The New Normal Premieres Online to Mixed Reviews

Nene Leakes latest sitcom venture The New Normal has been embroiled in controversy from the outset. There were the usual whackdoodle bigots who apparently think gay people should not be on TV. The same group that had a hissy fit when Ellen Degeneres became the spokes person for JCPenney tried to raise a fuss, but apparently they are just a handful (not a million, not even a dozen) shut-in hausfraus from Florida. Now the morons want to get in on the act. The Salt Lake City NBC affiliate is refusing to air the show even before they have seen a single episode. Ellen Barkin, who plays the conservative, bigot mother on the show has offended many people, not limited to republicans, by wishing death on attendees of the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Barkin retweeted a fan who said, ” “C’mon #Isaac! Wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC.” Not a good look.

Today Yesterday (oops got busy) the pilot episode went live on the Internet ( and feedback is coming from everywhere. The verdict? Let me start with some of the man on the street reviews.

From, whose crowd is more into television and movies than housewives and gossip:

They should call this show “The New Funny.”  Because it is nothing like “The Old Funny.”  You know?  The one that resulted in laughter…Comment by snark — Wednesday August 29, 2012

Agreed. This was my least favorite of all NBC’s new shows, and really, that’s saying something because it’s another blah year for the peacock. I like the actors, but the script is just trying too hard to be clever. I’m surprised they didn’t all turn to the camera after every joke and go “eh? eh?” Comment by NotQuiteRight — Wednesday August 29, 2012

Watched the whole episode and didn’t laugh once. This show is trying way too hard to be ‘politically incorrect’ to the point that it is just boring and obvious.  Someone please add a reply and tell me how was this greenlit and who is it supposed to appeal to because I am at a loss. Comment by coppertopolo — Wednesday August 29, 2012

It was put on the air because of who the creators are. If you had written it obviously it would never have been produced or for that matter looked at. NBC wants to be in the Ryan Murphy business. Now they are but they won’t get much of an audience for this. It’s too radical for mainstream success. It belongs on Bravo or Logo or Current or Showtime or HBO. Comment by Anonymous — Wednesday August 29, 2012

Now I understand why Ryan Murphy is on the “outs” with the gay community in Hollywood. -RnsW Comment by Robert Not So Wise

Andrew Rannells performance is a little too flamboyant, which I think ends up portraying gays in a bad and stereotypical light, whether he means to or not. It’s highlighted especially when you put a “straight man” in there which reinforces the stereotype that there needs to be a “man” and a “woman” in a gay relationship. Comment by Joel — Wednesday August 29, 2012

Just threw up a little bit in my mouth after watching that. Disgusting. Comment by amirite — Thursday August 30, 2012

However, the major Gossip Rags (who have an interest in interviewing Nene) have a much different outlook. Ken Tucker of says, “Creator Ryan Murphy (Glee) adds frothy dollops of extreme by tossing in two valuable players who could not be more different: Ellen Barkin is Goldie’s genially homophobic grandmother, while reality TV vet NeNe Leakes proves a finely aggressive comic actress as Bryan’s office assistant.” And has selected it as one of the five new shows they love. The IMDb boards are mixed on their reviews but several call the show too preachy, too political and not funny.

Overall, if you believe the serious TV fans of posting at Deadline and IMDB, then the show won’t last long. If you believe the Entertainment rags, the show will be a hit. Time will tell.



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15 responses to “The New Normal Premieres Online to Mixed Reviews

  1. gigi

    interesting.. i hope it does well.. i will have to watch for myself.. #teamnene

  2. I thought it was hilarious.

  3. Katrina

    I love Ellen Barkin on political Animal. I look forward to seeing her in a comedy. I like shows where they take a forbidden topic and force people to look at it and somehow make people laugh. “All in the family” was a controversial show. People like to pretend this stuff doesn’t happen, when it happens everyday!!

    • mzmotion734


    • Miele

      Ellen Burstyn is on Political Animals, not Ellen Barkin (unless I missed something). I would LOVE to see Ellen Burstyn play a conservative character on the New Normal or any comedy (maybe as Ms. Barkin’s mom?). She has such great timing and is a scene-stealer!

  4. *goes & follows Ellen Barkin on Twitter*

  5. Shawn

    I want to watch just because Ellen Barkin is in it but I won’t be watching just because Nene is. Too bad because I’m sure it will be funny. Just can’t stand to watch Nene

    • mzmotion734

      The show is really funny, and you get an education on same sex lifestyles at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. sobbona

    I saw it yesterday. NeNe wasnt bad..but then again, she was really just being herself. I cant get over Justin Bartha…he tries to hard to act like a homosexual and i just wasnt buying it..maybe b/c i know he’s straight–some straight men play homosexual characters well, but his character doesnt fly to me. Other than that, not bad.

    • Thanks for sharing your review. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I’ve heard that about Justin Bartha. I’ve also personally heard some feedback from my local gay friends along a similar vein. It must be like when Yankees try to be southern, lol. The consensus seems to be, is there a shortage of gay actors to play gay roles? And there is a lot of negative energy out there about Ryan Murphy in my local gay community about him playing on sterotypes. Muchlike Tyler Perry and his objectification of black stereotypes. Comedy about minority groups is a hard tightrope to walk in the world of television.

    • chinese checkers 8

      I thought it was good. But then, I still miss ‘Will and Grace’. That guy that played Will was straight but totally believable as gay. It’s called acting, right?

  7. Gloria

    In the trailer that I saw I didn’t like it when Barkin says something like, “There’s a giant homosexual elephant in the room,” and then NeNe comes running in with her big self with a bag of eggs. I was offended by that because it made it look like NeNe was the giant homosexual elephant. Oh well, I guess I should be offended if NeNe wasn’t. When they put one thing after the other like that they think they are being slick, like talking about Gabby and then right after showing a commercial of a monkey doing gymnastics or on one Oscar award show I watched they showed a picture of Whoppi in the movie Ghost and then right after a pic of a gorilla from the movie Gorilla’s in the Midst. They try to be slick as if we’re so dumb and it’s some inside joke amongst themselves.

  8. Carmalelloo


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