Big Brother 14 Live Feed Update

A few people are asking for a live feed update from the Big Brother House. I was trying to avoid discussing it lest I jinx the current plan somehow, or get my hopes up too high, but if you keep reading, I’ll give you a short rundown of the latest activity behind the jump.

Ian is head of household and Frank and Jenn are on the block. For about another 20 minutes anyway. The live feeds have gone to trivia for the POV ceremony. In a brutal POV comp that was apparently the OTEV comp, Dan pulled out a narrow victory. It seems like they had to find the pictures of the hamsters who were the answer to a question and then run up the hill and present them to OTEV. Jenn did surprisingly well. The questions may have been about some secrets like “Who doesn’t have a final two with X?” Not sure exactly. There has not been a lot of talk about the OTEV that I have seen, but I’ve not really been watching. :)

As I type, Dan is about to take Jenn off the block as payback for her taking him off last week. At least that is his story. The plan is to put Joe up against Frank and send Frank home. As of now the Quack Pack is tentatively together again, at least on this voting issue and even Jenn is on board. That said, Frank has been either HOH or on the block every freaking week. Everyone knows he has to go, but somehow, someone manages to fuck it all up. Frank firmly believes he is safe with Danielle, Jenn and Dan all voting to keep him as part of his “new alliance.” If by the grace of God, these idiots can actually stick with the plan, Frank should get the blindside he deserved WEEKS ago.

But given who we are talking about here, I’m  not gonna hold my breath. Are you guys hoping Frank stays or goes?


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6 responses to “Big Brother 14 Live Feed Update

  1. Reality Junkie

    They seriously need to get rid of him or he will win for sure, imo. But I’m with ya, somehow Frank might manage to stay alive.

  2. Go and go now! Just over it..

  3. Tc

    I don’t think he will win for sure. I think Dan would be smart to take frank to the final 2.

    • He wants to take Joe. But seeing that his days are numbered, he now wants to take Jenn. Barring that, he will probably take Danielle and out her delusions and point out that he coached her and dragged her the whole way. I think if he gets to final 2, and that is looking pretty good, he will win.

  4. michelle

    Bye bye Frank. You should have been gone weeks ago. Hopefully we will get the blindside we were deprived of a month ago

  5. Lilly

    Frank’s goin HOME on THURS…WOOTWOOT! Btw, hi from Lilly from the feeds.

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