Exclusive: Chateau Sheree May Be Ready By Christmas!

I know how you guys love a good Chateau Sheree update so, since I haven’t done once since last month,  I have some exclusive pictures for you taken just moments ago.  My on-site source tells me that things are moving along nicely. The roof is on and it’s a very high-quality, attractive roof. The fancy black windows are in and the house is wrapped up tight ready for… wait for it….the facade.  If there is anything that Sheree knows something about, it’s facades so I expect it to be glorious!  It’s starting to look like Sheree could be settled in by Christmas, y’all! Perhaps she’ll invite me to a grand holiday gala!

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57 responses to “Exclusive: Chateau Sheree May Be Ready By Christmas!

  1. gigi

    looks good! go sheree! :)

  2. Abby

    Let’s play guess the facade! I say (or sing) “She’s a brick House”!

  3. Your tea is so thirst quenching

  4. WD

    Color me shocked and amazed this house is actually happening. Girlfriend ain’t got herself no steady job. Who is financing this? It’s a nice-looking house, but I’d be mighty pissed if someone built a house that close to mine.

  5. Brad

    Not a bad looking house although it is really close to the intersection I just hope that a car doesn’t veer off the road and slam into it.

    I also wonder how she is funding this project?

  6. I think Chateau Sheree’ is lovely. Judging from the size of it, it should be able to hold a lot air mattresses for the kids to sleep on. I bet Sheree’ never even moves into the house. It will probably be on the market as soon as it is completed. She is probably looking for a quick sale to get her hands on some cash. I may even put in an offer my self so that I can be nearer to Ms. Tamara.

  7. ho w will she pay the builder for the build? typically home owner has to sign land over to builder until they secure finance on the house. does sheree have a job? income? real income. ?

  8. Kailey

    I don’t believe for a second that Sheree can afford this house. I wouldn’t be surprised if a “For Sale” sign appeared in the front yard once it’s finished. She can’t possibly afford to maintain a house like that selling cheap, tacky jewelry on kitsylane.com. And not to mention the debt that she’s in.

  9. Reality Fan

    Do you see how close that house is to the corner, RIDICULOUS!!! There is no where to put up a fence without it being like a prison because the bars will be so close.

    I would have knocked that down and called it a stupid loss by now. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can see how long it takes for a car to run into it since it is soooo close to the street. Not to mention all the nuts that will be knocking on her door since she is right by the curb.

    Can you say STUPID!!!

  10. Reality Fan

    I don’t know anybody who would be stupid enough to buy that house on that lot.

  11. MD

    Fucking, miserable ass readers that feed off this whack blogger….Folks are mad that Sheree actually had her house built and it’s killing ya’ll asses! LOL I love it and I live for the pathetic no-life-having bitches that spend their time and energy writing unfounded, hateful comments about a woman that don’t give two shits about her haters….That’s right Tams keep up the good work of obsessing about my girl—nobody does obsession by Sheree better than you and your readers….You’ve outdone Fatass that writes straightfromthea.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Sheree gurl? Is that you boo? Bloop…luv Nana Nene….

    • Divadawn

      If you think this blog is whack, MD, then why do you waste your time reading it? Blogs are for entertainment purposes only. I don’t know Nene, Kim, Sheree or any of them, so I could care less if any of this is real. Much like their show, some of it is real some of it is fake. These sources Tam uses could have factual info or they may not. Since u seem to have some personal connection to Sheree, I would suggest you become a “source” for her if you feel the information she gives is false!

      • MD is mad because it’s true. It’s not like I took pictures of a random house, or moved the stop sign into her front yard. lol. There’s not maybe it’s fake about it.

  12. Valley Girl

    Does she still owe her attorneys? If she does decide to sell they would get their money after the builders/financial backers got theirs. The attorney lien is what is called a “super priority” lien – she might not get any proceeds from the sake of the property at all.

    Sheree, Sheree, Sheree – if only you were smart enough to realize the golden opportunity you had to make a name for yourself – especially after the 1st and 2nd seasons. I would pity you if you didn’t have such a sense of entitlement.

  13. She could not sell that house if she had too right now, the housing market in ATL is FLOODED with bargains. We have the biggest drop in property values than any other city nation wide. Which is why she should have just bought something already completed for a song rather than custom building. She has judgements against her from attys and I think they settled for the car and some fake birkins just to be rid of her. I can’t believe her divorce atty has stuck with her this many years. We’ll see if she gets paid. I bet she is forcing Sheree to pay as she goes. The person most likely to get a lien on the house is Bob depending on how court goes next week.

  14. Thank you for noing the fake Birkin’s this has irritated me no end. The Chateau Shereè updates is what brought me here, so please keep ’em coming. XD

  15. MD

    Damn what will folks come up with next? Now Sheree has fake Birkin bags – this coming from people that have not touched one much less OWNED one….and I see Sheree has her own support team too that specialize in financial consulting, real estate advice, fashion tips, family law, child care, and an array of other knowledge. Everyone, please forward me your info….Sheree still sitting pretty and shining despite her haters…No she’s no longer on tv making the money that NeNe is probably making but I’m sure her life is more fullfilled and interesting than any of these other fools who are obsessed with her can say.

