about her parents you don’t have the first ideal about what has gone inside her house.

        3. There you go again being a doctor when you don’t know anything about her medical history.
        (Again: Danielle did not say she had cancer). Seems to me the only reason cancer patients are upset is because you keep throwing it in there faces.

        4. Her parents have sent her mail, did you not see it the first time she had HoH? You have know ideal if they sent more that Big Brother
        didn’t give to her.

        5. You say she has no panties, besides nit picking all the little things she had on a thong, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

        6. So your a nationally certified teacher, if you were teaching on kid I would report you! Some if the names you insult people with would get you removed from any school I know.

        7. Do you have proof she was never in a pageant? I do, I was a picture of her in a pageant!

        8. As for everyone but me thinking she us a ginormous cunt is to say the rest of the world has your nasty mouth and you haven’t bothered to read all the blogs.


      • and yes, i talked to A LARGE PORTION of her sorority friends. It was amazing that she has no allies. And YES i attempted to talk to the others. They had “no comment”
        It’s a sorority. It wasn’t hard to talk to everyone…



        Which is how I knew some dumb bitch on another site didn’t steal my story.

        They posted things I would not.

        But really, after saying you have to ha e chemo for a “mast” on your tit?

        I have a new fucking rule.. and mostly it is the LPNs of the Internet don’t get to come argue about being “real nurses who are almost doctors” because they don’t get it.

        yeah parapros do the same thing as teachersl….

  13. Oh Toni, I’m gonna need a bigger handbasket when Nam50 comes back to damn you to hell. :)

    Keep in mind, this is the post she says I am lying in. So far, Dani has gone to the gymnastics meet without any panties, and Jenn is gone and Dani is about to win HOH…so what was the “garbage again?”

  14. nam50

    If your taking everything a bunch of catty school girls that you don’t even know if they ever talked to Danielle as the truth than your delusional. And if I was her family or friends I would tell you no comment too along with go to he’ll. Danielle may be only a LPN charge nurse but that’s a hell of a lot more medical study than you have. But you know what you just keep spewing all your vicious crap cause that’s the only thing people like you can do.
    Danielle won HOH
    Ian and Dan on the block
    Danielle won PoV
    Go Danielle!!!

  15. Janice

    wowwwwwww lol This makes my family seem normal Its scares me that Danielle is able to distribute medication she clearly needs to be on medication not in the medical field lol just wow

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