Tamara Tattles Exclusive: The Shahs of Sunset Make a Run for the Border

Attn Bloggers/Media This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive. Please link and give appropriate attribution to my work. Thanks!

If you live in Beverly Hills, you may have noticed that this Sunday morning is a bit calmer and more serene that usual.  That’s because all the Shahs of Sunset have headed south of the border. Season two’s obligatory cast trip is underway. On Season One things really heated up when the Persian Pack went to Vegas. This season, after weeks of filming, the drama was already raging before the trip even began. We all know there will be fancy hotel accommodations and expensive champagne flowing. The big questions are, “Will anyone actually get their Herve Leger swimsuit wet?”, “Will Reza make it through the security check without getting really intimate with airport security?”. “Who is at the center of all the drama I keep hearing about?”

Let’s just hope that the serenity of the water of the Mexican Riviera has a calming effect on everyone and they return home safely. Oh who am I kidding. Let’s hope for spectacular drama and drunken debauchery. Filming is winding down and the new season should be on soon. I for one, can’t wait! Season two is expected to return mid-December.

Are you ready for some Shahs of Sunset?


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3 responses to “Tamara Tattles Exclusive: The Shahs of Sunset Make a Run for the Border

  1. Tc

    Can’t wait for the new season! Thanks for the scoop. And the reminder that it’s coming back.

  2. frederick uncut

    SO glad they renewed this show. Tamara do you know anything about casting, if it’s the same cast or if some have been replaced? There was a little dead weight on this show while some of the minor cast showed star power…

    • It’s my understanding that Sammy was dropped. I’m not sure if Anita is coming back or not but I am hopeful that she is. I *think* she is in Mexico now with the gang, but I’m not as sure on that as I am that Sammy will not be back.

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