An Upclose and Personal Look At Cynthia Bailey’s Breasts

Cynthia braless at Fashion Week in NYC September 2011

For the past two days, I’ve been spending A LOT of time googling pictures of Cynthia Bailey for the express purpose of gawking at her tits. I may or may not be in the process of changing my sexual orientation at this point. Despite the fact that I point out some obvious issues with her current business, there is no denying Cynthia is a beautiful woman. So what’s with my sudden fascination with her tits? I blame you guys. Shortly. after I posted this “model call” yesterday, people kept telling me she looks like she has had a boob job. Or as one person put it, “Cynthia has been doing the ‘We must, we must, we must increase our bust.’ exercise a lot. ”

So I started giving Cynthia’s breast my undivided attention. It seems the reaction from y’all was based on that “model call” image. Last night my initial research lead me to the conclusion that was a good bra and Photoshop. Read on to see if I changed my mind.    

Let’s start with the lead picture of this post taken during fashion week almost exactly a year ago. I know everyone has a different preference and maybe it’s because I have naturally large boobs, but if I could have picked my natural size, Cynthia’s boobs in this picture are my idea of perfection. I can’t imagine anyone taking the knife to those. They are perky and symmetrical. I’m jealous.

Cynthia attending a Fashion Show in NYC, February 2012

Then there is the picture above from another NYC fashion show in February of this year. In this picture her breasts appear to be much larger. But she is in a bra and a her top has full coverage. This is a rare circumstance where Cynthia looks less than impeccable. She clearly (to me) has stuffed that bra like a flat-chested middle-school girl. It’s not attractive. It’s also not a boob job.

Cynthia arriving the Strut the Vote September 6, 2012

Which brings us to tonight. Just a bit ago, Cynthia arrived at the Strut Your Vote Fashion Show that she is hosting tonight. Looky there, Cynthia is in a sweet not slutty look and back to her regular boobs. For me, this case is closed and hopefully, this marks the end of my obsession with Cynthia’s breasts. Maybe.  At least this was more fun thank all those times I complained about the RHOA lack of decent foundation garments, here, and most especially here.

So ladies and gentleman, my verdict is no boob job.  What do y’all think?


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6 responses to “An Upclose and Personal Look At Cynthia Bailey’s Breasts

  1. Tamar voice

    Who cares…she’s goregeous either way :)

  2. Mania

    Actually, It IS a boob job and she even admitted it on one of the first RHOA episodes she was on. I think she was underwear shopping with Nene or something.

  3. This post isn’t about if Cynthia has ever had a boob job. It’s in answer to many people asking if she recently did. That said, on one of the housewife reunion shows they RHOA all discussed their cosmetic surgeries. At that time Cynthia said she had lipo on her thighs. I’ve seen no record of Cynthia admitting to a breast surgery. She’s pretty open about what she has had done. If you have a link to an interview where she said she’s had her boobs done, I’d love to read it.

    • Mania

      I didn’t get that from the post, but as I mentioned I heard her saying it on the show and not in an interview. I’ll try and find the episode.

  4. McNeil

    Like the others have said, Cynthia did admitt to having a boob job. She mentioned it in one of her talking heads on season 3. I can’t remember exactly which episode it was, but she was commenting on NeNe’s recently plastic surgery procedures and said something to the effect that she doesn’t see anything wrong with plastic surgery because she had her breasts done.

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