EXCLUSIVE: Karen Zolciak Sues Daughter Kim Zolciak Biermann for Visitation Rights

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I’ve got some Breaking News from the ATL regarding Kim Zolciak, ya’ll. As you may recall, Kim’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding gave us a peek into Kim’s relationship with her mother, Karen Zolciak. Karen seemed to have her feelings hurt when she was left out of the wedding planning process and was ultimately ejected from the wedding as seen on the finale.  I had hoped that the rift between the two was amplified for the show, but that unfortunately does not seem to be the case.

I now have an update on what has occurred since the Wedding… Click through for the tea.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012,  Karen Zolciak sued Kim Zolciak Biermann in Fulton Superior Court seeking visitation rights over her granddaughters.  It is a pro se filing, meaning she has no lawyer representing her. According to a legal source familiar with the filing, ” Plaintiff is seeking the right to regularly see her granddaughters, who are the daughters of Kim Zolciak Biermann, who is a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The girls live such a crazy, abnormal life being on T.V., they need a normal haven to relax and unwind and just be kids. Plaintiff was portrayed as a bad person on defendant’s show Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding which featured defendant’s wedding to Kroy Bierrman. In addition, plaintiff claims she has not seen defendant’s new baby since he was born.”

Sadly, it sounds like Karen has not seen her grandchildren much, if at all, since the Wedding on November 11, 2011. Furthermore, she has claims she has not seen her newest grandchild, Kash Kade Biermann at all. Looks like Kim has essentially cut her mother out of the family since her wedding. I expect this case to get ugly. I’ll keep y’all posted as the case moves forward.

UPDATE: I have contacted a legal advisor to Tamara Tattles for a complete understanding on grandparent rights in Georgia. Based on my limited research it looks like this case may be thrown out because there is no divorce or death of a parent involved. Also, there is no previous history of financial support on the part of the grandparent and there may not have been a regular schedule of visitation prior to the filing. Again, I am not a practicing attorney so I am reaching out to someone who is for further explanation.  It does seem from what I have read if both parents are married they retain the sole rights to determine whether or not to allow grandparents visitation. More updates to follow.

Update2: A few more things. I don’t know why it did not occur to me that the granddaughters don’t have their legal fathers in the home. This is helpful to Karen’s case. Also helpful is the fact that Kim lived with her mother at least briefly while she was unmarried and Karen cared for the kids. Also the girls had a prior relationship with Karen. So it may be that she can get visitation with the girls but not Kroy’s kids.

Also Karen has a twitter account with one post in 2010 five in 2011, most are to Brielle one or two for Kim, and one posted on June 15, 2012 that say simply, “Karma…Just sayin’…” What happened on June 15th? I dunno but the season finale aired the night before on June 14th. You guys still think this is staged? I don’t.

Also, I’ve gotten lots of questions about why the petition refers to “grand-daughters.” I believe that Georgia law requires among other things “a history of previous regular visitation” in order for a grandparents rights to visitation to be granted. Because the rift occured at the wedding last November, there is likely nothing to support a history of visitation with KJ, and clearly she has not been allowed to see Kash.  I feel like this whole thing is designed to shame Kim into allowing her mother to see the children as the case itself may never see the light of day. We shall see.



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62 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Karen Zolciak Sues Daughter Kim Zolciak Biermann for Visitation Rights

  1. RealitySux

    Oh boy …this is going to get ugly – you can just feel it.

  2. RealitySux

    …and as one who has had issues with their own Mother though … I would have to say it’s Kim’s choice. Unless her Mother can prove that the lifestyle the girls are living in, is detrimental to their well-being – she’s only going to foster more bitter feelings.

    • Whatever

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Karen tried to seek custody of the girls. Just to stick it to Kim. Karen knows Kim and the girls are happy now that Kroy has entered the picture and she wants to ruin it.

