Rihanna Rocks a New Look for the VMAs #ShortHairDon’tCare

Who was that elegant young woman with the pixie haircut and the sleek white sheath dress at the VMA awards last night?  It seems Rihanna had a bit of a style makeover before she walked the red carpet last night. Rihanna has been posting Bible verses on her twitter when she is not terrorizing London bars. Here favoritism for wild curly hair and rough, urban clothes went completely out the window last night. She looked more like Halle Berry than Rihanna. Is she making a change and trying out a more mature look? Or is she having one of those Britanny Spears moment? Every woman has gone through something in their lives that made them want to cut off all their hair. Um, haven’t we? Is this one of those drastic change moments born out of frustration? Or can we expect a more mature and elegant Rihanna in the future?

Do you guys like the new look?


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6 responses to “Rihanna Rocks a New Look for the VMAs #ShortHairDon’tCare

  1. Moxie Vi

    Wow… She looks just like Joseline from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta with that hair and at that angle. I’m shocked! Yikes!

  2. Tc

    How embarrassing was it or Miley Cyrus to have to introduce Zpink after totally stealing her hairdo??

  3. Belinda

    Hair looks great……skin..not so much !

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