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Random RHONJ Reunion Thoughts

One minute in and why in the hell is Caroline answering Jacqueline’s questions? Here we go already with the screaming already. I think Tre was the first to call someone a bitch (Jac).  Andy is moving on from the birthday party story and Jac interrupts to ask Melissa if Teresa grabbed her arm. Tell us about Tre grabbing your arm Melissa. Jac really wants to be sure that story gets told. Good lord neither Caroline or Jac can keep their mouths shut while anyone else speaks. Melissa needs to learn how to sit with her legs closed. She on national television not hustling the crowd at Lookers.

Jac, we have read the court records for your business bankruptcy. It’s a public court record. The whole premise of the case is that you and Chris used business funds for personal benefit. Oh for fucks sake at the autism segment. That whole thing is unnecessary and out of place at a catfight. This show is about the housewives and the fighting. Why have a whole segment on one of the kids that was not a part of the show? I could have sworn Jac was tweeting that one of the only things the kid does say now is “I love you.” Let’s move on from this and stick to the main players. Continue reading


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RHONJ Finale: I’ll Cut Your Tongue Out!

I have lots of tidbits that I get that aren’t really worthy of a whole blog. One of them was that Rosie, Kathy’s lesbian sister, went batshit on Tre at the reunion for bringing up  Rosie and Kathy’s father. I filed that under… “I should really blog about that when I get around to talking about Rosie’s arrest record.”  And I was never motivated to do so. But now rumors abound that Rosie threatened to cut Tre’s tongue out on the reunion show. Or maybe it was after. Who knows. RHONJ has become the  WWE of the 2010s. Replete with fanatical viewers. It’s really kinda misogynistic don’t you think?


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Shots Fired at BET HipHop Awards? I’m SHOCKED!

So the filming for the BET Hip Hop Awards was tonight in the ATL and things got a bit heated between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. They had words in the building that then continued later in the parking lot.  Shots were allegedly fired. 50cent’s crew was somehow involved. It was you know, just like most Saturday nights in the parking lot when The Diamond Club stops serving. People get arrested, people get shot. It’s basically Darwinism at its finest.

UPDATE: TMZ is saying the cops said no shots were fired. ROFLMAO. Do they have any idea how many iphone cams were rolling? And the cops maced the hell out of the place and refused to let people in or out of the Civic Center.  You just can’t get accurate reporting anymore. ..If anyone cares “they say” it was Jeezy’s bodyguard who popped a cap off toward Rick Ross’s posse. I keep tellin y’all I live in the ghetto.


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Kim Zolciak: A Brief Refresher

TMZ runs an “exclusive” unsourced story about Kim Zolciak saying such shocking intimate filming secrets like “we heard she was pregnant while filming” and “she is getting her own spin-off ” and the crowd goes wild. Really?  Newsflash: Kim is not “getting her own spin-off”. Kim has a spin-off which already aired one season and has finished shooting season two. I feel like I am telling y’all the world is round and the sky is blue, but apparently you need to hear it. Remember when we watched Tardy for the Wedding together? Nod your heads if you remember. Good. Remember how the ratings were good and then she started filming season two at the same time season five of RHOA was filming? Yes? Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Denies “Roughing Up” Melissa “Marco”

Apparently Teresa is tired of Melissa telling everyone she physically attacked her at a family birthday party. So she contacted Naughty But Nice Rob over at HuffPo to tell him that the entire story is a lie. It seems to only confirm my speculation that this whole arm twisting story Melissa is shopping around is her attempt to paint Tre as the aggressor before the reunion episode where Melissa puts her hands on Tre airs. It is rumored that the reunion was an all out attack on Teresa by all the other castmates but Melissa took it to a physical level. Now Melissa is scurrying to take some of the heat off her before the episode is aired. Tre points out to HuffPo that the birthday party last January was held at a public venue with lots of people and a professional photographer. Click through the link to see what Tre had to say. Continue reading


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Gia Giudice Has A Dance Video

So, um tell me what you think…


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Teresa Giudice Posts ALL of Jaqueline’s Texts on Website

Teresa Giudice has posted a blog on her website addressing Jaqueline’s recent twitter meltdown, and it’s a doozy. I’m telling y’all Jaq has done lost her mind! She’s talking about her multi-million dollar deal that allows her to tweet about Teresa all day. I wonder if those people are hiring because I’m doing it for free dammit! She accuses Tre of all sorts of things from cheating on Joe, to disrupting Nicolas’ treatment and implies that Gabriella is not Joe’s kid.