      • Dot

        Karen is not trying to stick anything to Kim. She just wants to see her grandkids. They were close to her before Kroy came into the picture. Yes they are all happy now that Kroy is in the picture they have a dad plus all they could dream of having money wise. But it does not replace the grandparents. Kim does not let her dad see the kids either, the girls should have been able to make up their own minds if they wanted to see their grandparents. They both were of an age to make that choice then. As now I would be sorry to ask them that question because of all the bad things that has been said I’m sure their minds have been tainted of ugly things said about their grandparents that they would not feel comfortable seeing them and also would surely feel guilt towards their mother not wanting them to visit with them. It is a shame that Kim felt the need to take this as far as she did over something so petty. You will always have just one mother good or bad, and to put her children in this situation is sad. She blames her mother for a lot but she should also look in the mirror and ask herself if she is above her? Kim has done some unthinkable things in her life as well. Like they say people in glass houses should not throw stones, maybe she forgot where she came from and just thinks now she’s too good.

  3. Lawyer Lady

    Where two competent and able parents are involved Grandparents generally have no rights, this is just sad. I thought their drama was made up for the show, perhaps not.

  4. Danielle

    A self-entitled Zolciak? Who knew?

  5. Navia

    Sounds like another stunt/scripted bit for the show. Aren’t they filming now? A frivolous lawsuit would be a great story line for Kim considering she won’t be associating herself with the other housewives. Mark my words.

  6. g2-30abdbffc564e5d8218d1b6b8bb912d1

    Do the girls even want to see her regularly?!

    • That’s generally not much of a consideration. The show did show Brielle talking to her grandmother on her phone in one scene though when Kim was ignoring her. It sort of seemed like Brielle wanted her at Homecoming and Karen was being pissy about the last minute invitation after Kim allegedly had told her not to come.

      Meanwhile, That is the best name you can come up with? Can I just call you G2? :)

      • g2-30abdbffc564e5d8218d1b6b8bb912d1

        I didn’t think it was, but if they really miss her then Kim’s a bigger douche than I thought.

        lol! It’s fpf. I saw that and have since changed it :) It’s an old account I completely forgot about.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Tamara, could this be an accumulation of Kim not letting her mother be in attendance when she got married or however that went? I didn’t watch her spinoff, but from what I have read, they haven’t had a great relationship in the past.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        Thanks Tamara. I thought maybe Kim and her mom had troubles before the wedding fiasco. I don’t think anyone could be happy their daughter was a professional mistress who flaunted it on tv lol

    • Whatever

      That’s what I’m wondering. The girls and Kim obviously love Karen. Look how they immediately defended Karen when Kathy Griffith said Karen had meth arms. Brielle was furious. So I think Karen is just a hater and a troublemaker.

  7. To my little troll from Ottawa, You have my attention. This is likely not a good thing.

  8. Kim obviously feels she is above the rest of the cast of RHOA and desires/derserves her own spin off series. She now needs to prove to Andy Cohen that she has so much going on in her life that she has earned said show. All she has for a story line for the upcoming season is that she moved and has a new bay boy named Knish. How better to keep her name in the news then to create mishegas with her mother. Kim’s mother apparently loves the attention as much as Kim.

    • Knish would have been a better name. I believe Kim is filming both shows atm. Which makes for interesting time. However, the final straw for Granny could have been not being invited to see baby Krash.

      • Whatever

        But why does Karen feel so entitled to everything Kim has? That’s the part I never understood. Entitled to be in Kim’s house on the wedding day when Kim said no, entitled to come to the wedding food tasting with Colin Cowie, entitled to Kim’s shoes on the wedding day, entitled to see Kash. I don’t get it.

  9. Jennifer

    The last episode showed her mother drunk, trying to get in Kims house and threatening to burn the house down. Keeping family out of the house was tacky, but her choice. I think there must be deeper issues with her. No one treats their mother the way Kim does without a good reason. Maybe a history she doesn’t feel is anyone elses business…

    • True, her behavior on the show certainly won’t help her case if she indeed has one. She also has no attorney and if it goes to court, which seems unlikely, she will be out gunned. Still it’s sad. She is their grandmother. If she is at all able to be a decent grandmother, it would benefit the kids. However, if her behavior on the show is any indication, Kim is doing the right thing by denying her visitation.

      • Tracie

        It seems from previous episodes that Karen had a relationship with the girls. karen has appeared in several episodes since the 1st season and/or mentioned/referenced. I understand what you are saying but it does seem to be scripted for Kim’s show. Especially since Karen does not have a lawyer. It also does not mention anything about Kim’s father. It seems to be a story line that both Kim and her Mother are okay with creating considering it provides viewship and interest in Kim and Karen gets some focus and attention as well.

