Tameka Foster’s Attorney Files a Motion to Have Custody Judge Recused From Case

According to HipHopEnquirer who has the best and most extensive coverage of the Tameka Foster custody battle, Tameka’s lawyer, has filed a motion to have Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane recused from any futher involvement in the child custody case brought by Usher. In the motion, attorney Lisa West lists numerous claims regarding Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue. According to the filing, West claims that Mayoue serves on the executive committee to re-elect Judge Lane, raised nearly 83% of her campaign funds in 2008, and has a disproportionately large number of his cases assigned to her including all of his high-profile cases despite the fact that cases are meant to be randomly assigned to judges. Attorney West was on Foster’s original legal team which belies the story by TMZ that Foster was “shopping for new attorneys for the appeal.”  There has been no response from the Judge or Mayoue at this time. Judge Lane recently awarded primary physical custody to Mayoue’s client, Usher after a case that many believed lacked a foundation for the ruling. For an in-depth look at the case, follow HipHopEnquirer on twitter

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One response to “Tameka Foster’s Attorney Files a Motion to Have Custody Judge Recused From Case

  1. sweetnessnbubba

    If all thats true, the judge SHOULD step down…

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