Camille Grammer Owns a Lot of Properties; Most Are For Sale

The Malibu property by night

Real housewife of Beverly Hills, Camille Grammer, has made TMZ this evening because a Malibu property she owned with Kelsey is back on the market. I’m not sure why TMZ is making this seem like breaking news as the property has been on and off the market for several years. The couple purchased the home for $4.5 million in 1998 and its current market price is $17.5 million. The 6,645 sq foot house has four bedrooms and six baths plus a whole host of luxurious features including a kitchen designed by Wolfgang Puck, a tennis court, a pool, a nine stall barn with access to riding trails, a large guesthouse with a rooftop deck and fantastic heavily wooded grounds.

This is just one of over $100 million dollars worth of properties the couple is trying to liquidate for the purposes of their divorce degree. Under California divorce law, the profits from the sales will be spilt 50-50. Which once everything is sold will bring in quite a chunk of change. unfortunately, the market for all the properties they currently have on the market, including the Beaver Creek Ski Chalet that was featured on season two of RHOBH  for $7.3  and the 10,567 sq ft home in Beverly Hills which was reduced to $17.999 million (down from a previous attempt to sell at $19.9 million) when it was relisted in May.  Camille and he ex also have property in numerous other states including multiple NYC apartments and 2 estates in Hawaii. Nearly all of these properties have been on and off the market numerous times both prior to and following the divorce. Not exactly news, but I thought I’d give you guys a little more of the story.

Since the divorce Kelsey has remarried and has purchased a $6.5 million dollar estate in Beverly Hills where he lives with his new wife and their daughter.


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3 responses to “Camille Grammer Owns a Lot of Properties; Most Are For Sale

  1. Kelsey Grammer gave a very interesting interview with Oprah. Did you see it Ms. Tami? He would not mention Camilles’ name!

  2. I saw parts of it. Kelsey is so skeevy I didn’t tune in for the whole production. What were his most fascinating tidbits? Did they just talk about Camille the whole time without saying her name? I think Camille is about the most interesting thing Kelsey would have to talk about. Now stop making me think about him and that tattoo picture from months back. ew.

    • bjcee

      The first time he referred to her as “that person”, I thought maybe there was a gag order. As the interview prolonged, I realized he was being facetious. I thought she was the one blind-sided with the divorce! He brought the new family out and behaved as if everything was Camille’s fault. It was a very deep interview regarding his early life and his years and success in show business.

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