      • Katrina

        Hopefully, it is just a storyline, just like Sweetie Hughes storyline. Last month or so, either Kim or Sweetie tweeted that Sweetie had a death in the family around filming time and Sweetie was never fired!

      • Katrina

        I just remembered something. Brielle said on twitter a while ago that Kroy was going to adopt her. It didn’t say anything about Ariana. Maybe this is why Karen chose to file now!

      • Duh, I keep forgetting that the girls don’t have both parents. THAT is another reason why the case says granddaughters. They DO NOT legally have two parents. And Karen probably did support them in the past. Lord know she kept them all while Kim was um….working. Because Kroy is such a good Dad to the girls sometimes I forget he is not (yet) a legal father to the girls. This gives Karen’t case more of a prayer.

    • Whatever

      Agreed. I believe there is good reason Kim does not want to be around the mother. I also think we probably were not supposed to see all that we did in that episode. I think that was the family stuff Kim wanted to keep hidden. Kim may simply be embarrassed by her mother, ya know?

      • Anon

        Kim was Big Poppa’s side piece for money. Don’t you think she was the biggest embarrassment in that family?

  10. Katrina

    Kim’s behavior typical. Kim is married now and she doesn’t need her parents support like she use to. It is sad that she will not let her mother visit the children. Karen has been on the RHOA many time and she has been involved with those children from the beginning! The only thing that has changed is Kim’s married!

  11. Tia

    Lord have mercy Kim is a hot mess. She needs to go on the Iyanla Vanzant show. I dont care how made I get at my mother I would never keep from her grandbabies. That to me is just petty and evil. What happened to honor thy mother?

    • Whatever

      We are supposed to honor our mother and father in the Lord. The mother may not be in the Lord or acting honorable. Remember, the mother and father are not to provoke their child to act dishonorable. The mother may have done things to provoke this behavior from Kim. Such as telling Kim’s husband “Fuck you” to his face on his wedding day, while standing in his house, in front of guests. That probably hurt Kim.

    • Cheryl

      You should always Honor your parents but not at the expense of your children. I have problems with my Mother and haven’t ever denied her visitation with my children …her ONLY Grandchildren …but when she became to…toxic. Talking bad about me to my children …telling my children that I’m a bad parent and they can come live with her if they want. Well that was too much. She was only allowed to see them under my terms and under my supervision. What she was doing and what Karen is doing is “alienating” the girls from their Mother. And NO ONE has that right as long as the kids are happy & healthy. Karen never had a problem with the girls being on reality TV before …now all of a sudden it’s too crazy for them? Get real. It’s just her way of extending her 15 mins of fame.

  12. Buck Henry

    Yep, before Kroy you bet the grandparents where watching the girls when Kim was “working”.

  13. Tc

    I didn’t realize that grandparents could ever sue for visitation. I’m not liking that. Anyhow Karen is a flake. As is Kim. This is ll probably for airtime.

    • I think that it’s for real. This is how we do down here.

      • joan

        I do as well. It may be hard for many people to believe this if they’ve had a good Mother. Not everyone has. There are many people out there whose Mother was jealous of everything from their hair to their ability to grow long nails, seriously. The world is filled with unbalanced people. We see women on the news all the time who have done everything from physical abuse, mental cruelty and worse – murder. Just because they are a “Mother” doesn’t mean they have lived up to the role.

      • Katrina

        I don’t think Kim wants her dirty laundry to be aired in public and if she was smart she would have Sweetie or one of her assistance take the children to see their grandmother! I don’t think Karen is jealous of her daughter. If Karen was jealous of Kim, this flair up would have happened when Kim was with Big Pappa. This is about Kim trying to cut her mother out of the children’s lives because now Kim has a new husband that she feels can take them without any assistance from her parents. Thus is about Kim using people and throwing them away when she has no need for them. It would be different if Karen was an absent parent! It will be interesting to see it play out on camera.

    • Tc

      You honestly think Kim cares about her dirty laundry? She has filmed her father drooling over the thought of his daughter having a sex bath. She gleefully made a big production about her mother’s douchery at her wedding. If she cared about appearances, she would have let the woman pee or do her drugs or whatever in the upstairs b-room and she would have ignored it and had fun at her own wedding instead of blowing it up.

      • Katrina

        To some extent she does. She would like us to forget her past and only think of her as a devoted mother and wife. I’s one thing to be on TV looking foolish and quite another thing for your own mother to spill your secrets in court! Kim could claim editing for the show!

