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Random RHONJ Reunion Thoughts

One minute in and why in the hell is Caroline answering Jacqueline’s questions? Here we go already with the screaming already. I think Tre was the first to call someone a bitch (Jac).  Andy is moving on from the birthday party story and Jac interrupts to ask Melissa if Teresa grabbed her arm. Tell us about Tre grabbing your arm Melissa. Jac really wants to be sure that story gets told. Good lord neither Caroline or Jac can keep their mouths shut while anyone else speaks. Melissa needs to learn how to sit with her legs closed. She on national television not hustling the crowd at Lookers.

Jac, we have read the court records for your business bankruptcy. It’s a public court record. The whole premise of the case is that you and Chris used business funds for personal benefit. Oh for fucks sake at the autism segment. That whole thing is unnecessary and out of place at a catfight. This show is about the housewives and the fighting. Why have a whole segment on one of the kids that was not a part of the show? I could have sworn Jac was tweeting that one of the only things the kid does say now is “I love you.” Let’s move on from this and stick to the main players. Continue reading


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RHONJ Finale: I’ll Cut Your Tongue Out!

I have lots of tidbits that I get that aren’t really worthy of a whole blog. One of them was that Rosie, Kathy’s lesbian sister, went batshit on Tre at the reunion for bringing up  Rosie and Kathy’s father. I filed that under… “I should really blog about that when I get around to talking about Rosie’s arrest record.”  And I was never motivated to do so. But now rumors abound that Rosie threatened to cut Tre’s tongue out on the reunion show. Or maybe it was after. Who knows. RHONJ has become the  WWE of the 2010s. Replete with fanatical viewers. It’s really kinda misogynistic don’t you think?


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Shots Fired at BET HipHop Awards? I’m SHOCKED!

So the filming for the BET Hip Hop Awards was tonight in the ATL and things got a bit heated between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. They had words in the building that then continued later in the parking lot.  Shots were allegedly fired. 50cent’s crew was somehow involved. It was you know, just like most Saturday nights in the parking lot when The Diamond Club stops serving. People get arrested, people get shot. It’s basically Darwinism at its finest.

UPDATE: TMZ is saying the cops said no shots were fired. ROFLMAO. Do they have any idea how many iphone cams were rolling? And the cops maced the hell out of the place and refused to let people in or out of the Civic Center.  You just can’t get accurate reporting anymore. ..If anyone cares “they say” it was Jeezy’s bodyguard who popped a cap off toward Rick Ross’s posse. I keep tellin y’all I live in the ghetto.


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Kim Zolciak: A Brief Refresher

TMZ runs an “exclusive” unsourced story about Kim Zolciak saying such shocking intimate filming secrets like “we heard she was pregnant while filming” and “she is getting her own spin-off ” and the crowd goes wild. Really?  Newsflash: Kim is not “getting her own spin-off”. Kim has a spin-off which already aired one season and has finished shooting season two. I feel like I am telling y’all the world is round and the sky is blue, but apparently you need to hear it. Remember when we watched Tardy for the Wedding together? Nod your heads if you remember. Good. Remember how the ratings were good and then she started filming season two at the same time season five of RHOA was filming? Yes? Continue reading


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Teresa Giudice Denies “Roughing Up” Melissa “Marco”

Apparently Teresa is tired of Melissa telling everyone she physically attacked her at a family birthday party. So she contacted Naughty But Nice Rob over at HuffPo to tell him that the entire story is a lie. It seems to only confirm my speculation that this whole arm twisting story Melissa is shopping around is her attempt to paint Tre as the aggressor before the reunion episode where Melissa puts her hands on Tre airs. It is rumored that the reunion was an all out attack on Teresa by all the other castmates but Melissa took it to a physical level. Now Melissa is scurrying to take some of the heat off her before the episode is aired. Tre points out to HuffPo that the birthday party last January was held at a public venue with lots of people and a professional photographer. Click through the link to see what Tre had to say. Continue reading


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Gia Giudice Has A Dance Video

So, um tell me what you think…


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