Wondering Who the New HOH is on BB14? Here’s a Brief Recap

On last night’s Big Brother we had another great double eviction show. I sort of wish they did that every week. Frank and Joe both getting evicted was not a big shock. Hallelujah! Frank is finally gone. He left like a punk. He seemed to think that because he had devoted so much time to getting on the show that everyone should just let him win. His social game sucked. His only hope was to win all the challenges to keep himself safe. While he did a pretty good job of that, his domination of the challenges finally came to an end when he was outsmarted by Ian and his reverse induction strategy. The exciting part was Dan’s brief HOH where he nominated not only Ian (who he really wants out despite his bogus final two agreement) and Danielle.  I was shocked about the Dani nomination and she seemed to think she was going home. Ian and Jenn lost an opportunity to get rid of her there but both of them are currently playing Dan’s game.  Very late last night there was an HOH competition. Keep reading if you want the spoilers on the game and the outcome.

The HOH comp was a one where you had to know what day in the house a specific event happened. The houseguests knew this ahead of time, or at least anticipated that would play into the comp. For reasons I don’t clearly understand, Ian, who knows everything about everything that happens in the house was coaching Danielle and pretty much everyone else on the facts.

Once the game started there was a small twist. You not only had to know the date, but it seems you had to roll a ball into a slot representing the correct day. Jenn again claims she “almost won” but it sounds like Shane and Ian ended up in a tie breaker. WTF? Shane doesn’t even know what day today is. How could that happen?

Ian won HOH and immediately started freaking out and pacing. When they came back in they were on a lock down and he could not get to his hammock. Ian is starting to realize he is in a game with a big money prize. He muttered repeatedly that if he can get to first or second his entire family’s life would change. He’s clearly the underdog a lot of us are rooting for. The problem is he is convinced Dan is taking him to final two. Right now Dan has a final two with everyone except Shane.  He may even have one with Shane and I just missed it. Dan wants Shane gone next since Ian is HOH and he can’t get rid of him. He knows he can’t beat Ian. Dan tells Ian to put up Jenn and Shane. If Shane wins veto then Dani will be the replacement. Ian says that was his plan as well. We shall see what happens. At this point the nominations don’t really matter. EVERYONE needs to win POV or they will likely end up on the block.

UPDATE: Ian got a Pandora’s box. I think he had a choice to take a Skype from home or give the housemates Skypes from home. Whether it was his choice or not, the housemates got the Skypes. Shane’s was from his sister. Danielle’s was from her sister. Jenn’s was from her mother, who is a cancer survivor and Dan’s was from Chelsea.  Ian got a Skype from Rachel Reilly. This apparently pleased him.

Dani and Dan agreed to vote out Shane this week. Shane won POV. Dani will go up. Jenn will most likely leave. The thing is, she is leaving on Tuesday. It’s a Fast Forward week. BBAD will be a recorded episode. Feeds will be down from Tuesday afternoon until???? Probably at least until after Wednesday’s live show.

I love this season. It’s been consistently exciting the entire time. Who are you hoping will win the whole thing? Who do you think will win America’s Favorite? I really like Dan, but I am pulling for Ian.


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12 responses to “Wondering Who the New HOH is on BB14? Here’s a Brief Recap

  1. I’m team DAN – it take a good player to come up with the move he has to save himself and keep moving through this game. Sorry the others can’t think like him but allow themselfs to be true pawns in THE DAN GAME.

  2. Kellie242

    Im really hoping Ian or Shane wins this ..I will be royally pissed if Dan wins again.

  3. no name maddox

    i love dan, wow – amazing, and i also like ian, but if i got to pick the winner, i’d choose dan to take the whole show!

  4. tonilost

    anyone but Danhell, please I dont want to avoid every interview after the show because of Faces of Meth.

  5. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Frank’s hasty & reticent exit was so rude & classless last night.
    Frank is so delusional with his mentality that “I’m the best player in BB history”.
    Really Frank ? Frank had such a inept social game. Plus he was the WORST at reading people and their motives. After Mike’s eviction Frank really did turn into a floater and got “”misted by Dan” really good….