  14. Abby

    The moment I first saw Kim’s parents on the show I said to myself “What the hell is she thinking having them on the show? What an embarrassment.”

    As a mother let me tell you I NEVER let my children around ANYONE who does not respect me! Grandparents included.

    If you can’t play nice with EVERYONE then don’t come to the sandbox!

    This woman is a piece of work. She will never win. And, any chance of having a better relationship with her daughter has now been completely destroyed.

    • Katrina

      Karen is not worried about her relationship with her daughter! Karen has always had a relationship with Kim’s girls. Karen Zolciak has been on the show since season 1 and Kim did not seem to have any problems with her mother! Kim caused a lot of that mess on her own.

      • Abby

        Those girls are Kim’s. They are a package deal! If Karen truly wanted a relationship with her granddaughters she would start with having a better one with Kim.

    • Whatever

      I agree, I feel like Karen is overstepping. Everything Kim says gets ignored by Karen. If you want to be in someone’s life, especially if you want a relationship with their kids, you must respect them. Maybe that’s why Kroy is adopting the girls. So they are rock solid against Karen’s attempts to take them away from Kim.

  15. Kim is a flake as much as her mother. What Kim is doing is setting an example for her own children on how to treat their mother ( Kim ) years down the road.

  16. Whatever

    Kroy may not want his boys around Karen. After she told Kroy, “Fuck you” to his face, on his wedding day, in his own house, in front of guests, is there any wonder they don’t want to have anything to do with her? Karen should have seen all this coming after she acted a damn fool at the wedding. Kim probably doesn’t want the girls around her cause she will try to divide them against Kim and Kroy. I wonder if the girls want to see Karen. I’m sure they do, but not at the expense of their new family/father. You can’t sue or use the law to demand to see someone else’s kids. Kim is their mother, and what she says goes. Once again Karen is overstepping and undermining Kim, the same way she did at that wedding by going in the house and upstairs to use the bathroom. Lot’s of people move back home when times get tough. If Kim was dumped by her first husband(s), she obviously would need help getting back on her feet and begin dealing with life as a single mother. Helping someone out during hard times should not be used against them later to control them. Didn’t Kim help pay for all of Karen’s wedding clothes? Kim should throw that in her face. I agree with you Tamara, I think Karen despises Kim, and will do anything to discredit her or make her look foolish. That’s probably why Kim is always running behind money. So she won’t ever have to go back and live with or put up with Karen again.

    • Anon

      Kroy doesn’t mind eating on Big Poppa’s china. Sleeping on the bed Big Poppa paid for. Sitting on Big Poppa’s couch or raising his sons in Big Poppa’s house but he has a problem with having Karen around her grandchildren? I wonder if Kim banned Kroy’s mother from seeing the boys would he go along just to get along.

      • Pam

        Once a relationship is over, does it matter who bought what in the previous relationship? Everything belongs to Kim now. Karen was disrespectful to Kroy, Kim, and all three grandchildren. I think Kroy’s mother would have handled that situation a lot differently and with more class. She would have broached the subject with Kroy, alone, and in private; not making a scene at the wedding. I believe if Kroy’s mother had said “Fuck you” to Kim on that day, he would have had her removed. Fortunately, Kroy’s mother seems to have more class than Karen does and a lot more respect for her son and all three grandchildren, whether blood grandchildren or not.

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  19. With an apparently camera/attention hungry alcoholic obnoxious mother like that….who needs enemies? If I were Kim Id get a permanant restraining order against her!

  20. To'Nia

    It is unfortunate that Kim’s relationship with Karen played out on television to this degree. However, I always saw a jealousy that existed on Karen’s part and it seemed to be related to the relationship between Kim and Kim’s father. A strange as it seems, it’s not uncommon. Women carry many things that often manifest themselves as hatred and malice. I totally agree that in order to make this thing work all parties involved must be respected and on board. Karen is feeling stun…really stung right now so they may just want to let this one fizzle out. No one will be totally rational now.

  21. Chris

    This is my first time visiting you blog, and I must say that I have been so polluted by the rest of them that I was actually shocked at how fair, balanced, and down to earth your items are. And that you don’t seem interested in promoting your own agenda…too much tmz and perez, I guess. Good stuff!

