BB14 Delusional Danielle Mini Update

I did a quick BB14 update the other night and totally forgot to discuss this scene from the last episode. In the scene you see Danielle getting a message from home from her sister. Seems normal enough. EXCEPT Danielle doesn’t HAVE a sister.

Correction: I misunderstood the feeds. The Fierce Five did not come to the BB House. Dani and Shane got to leave the house yesterdayto go to a gymanastic’s exhibition and watch from a luxury box as part of Shane’s veto. It seems the veto came with a luxury prize (the trip) and Shane chose Dani to go with him. Danielle told everyone after how nervous the team was to meet Danielle and Shane. Because they (Dani and Shane, not the current gold medal olympic champions) are celebrities, y’all.

Two of the gymnasts got hurt in the exhibition. From the event site, “SAN DIEGO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2012 – At the Sept. 9 performance of the Kellogg’s® Tour of Gymnastics Champions in Ontario, Calif., 2012 Olympic gold-medalists McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman were injured while performing on the uneven bars. 

Raisman, who was examined at the arena by the physician for the performance, has bruised knees. She will follow an icing and additional treatment regimen with continued assessment by the medical staff, but does not require any further testing at this time.

Maroney is undergoing medical evaluations and tests today to determine the extent of her injury to her left knee.  A further update will be provided once Maroney’s injury is diagnosed and confirmed.”

Looks like Jenn goes home tomorrow night (will air on the Wednesday show) unless Ian and Shane wise up and vote out Dani.


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12 responses to “BB14 Delusional Danielle Mini Update

  1. scott6466

    Now Dani is claiming she had a boob job 3 years ago and now she has cancer on her fake boobs, she is telling Dan this on the live feeds….OMG

    • Tc

      I know. Watched her telling Joe and the rest of the guys that they were 100% real. Got all pissy that they questioned her. Shane was swearing they were rel too. “I can tell!”

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    OMG is right. She is soooo unintentionally hilarious
    At only 23, she has had “everything” imaginable happen to her. I find myself laughing out load when I read the live feed updates. And when I see or hear her on BBAD on showtime , I get so exhausted from her and want to strangle her. Her voice is equally annoying as Rachel’s…

  3. Tc

    Jokers has an hysterical thread that documents her “stories”. She so reminds me of a certain ingle mother from Jersey I used to know.

  4. Delusional Danielle also talked about what a great gymnast she is and how impressed they were with her tumbling skills/knowledge.
    I wish Jenn would have went straight to Ian after the shit went down from Dan’s short lived HOH and made a final two deal. How is NO ONE wise to him yet?

  5. tonilost

    ok but who is the fake sister, is she the owner of that photo studio where the most busted chicks is Bama get done up, their FB page is clock stopping. In fact they make Danielle look gorgeous by comparison. A couple have the same team jersey as Danielle. So who is the woman who went on tv, never said a word about how Danielle’s real family is or called her sis?

    • Dear God, you were not exaggerating about that photography studio. Do they specialize in um…. interesting looking people? I’m being serious. Those people are all very odd and circus-act-like.

  6. Kellie242

    Please Ian I already see Dan winning this season again ….urgh!

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