What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kimye

I still have an issue with Kim in black leather pants 95% of the time she is with Kanye. At least this is a new pair we haven’t seen before with a hideous cut and huge pockets on the front that flare out to make her look even fatter than she is. Who wears black leather pants every day in the summer? This just annoys me.

Hope y’all are enjoying Labor Day Weekend! It’s been an unexpectedly pretty day here!


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15 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Kimye

  1. NO MA’AM KIM! What are these?? Gaucho leather? Trying too hard….

  2. Lawyer lady

    Ugly as heck and soooo unflattering, can’t she be confident in her own style and not follow him.

  3. Danielle

    Does Kanye smile ever? I have only seen that sneer when he is with Kim.

  4. Kathy

    Kanye is going to turn her into another ghetto chick like he does all is “girlfriends” Kim changes her personality and her style to match whatever or whoever she is with at the “MINUTE”.. oops.. should have been time!

  5. redQueen

    Ye gods she looks fugly. P.S. it was over 90 degrees and humid in NYC the last couple days

  6. Tonya

    Leather diaper pants

  7. sweetnessnbubba

    Tamara, you are a twit tease… You said you were going to put up a blog about Jac and yet you give me this? My life has no meaning… I refuse to comment on a Kardasian

  8. Ana Ana Banana

    Tam… I saw her in person, you won’t believe how ‘stocky’ she is (and short!) Not a hater, I know that I’m not the next supermodel in the making, but for all the ‘hoopla’? that this girl makes out of her body, it is meh!

  9. There have been a couple episodes on her show where you can see he has literally replaced her entire wardrobe because he found her closet too ghetto (an naturally she she willingly obliged). At the end of the day, Kanye really is knee deep into fashion circles & has legitimacy in the fashion industry by way of his French collabos, and it’s that legitimacy that Kim does not have (they can’t stand her) , and she covets and craves it like an addict wants crack. So now, she’s assuming the fashion persona that her well-connected boyfriend creates for her (no more eyelashes, finito for the smokey eye make-up, less cleavage, no maxi dresses, no platform “so very 2 seasons ago” stripper heels ect)- all in an effort to gain the acceptance she so desperately wants from the fashion elite.

    However, she might take note that part of being what it takes to be an “it girl” touted by the likes of Carine Roitfeld, Anna Wiintour & Andre Leon Tally means having an individual sense of style which includes knowing how to dress properly for your figure. Those pants are clearly for a tall, thinner figure that’s boyish, which she is not… meh, they still won’t like her anyway. She’s too vapid, too non-cerebral,too “I took advantage of my sex-tape to become a celebrity-while feigning humility” to be taken seriously as a taste maker by certain circles, and most are not shy about saying that a formal association with her would cheapen their brand image. Let’s see if living vicariously through the boyfriend’s hook-ups will be the come-up she needs… as we live in an age where people can no longer tell the difference between a celebrity and a star, so anything’s possible, I suppose….

    • Kanye West’s clothing line has not been well received by the “fashion elite” as you call them. His first show was brutally mocked and his second collection was an improvement in that they didn’t slay him with as much vitriol as they did the first time. He’s not well respected by serious designers and is only allowed entre into the better runways because he brings in the celebritries. The pants Kim is wearing here are probably from his “collection” which is not unexpectedly heavy on the black leather. Kayne will never have a broad enough demographic or a desirable enough collection to aquire and maintain any sort of serious fashion enterprise. If he wanted to make money in apparel, he should have done a short term plan to appeal to the demographics of his fans.

      Kim can’t fit in anything he makes without going up several sizes just to get into the garment. Then of course it is illfitting. Kim has problems with clothes anyway, her figure makes it difficult to fit in anything. I happened to see the Kardashian show last night and Kim’s butt has really gotten bigger. I find it quite unusual that her ass can constantly continue to widen and yet the rest of her is not growing much at all. How does that happen?

  10. Beth

    Those are the fugliest pants I have seen in a while. She really needs to step away from the crazy and his ugly clothing line. Those pants look like ill fitting stretched out jodhpurs. Sorry but you couldn’t pay me anything to wear anything that that fool designs. He is so not a designer.

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