  22. Amy

    I know nothing about this show, however, this is the story of my life. My mother sued me for visitation/partial custody 2 out of 3 of my sons. After going to court, we came to an agreement that I am not happy about. I have no control over if my sons leave my house with her or not. The only reason she was able to sue me was that I am not with their fathers anymore. She manipulated the system to get her own way. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for me please leave comments.

  23. I’m just wondering who will support Kim and her kids when Kroy divorces her . She obviously is not a hands on Mother . She might get puked on by her babies ? She is so self centered and in LOVE WITH HERSELF that I could never see her running a home with two young babies not even having ainutw to shower . Can anybody see that ? I think she wakes up with that makeup plastered on her face . She’s a beautiful woman but to in love with herself ! Kroy has a schoolboy crush on her and he’ll get sick of her too . I know I did . It was the way she treated her Mother at the wedding . It was disgusting ! She doesn’t pay anyone for what she gets she just feels she is owed this extravagance in everything . She not a nice person , and Kroy he follows everything she does . Where’s your balls Bierman? I thought you were raised better .

    • Pam

      I agree with what you said about Kim, but her mother was disrespectful in the fact that KJ was asleep upstairs and did nothing to keep from waking him up. Everyone else had to use the port-a-potties. Kim said from the beginning no one was allowed to use the bathroom in the house. Karen was disrespectful. I would not have disrespected my grandchild whether I agreed with what my daughter was saying about the bathroom or not. Kim had every right to have her mother removed from the wedding. Being the bride’s mother does not give her the right to be disrespectful.

      • I agree. The rented port-a potties looked pretty darn nice to me! Karen should have remembered this was KIM’S day, not hers. Make it easy on the stressed-out BRIDE! I sometimes think people like to see what they can get away with on TV – more antics mean more face time for Karen…

      • MSSAU

        Pam, Kim owed her parents respect in exchange for them helping her and raising her and helping to raise her children. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Where did you come from where it shows disrespect to wake a child. I am a grandmother and I wake my grandchildren all the time — sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. To wake them is NO BIG DEAL and IT DOES NOT SHOW DISRESPECT. What shows disrespect is when you tell your parents they are not allowed to use your bathroom and to have your mother escorted out by the police for doing so while letting the people who did your hair and other workers use your bathroom. Elderly people are prone to infections and should not be using portable toilets in the yard even if the portable toilet is purple. It still has been used by too many people before being put in Kim’s yard. Kim and Kroy will never have good luck for doing this. The Bible did not specify very many things with consequences but the Bible did specify this: HONOR YOUR FATHER AND YOUR MOTHER THAT YOUR DAYS MAY BE LONG UPON THIS EARTH. Kim and Kroy had better watch themselves for being so disrespectful to Kim’s parents. They don’t treat Kroy’s parents this way. These people are so low class that they don’t see the consequences.

    • Jarrod

      First off Kim raised her children on her own with a little help second she is perfectly fit on raising children look at Brielle and her young one arianna they turned out great and they were mostly raised on there own. And lastly it was her wedding and she didn’t wan anyone in her house not even her mom or aunt. Those were Kim’s rules and everybody should follow them when at an event she waited her life to have. So before you even try to say that she’s self centered even if the other stuff is true don’t because she was/is fighting for what she believes is right and that’s what I call courage not being uncaring or self-centered

  24. Even thinking of Kim’s relationship with her married BF, we don’t really know the atmosphere Kim’s daughters would be in if allowed to visit their grandmother. I had a terrible relationship with my mother. She was addicted to prescription drugs and my father was a pedophile, so hell no, they were never left in charge of my daughter. I tried supervised visits for a while, but realized no grandparents was a better thing than my baby seeing or hearing bad things. Kids are very perceptive but easily made to feel sorry for poor grandma. I have no idea if anything I went through is in any way similar to Kim’s upbringing, but she has to be somewhat a product of her environment. And, just for the hell of it, I also had a married boyfriend, so screwed up for a while. I will admit I haven’t watched her show since her wedding but if she is happy and the children are cared for and loved, then she probably has her reasons to cut Karen out of her life. This is not an easy thing. My mother killed herself many years ago, drug overdose, and I still feel guilty, even though I did my best. Glass houses. I wish them all luck. Hurt feelings suck, all around.

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