Phaedra Parks Throws a Couples Dinner for Kandi and Todd

Something is up in the ATL and I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I have some suspicions. Miss Phaedra Parks threw an event today that went from morning to night. She even flew in Chef Roble to cater the event. Click through the jump for what little I know mixed with lots of speculation.

Chef Roble has three wardrobe changes in a day…

Last night Chef Roble was spotted at the Gold Room having a bit of a boys night out. But today, he was with Phaedra and Kandi and their men all day and late into the night. Phaedra hired him for what Kandi describes on her twitter as a “couples dinner.” It seemed to be Chef Roble and the two very happy couples at Kandi’s house this evening. The theme of the dinner seemed to be “aphrodiasiacs.” As if Kandi needs food to get her engine running.

Why is everyone in white the day after Labor Day? It looks very formal and weddingy to me.

Phaedra posted this picture of herself with Chef Roble during the day at a location that seems to be a bit formal. Dare I say wedding like?  It would seem that there was a formal event during the day with more attendees, and then a private evening with just the foursome and the chef in a more casual setting (Kandi’s place) until the wee hours.  Now what could they be celebrating all day long? Could it have been a very small wedding for Kandi and Todd?  An engagement party for a few close friends where the announcement was made? I’m leaning toward the latter since none of the pictures of Kandi and Todd today show their left hands. I saw a picture of Kandi from two days ago with no ring. Either way, I’m guessing we are going to hear something about Kandi and Todd’s future very soon. There is still time for next season’s RHOA to end with a wedding. You know how much Bravo loves a wedding. You heard it hear first.


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19 responses to “Phaedra Parks Throws a Couples Dinner for Kandi and Todd

  1. Whatever

    *Sigh. I’m tired of Chef Roble.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Girl I can never get tired of that handsome mug. He can put sugar in my coffee anytime…

      And I love how Kandi and Pheadra are REAL friends, not fake friends, which we have from season to season, franchise to franchise, on the Housewives.

      • Me too. I think their is the only genuine and true frienship and it is so refreshing to see two gals supporting one another instead of trying to up one another. Kandi and Paheadra rock and I hope they will become life long friends. and their significant others are apparently getting along just well. good, solid frienships are very hard to finds and when you find them, better keep them.

  2. Critter

    I like everyone in that picture – and Kandi’s guy has
    to be good to be in her life – don’t think she
    suffers bullshit easy….
    We’ve seen pictures of Kandi’s new house on the
    outside, are there any interior ones you can share?

  3. gigi

    chef roble looks like a giant surrounded by “smalls” … i like him.. wish i could taste his food

  4. Gloria

    I like the Chef too. I didn’t know he was that tall…or are they all that short? Most people on TV are perceived to be taller then they actually are so this is a surprise.

  5. I agree, something IS going on in the “A” – It’s interesting too that Ne would tweet Apollo’s twitter name and told ALL her fans to follow him. We all know Ne loves to flurt w/dudes and she’s made it no secret “I actually like Apollo…” to Pha-Pha… LOL w/Apollo being the male model picked for Cynthia’s agency and all… should be an interesting season… but where is Kim Zolciak in this show?

  6. Katrina

    It would nice if Kandi finally found someone and Joyce approves. It’s possible that this could be a Chef Roble episode. I thought he was going to be filming in Georgia this time.

  7. Bizzymammabee

    I hope it’s truly good news for Kandi. She deserves to be happy. Apolly and Pha seem to be doing well. Wasn’t there some scuttle somewhere about them divorcing?

    • That was some ish started by a deluded girl on twitter who apparently has a fantasy about Apollo. They are fine.

      • Bizzymammabee

        I hope so. I really like them as a couple. Don’t care what Mr. Yummy did, he paid his debt and seems like a good guy. They make a nice couple and their baby is adorable. Hope they have many happy years. I like that as educated as she is, she doesn’t look down on him or hold his past against him.

  8. ladyb

    If it is an engagement party for K & T, my advice is..marry soon, please. they are already living together, why wait? I am thinking of Omarosa and McD as i type this as there is a story they were planning to marry in Africa in January…and also i am reflecting on Kandi’s first fiance who tragically died a couple of years ago. If its meant to be, do it soon.

  9. chitown shelley

    im agreeing with katrina. i think this may be a setup for chef robles show. i think if kandi had gotten married, there would be billboards up all over the atl. looking forward to the return of chef roble!

  10. cns

    I would love to see Kandi seetled already. If Todd doesn’t have mutiple kids with multiple babies momma I think that mamma Joyce and I would approve. It nice to see a regular guy with a legeitmate career. Please Kandi if you do, please have a pre-nup. You dodged a bullet last time.

  11. baytothea

    im such a pessimist when it comes to reality/celeb couples. i foresee a messy separation. in the meantime, congrats. =D

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