What’s Wrong With This Picture? Bailey Agency Edition

Let’s look at this image for the Bailey Agency. You know, Cynthia Bailey’s  “Bailey Agency School of Fashion” which is her modeling agency, or um modeling school, or school of fashion, or something. Whatever it is, hasn’t it been allegedly up and running since like two seasons ago? Mostly what I hear from The Bailey Agency School of Fashion is modeling contests with high entry fees for entering the pageant contest and more fees for “workshops.” What I’m saying is …why is the “agency” using an event planner to tweet for models for a minor gig and paying in toothpaste?  But there are other things wrong with this picture. Can you spot them?


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  1. L. M.

    “willing to transform into living models”… Aren’t the models being chosen for this event “living?” Most models are living; otherwise, they are referred to as “cadavers.” I’d like to see someone transform into a living model. Maybe this will be on the next season of RHOA.

    • Ten points Ravenclaw. “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!”

      I’ve edited this THREE TIMES and perhaps I have the quote right now. I think I’m getting early, early onset Alzheimers. I am CONSTANTLY typing the wrong word!

  2. baytothea

    i assume they’re trying to play on words….”living” mannequin since it is for a boutique. if not, maybe normal pretty girls able to be a “real” model for the night? either way, im willing to bypass that completely weird sentence. as far as the “prize”, it doesn’t sound too shabby considering oral hygiene is a big part of the business…hell, a free cleaning or whitening is worth it.

    • No play on words. Just the wrong ones. It’s supposed to be a mannequin gig. AKA an opportunity to stand very still for three hours. For some toothpaste. You can’t set foot in that “dental spa” for less than a grand. The “living models” are getting some toothpast and a fifty dollar of certificate if that.

    • I’m thinking like you …. they meant “mannequins” not “models” in that sentence

    • Whatever

      I was thinking the dental prize was a good idea too. They probably should of had a few prizes to choose from. A dental package, free modeling classes, or a skincare gift certificate would have been some cool things to choose from.

  3. D.O.

    Their being compensated with dental services!? Pls I’m sure most would prefer cash

  4. MsLeLe

    “Upscale private event in Buckhead”? hmmm Sounds like and escort service to me.. I wonder if she has cast Marlo Hampton yet?

  5. ladyb

    You gotta give Cynthia credit though..The Bailey agency is still alive unlike a) She by Sheree and b) Nenes Twisted Hearts Charity. Im not knocking any of the ladies but i respect those who can keep it going past a season.
    Personally id rather some cold cash rather than dental work…especially in this economy.
    Wonder if the upscale private event has something to do with the dental spa itself-you know the dentist or company is throwing the event and is giving Cynthias models compensation that way? good way to save $$ and advertise.

  6. Well at least you are acknowledging that you don’t know who the client is from the copy. 10 points Slytherin. Interesting that you don’t expect a modeling agency to (a) have a stable of models and (b) only take gigs that pay in US$ and still think this is a successful company.

    • Whatever

      Someone probably needed models and went to her agency to get some. She may not have any models that fit the criteria and may have posted the ad to get models who do fit the criteria. When those models arrive at her agency she probably talks them into signing up for classes. I’m sure modeling agencies have a high turnover and she constantly needs new models coming in to keep the business going.

      • You leave some of the most perplexing comments. This is a very, very small gig in a small, independent boutique. They need four or five girls to stand around in some clothes. The qualification is be a size 2-6. Modeling agencies don’t have hight turnovers at all. The “models” keep their headshots and info on file even when they give up and decide to wait tables at TGIF. Sometimes it’s helpful to learn new things by reading. These new things may changes things that you were previously “sure” about.

      • Whatever

        @ Tamara, I used to do model searches all the time. We would send announcements/ads to modeling agency’s and they would post the ad for their girls to see. Whatever models were interested and fit the criteria would apply. An agency running an ad for an event, big or small, is an opportunity to get more models to the agency. Unless they are signed with a top agency, models drop out all the time. That’s why agencies constantly need to promote any event necessary to keep models coming in.

  7. bendy

    Friday September 14th is not a time, it’s a date.

  8. Danielle

    Didn’t Apollo win one of her pageants recently too?

    • I didn’t look into that. At the time it confused me. There does always seem to be a prize attached to this “agency.” I read about Rocawear sponsoring at $10K prize for one of these fiascos. That got my attention because Rocawear is on the verge of bankruptcy and probably should not be sponsoring anything since they laid off half their staff recently because they could not make payroll. Allegedly. Because I can’t be bothered to find the source this morning.

      Rocawear it seems has kind of hinky ties to more than one housewife.

      I really thought Cynthia would take this business seriously. I should have known when they had the pretend opening (it was no where near open at the time) with Miss Jay and the planted models from ANTM that it was just a joke.

  9. Joi

    A model call is an audition right ……so when do u R.S.V.P. to an audition I thought a job interview you made an appointment …….ijs and my 2nd grader knows that you capitalize the first letter of a name to a place shouldn’t it be “The Swank Boutique”

    • OOOh 20 points Gryffindor! You do not in fact R.S.V.P. to a cattle call. This is an event planner format to be sure. Which brings me back to the point of the “modeling agency”. Let’s just say you have looked through all of the fabulous girls in your stable and you just can’t find any people who can stand still for three hours in tiny clothes. The YOU put out an open call. Because YOU are a modeling agency. You don’t call Publicity R Us and ask them to tweet for you.