    Yeah Frank , are you certain you were the best player in BB history???
    Frank was nearly evicted in 4th week, but the producers saved his ass with that DAMN GAME RESET. He was almost evicted weeks ago. Plus he was in some stupid leotard, carrot costume for half the game it seems. He took chum baths, got dyed green, and lacked any psychological intelligence. He was lied to and jerked around by all the HG. What a humiliating way for a best player in BB history to be parading on tv. I don’t care how physically strong, and how many comps he won. He sucked bad in my opinion.

    Then Frank considers throwing the VETO because it may expose his alliance with DAN … HAHAHAHAHA Frank !!!!!! That only validated that he was hypnotized by Dan’s mist , and that Frank was truly a dumb ass in this game.

    I say Dan & Ian have good chance for winning, but Danielle & her many personalities actually has a good chance of winning.

    Shane is so dunce, and couldn’t formulate an independent thought to save his life; unless it involved vanity, hair gel, and shaving his body hair. Plus Shane is just as insecure as Danielle. He just internalizes it while Danielle yells it out to the world.

    Has anybody noticed how chewed up the top of Shane’s ears look? I saw some short hair pictures of him on his twitter page and his ears look deformed. I have noticed him in the bathroom mirror adjusting his hair to cover those things up.What an odd one he is….Don’t get me started.

  6. ChrissyB14

    I am so happy that Frank is gone. And it is hysterical that it was Joe of all people who showed how to leave the house with class. That interview of Frank by Julie was such a downer, I hope it doesn’t make people feel sorry for Frank and vote him America’s Player. Go Ian!!!!

  7. Ralph Watson

    Ian is an annoying little douchebag, not an underdog. I do not care for him.

  8. Danielle might be in the best position to win since she is flying sort of under the radar and Dan has managed to keep a target off her back. Dan has been playing an awesome game with his Mist but frankly it isn’t fair as the other’s don’t really understand the game so can not compete with his treachery. I tend to favor Ian, he has a lot stacked against him for winning and I give the dude mad props for having the courage to come on TV given his circumstances, takes a ton of courage.

    I would like to see Dan take the win just for having the record of only player with two BB wins and it sorta is a “in your face” to Bugger due to his rapt love of Dr. Will.

    I am so glad that Frank is out of this game. If he grows up and gets off his high horse I would like to see him play again but without the Booger blinders (as in when he wanted to put Dan up and Booger told him no). Of course with the idiot and his shout-outs to Booger and wearing Booger and Chill Town getup, he just comes across as a baboon and a major tool. And don’t get me started on that stupid unkempt looks like a rat’s nest hairdo he sports, yikes.

  9. I’m with you, Dan gets mad props but I’m pulling for Ian. That kid just deserves it, if only for the detailed play by play of every season.
    But I gotta vent….(live feeds)
    If I have to listen to Jen make ANOTHER fucking protein ice shake I’m gonna scream!
    and why do I constantly wonder what they must smell like and who smells worse?
    Shane has the maturity of a very immature 12 year old.
    But I do give him mad stamina points for listening to Danielle’s whining and shrill voice.
    Dan is my hero because he has cleverly figured out that by asking lots of questions about banal topics will distract him from all the insanity around him.
    Ian just doesn’t have a compatible intellect to really get into conversation with so he goes along with all this pokeman stuff. you can literally see the *duh* wash over shane’s face every time Ian mentions anything else.
    I’m really just waiting for the shit to go down and one of them to snap I think.
    I’m gonna go back to watching Danielle cry now for being congratulated by Jen.

  10. twiggs

    I love Dan, but I’d rather a newbie win……..these players are idiots to not see through Dan’s bs…..& frank was just a fool! How could he trust Dan….ugh, so frustrating…..

  11. BobbiNJ

    Totally admire what Dan has been able to pull off, but I definitely want Ian to win. Pulling for him hard! Frank got what he deserved. So glad he’s gone!

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