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I have a bunch of people asking me what is going on with Big Brother 14 live feeds so I’m going to try to do a quicky spoiler or two behind the jump. I haven’t been watching much but I can fill you in on the big things like who is HOH, Who won POV and a few other big things that you might be interested in like Pandora’s Box… Updating a little as I am watching the last couple episodes of Redneck Island and awaiting the birth of Snooki’s meatball. Pathetic and sad, but true…

First of all, HOH was the something similar to what you see above. Trying to move a ball across a holey board in the fastest amount of time. Frank won.  The next thing should have been nominations. But it wasn’t.

It was Pandora’s Box. Frank opened the box and got an envelope with $3,000 (That he admits to…). The rest of the house got a competition where quarters were thrown down in the back yard and there were brawls to pick them up and lots of elbow throwing and jostling for position to get to the arcade machine. It sounds like it was brutal. Ian won. The prize was a power to veto one person off the block.

Next came nominations. Frank nominated Dan and Danielle. Then tonight there was the regular POV competition. It was the “Who wants it More?” competition where houseguests take punishments to win points toward the POV. Frank took a carrot costume for a week, a green paint shower and something involving a bucket of chum and he gave up HOH for a week on top of next week when he can’t play anyway. That seems dangerous for him. Danielle took everyone hurling paint at her. (As soon as the feeds came back, Danielle asked, “How did I look during the paint thing?” Gotta love her.) Shane TOOK NOTHING! Britney took being shackled to Danielle for 24 hours. Shane said he owes her. (Just kidding. He was probably thinking it though). Ian didn’t get to play because he already has a veto. Jenn took slop for the rest of the summer and won the veto! She is not going to use it. She just wanted to be safe and keep her new love Dani safe. Dani has the votes to stay anyway. Dan lost and has to be in solitary confinement for 24 hours in the have not room with loud technomusic. Apparently Frank was disqualified from the POV for trying to collude with other houseguests. Frank had 22 pts before being DQd.  Jenn had 15 pts and Dan had 14. Jenn also burned her clothes for four points. The slop all summer earned her 11.

I’m sure there is more but I am ready to be done with this update for now. :) As far as alliances go, everyone (except Dan) seems to be trying to suck to Frank which is stupid because this HOH is over as far as his power goes and he won’t be HOH for two weeks. EVERYONE should be on board to get him out next but they appear not be considering that. Which means they all deserve to lose to him. It seems they all do want to get Frank out if he doesn’t win POV, but yet, they are all still telling him way too much.


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6 responses to “Big Brother 14 Live Feed Updates

  1. Lena marie

    ugh..this disappoints me..i love your quicky update though :)

  2. frank looks like he is is falling apart now that boogie is gone. he played boogies game and not his own and my guess is regret is starting to sink in cause he looks defeated. it’s kinda weird whats going on in the live feeds. I cannot believe frank conceded his pov win to jenn because he’s that fricken stupid as to risk it. even the house is falling apart. I’d rather be dan than brittney on this one. one day my wish will come true and jenn and the screaming chef will be gone and maybe a real race will begin.

  3. Grams

    Frank was disqualified from the POV because he tried to help Britney and shouted out an answer or something to that effect. We”ll see how it plays out on Wednesday on CBS heavily edited version

    • thanks for clearing that up. I missed that in the feeds. it just blows my mind the way that chef says “when I get kicked out and go to jury…” he’s not even interested in winning just hanging around as dead weight. and jenn sits around talking about “the fans” like she’s expecting to have all these followers. why did frank yell out the answer to brittney when he was winning and basically gave jenn the win?

      • I don’t know. The feeds were not up for the comp. Joe was complaining about Britney and Frank and both of them acted like he was crazy and too stupid to understand. At some point Frank was gesturing to Britney to buzz in to answer (but not take the punishment) so he could have it if he was not sure of the question. I think Frank just got a bit over excited and screwed up. Frank thinks Brit and Shane are playing with him now.

  4. thanks so much. makes more sense now what I saw on the feeds. I’m actually a little over all this fake niceness. shane too damn agreeable all the time, jenn’s full of herself thinking she masterminded her way out of trouble when she would have been cut 2 weeks ago if they didn’t have bigger fish to fry, the screaming chef is just waiting for his turn to get cut, brittney isn’t doing much and dan is in solitary after laying WAY low during the boogie ‘get to steppin’ operation, the only ones really doing anything are frank fighting for his life week after week, ian masterminding an ingenius plan to get rid of boogie and danielle who works 24/7 trying to hold the crazy back. I can’t wait for them to start cracking and the fun to fly!

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