I don’t know why but Jacqueline put up a few of her texts between us on Twitter and now they are news stories… I’m sick of this whole thing, physically sick, but I want you to have the entire story, so here are all of the texts. Draw your own conclusions. I haven’t deleted any texts from me–I usually just ignore them but they keep on coming! I did black out the names of other people though b/c I don’t think they deserve to be dragged into this. They are people we both know or people I used to work with or know that I didn’t know Jacqueline knew. She last contacted me last Friday at 1 in the morning, and yes, it does give me the chills, and yes, I wish she would stop.

I haven’t contacted her back and I won’t because I really do want this to end. I truly wish her and her son and her whole family nothing but the best! I don’t want any of my fans to bash Jacqueline or her mother or nieces or whoever else on Twitter. Believe me, I feel your support and I know you feel my frustration. Instead maybe just say a prayer for all of us. xx

Click through NOW to read the texts! Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Returns to Anderson Cooper

So it’s time to see why Anderson Cooper brought Teresa Giudice back on the show today. Anderson starts off saying he felt like he was a little aggressive with her yesterday. He hates rudeness and doesn’t want to ever be rude to anyone.  I’m already perplexed. Yesterday Tre was interviewed at the table where they do the days hot topics. I found that weird at the time because Jaq and every other guest in the history of mankind was interviewed on the couch. So today she didn’t come out in the first segments at the table, and now Anderson Cooper is interviewing Ty Burrell on the couch. However, I’ve already seen the clip above and Teresa and Anderson are back at the table.  What’s wrong with the couch Anderson? Continue reading


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Anderson Cooper Invites Teresa Giudice Back Tomorrow. For an Apology?

Gif From RealityTVGifs Best Gifs on the Internet!

It seems I was not the only person who thought Anderson Cooper was a little rough on Teresa today. He seemed to know there was at least some dissenting opinion in the studio audience before the show was even over.  Now, the Internet is full of stories  about this particular interview and in each one, AC’s attitude toward Teresa was addressed. There are questions about his friendship with Andy Cohen influencing his interview style since Andy has been a bit hard on Tre this season as well. Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Interviewed on Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper airs at 3 p.m. here in the Atlanta market, so I am just now getting ready to watch his interview with Teresa Giudice. Okay here is what happened… Continue reading


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Who Is Winning The RHONJ Tabloid Cover War?

There are lots of stories flying around about the Real Housewives of New Jersey since the finale and in anticipation of the three-part reunion episodes. Contracts are negotiated after the reunion for the next season so everyone is vying for position. First out of the gate was Melissa Gorga.  Melissa, who was horrified that Tre would do INTERVIEWS! with MAGAZINES! for MONEY!  Finally got one to pay attention to her.  In her interview on Wendy Williams this week, she wanted to make it clear that Teresa was ruining her life. She managed to work into the interview the two main accusations she made in her US Weekly cover story this week. First she says that Teresa violently twisted her arm in front of throngs of innocent children at a family birthday party and then she claims that Teresa called some club that hires Melissa to perform and told them to stop booking her and not to pay her.

I can see Teresa grabbing Melissa by the arm. After the Kathy face grabbing incident, where Kathy repeatedly told Tre not to touch her, it’s clear that Tre has no problems getting in someone’s personal space. However, I doubt Tre was trying to wrench Melissa’s arm out of its socket while she was holding a kid. I have a theory on why Melissa is on tour with this story this week. I’ll get to that in a minute.  As for the club story, that one makes less sense to me. Why would Tre be calling a club owner telling them not to pay Melissa and, as Melissa added on the Wendy Williams show, “to hire Tre instead?”  When has Tre ever done the club scene? What the hell would Tre do at a club? Rattle off a list of ingredienceses for meatballs? Maybe now that her *ahem* “wine” is out she could borrow an outfit from Melissa and pass out free samples or something? It’s not that I think Tre is morally above such behavior, I just can’t find a motivation for her to do it. Continue reading


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Bobbi Kristina Brown in Serious Car Crash

Since Whitney Houston died, her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has been under the scrutiny of paparazzi. The mainstream media and blogs alike have been reporting on some pretty disconcerting behaviors in the nearly seven months since Whitney’s death.  At first, reports indicated that Bobbi wanted to be back in the Atlanta condo that she once shared with Whitney. We were told that Warren Boyd, the guy the show The Cleaner is based on, was with her at all times acting as an interventionist and sober coach.  This was believed to be a temporary measure designed to get her to agree to an in-patient rehab. Well, it was a temporary measure, but Krissi never agreed to go to rehab.

Then came the Oprah interview where Pat Houston seemed eager to take center stage. We did see Krissi who seemed to be getting through things the best she could. Even that interview was rather awkward as Orpah interviewed Krissi standing around a kitchen counter in a not very relaxed setting. But at that point we figured the family, you know the family that could not even allow Krissi’s half-siblings to sit together with their father at the funeral, anyway, we figured that family had her back. But we were wrong. Continue reading


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