      And it the client was The Swank Boutique you would be correct. However the name of the store is simply, Swank. You are also correct that even wildly confusing sentences should start with a capital letter.

      Now shall we talk about the graphic?

  10. S.Berry

    I love that that the even planner is Public Relations for the housewives, bravo and two of the housewives. Second a dental spa? Don’t people just go to the dentist Yeah they have a nice looking place but it still a dental place it’s not like your getting massages or anything. Who really enjoys the dentist anyone no matter what the decor looks like. I’m guessing they through the dental in instead of cash because it’s free and the Bailey agency doesn’t actually have to pay anything.I rather have cash for a gig then some dental spa.

  11. Ana Ana Banana

    Even though I know they are still some errors lol I can pass the compensation wahahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahaha

    • jerseygirl

      I love they gave a date not time and left out the time. Second it looks cheap and the whole thing looks too busy. Is she actually making any money?

      • I’d say if you are paying your talent in toothpaste, then either you are keeping all the client’s money or everyone is working for free (publicity). Now everyone who reads this blog knows about Swank and The Atlanta Dental Spa for Rich Folks. So it’s working. Right?

  12. Tamara read this!

    Read this carefully and tell me what’s wrong with it. https://events.membersolutions.com/event_detail.asp?content_id=35056 (Bailey Agency Fees for Model Boot Camp)

    • Tasha

      INTENSE training in Fashion, Modeling and ACTING in 3 days? for $400???? Girl stop!! LOL..and it’s only 2 hours each day? Again, for $400? I guess she has to spend the rest of the day working at Peter’s Supper Club.

    • Critter

      Wow, I thought boot camp was longer then 2 hours @ 3 days,
      and talk about cost – it’s for folks who have a lot of extra…
      Says nothing about Cynthia teaching…

  13. Tamara... is really my name. I will now use the name "Other Tamara"

    No! Fill us in on the tea.

  14. Hmm

    The Bailey Agency is not a model agency. Period! She needs to stop pimping these services out under that guise because it just looks like FRAUD.

    If she wants to do a legitimate agency then she needs to find some clients, sign some exclusive models and do it proper.

    I think a southern model agency is a good idea with potential. But bootlegging will not be the way. She should partner with designers, boutiques and the local fashion commissions to try and get Atlanta fashion week legitimized. Or join in with Miami Fashion week. And for God’s sake please pay people in U.S. Dollars.

    Why do all of these Housewives ventures seem like some fake riff? Where is the legitimacy?

    • Whatever

      Everyone just wants the money. No one wants to put in the work anymore. As long as they can wear wigs and go to parties and hold drinks in their hands, etc. That’s all these girls are about.

  15. McNeil

    I’m just trying to understand because it just seems a little odd to me that everytime I look the Bailey Agency is holding a model call or pagent for something or other. I’m just trying to figure out why she doesn’t seem to have any models under contract and why she never works on an fashion shoots, campaigns, and similar ventures like most modeling agencies. But then again, I guess it would be hard to get your models to sign contracts when you book them gigs that pay in toothpaste and dental floss.

  16. In addition to everything else already mentioned, the following sentence
    “chosen models MUST be available the following times”
    uses the word time in the plural….”times” when in fact, not only is there
    no time stated (just a date) but certainly there are no “timeS”……did no one
    proof this???

  17. Tc

    So, it’s not just the model looking like a hooker and the headline missing the word “GIRL” after “CALL”?

  18. mygirlsmom

    I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about on the graphic, but it has always bugged me that her agency logo looks like it reads “The Bailey Bagency”.

  19. Wow so much wrong, Bailey Agency School of “Fashion”, hello it is not a fashion school and Cynthia should know that. Not sure if the “living” models will be stationary or walking around in outfits, misnaming of dates versus location. No time stamp on when they need to be available for Sept 14. Would be nice to specify the $$ value of the dental package or what is included like “teeth whitening”, “cleaning, xrays” “veneers” or whatever. Her ta ta look a little bit bigger don’t know if that is from the push up bra or she decided to be more endowed for whatever reason. Don’t think the agency, school, dump or whatever she calls her joint is doing very well.

  20. Whatever

    Just because you used to be a model doesn’t mean you can run a modeling agency. If she was going to open a business, she should have went to business school. Then she would know how to set this business up to win. Neither her or Peter went to business school, nor do they even seem to have a knack for business. And that’s why their businesses are always struggling.

    • Tc

      Should have went??? You should have went to English class. Lesson is, you can go to school and get degrees in all kinds of things. That only means you are good at going to school. And anyway, some…specialized…schools are easy to get through and still be rock dumb.

  21. Margo Jo

    The girls who apply for this gig will prolly have bad teeth, and will seek out the dental work prize…. wah wahhh don’t smile girls

  22. Linda

    Sadly I think this business is more of a sham than legit and now Cynthia appears to be just as shady as her husband. Losers using young girls for $$$$

  23. Yaya

    This reminds me of ads in Seventeen back in the day – “learn to be a model…or just lookike one!’. Barbizon school – I actaully signed up in college and all they had were “promotions” where you’d hand out stuff in the street – they’d call and say “we need models for a doritos event- you will be provided with a doritos tshirt and hand out doritos at Shea stadium” yeah, no thanks. Oh Cynthia, really? Looks like that “gem” Russell Simmons gave you was actually a turd.

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