    • Tracie

      I am curious. How is Sheree paying for a Support team? Also, why was it necessary to purchase the home from her Mom for only a buck?

      • I have a ton of backstory on sheree. If you go to the left and click her name under categories. then keep going all the way back and start reading from the beginning. It’s pretty interesting and by far my most read posts. :)

      • Oh and pay no attention to MD she seems to be the last of a dying breed of crazy Sheree Stans, bless her heart.

  16. Stephanie

    Man, she must be selling lots of jewelry with her kitsy lane gig.

  17. chitown shelley

    the only thing that has me stumped about the sheree saga is why she allowed her mother to sell her the property at all. in terms of protecting her assets, she would have been much better off keeping it in her mothers name. i cant fathom how shes going to be able to keep it from any of her various creditors. but then i havent been able to figure out why a woman of her age, with teenage children, and no steady income, would want such a huge moneypit to begin with. all my single girlfriends are into downsizing and investing for their early retirement. different strokes for different folks, i guess, but i would love to know who advised her to do this. the energy costs alone are going to be astronomical.

    • beejcee

      I am so glad you brought this up. If Sheree purchased the house from her mother for $1 it becomes her property. Just because she paid $1 doesn’t mean it is only worth $1. So what was the point? If she has creditors wanting their money, she now has something for them to seize, right? When the property is appraised, it will appraise for more than $1 and it could be seized just like the attorneys seized her car, right?

      • Right. But right now the only open court case she has is with Bob. I think all her previous lawyers have taken what they could get (the car) and given up wasting their time. However her current custody lawyer will likely have to go after her at some point unless she is making her pay in advance, and Bob will be awarded some money next week most likely because of this crap she pulled. .

        That said, they generally can’t force you to sell your primary residence for debt. Instead they put a lien on the house and the creditors don’t get the money until the house is sold.

      • Whatever

        @Tamara I truly hope Sheree did not do that to Bob. I really don’t want to believe that about Sheree. I didn’t like her in the beginning, but then started to root for her when she was trying to get her child support from Bob. But now that I’ve heard all these things about her not paying her bills, stiffing lawyers who are simply out to help her, trying to stiff Pheadra, letting her and Bob’s house fall into foreclosure, getting fired from the show, getting her car repossessed, and on and on, I can’t feel sorry for her anymore. If she has done all those things then she can expect to get that kind of treatment back. You can’t cheat everyone left and right and think you will get ahead. I heard her mother may have sold her the house because the mother knows Sheree doesn’t pay her bills and doesn’t want to be responsible for the house if Sheree does not pay the bills on the house.

  18. Thanks for the back story. That is why an earlier commentor stated that her ex could possibly put a lien on her house. Hopefully, she doesn’t ow anyone else.

  19. beejcee

    Thanks for the back story. That explains why an earlier commenter stated Bob could possibly put a lien on her house. Hopefully, she doesn’t owe anyone else.

  20. It’s not that we hate. Simply put, Shereè is one fascinating financial car crash. As Tamara (and other commentators) have quite rightly acknowledged, there have been downsizings & financial challenges across any number of the Housewife franchise (Adrienne Malouf & Sonja Morgan come to mind) but there is a difference between financial adjustments & financial fronting. If you are going to play in the public eye, expect the public to look back. Just Sayin’.

  21. Rashe

    Not a fan of Sheree’s at all she tried her best to make Nene look bad every season I know she wish her & Nene was frnds right abt now nice house how is she going to maintain it u have to wonder sometimes is it a lil bit of shade being thrown at her thgh from u & SFTA

  22. Kendra

    It is not so much that I dislike the house, there are just so many things that are wrong about it. It is too big for the lot size. I wonder if it is even legal, that would be illegel where we live since not enough space between properties. It is wise in this financial climate to build such an extremely large house. The monthly utilities alone are going to be insane.

    It is not that I do not like Sheree, she has just time and time again displayed questionable judgement and zero lack of financial moderation.

    • Whatever

      Yeah, and she’s off in Africa when her son didn’t have a bed to sleep on, a haircut, or proper food to eat. Sheree eats like a queen, but did you see that teeny tiny sandwich she made for her son when they were at her apartment? It was a super small sandwich not even big enough for an ant to get full off of; let alone a 16 year old growing boy. I hate the way she treats her children.

  23. tye

    Another ugly McMansion–just what the world needed.

  24. FLA-Beth

    this was the only house/property I see in her name. is it still in her mom’s name?

  25. Who cares she left the show


  26. NS

    It is so amazing to read all the negative
    comments that these people posted about this woman. Don’t you all have anything better to do? Like worry about you’re own problems, marriage, finance and family. Let me give you’ll something to do, go and stand infront of the mirror and point at you’ll self, and see you’re big thumb point back at you. When you point at someone you’re big thumb always point back at you.

  27. Tenesha Burks

    I’m just trying to understand why do negative people take the time to speak negative words over other people. Instead of saying it is a nice house you’ll take the time to critize the house and her private life to talk about her relationship with her children never taking the time to realize that her children could read these blogs and with all that being said I don’t see any of you’ll every being on television!!!! Stop!!!! and take the time to realize if you don’t have anything kind to say!!!!

    Keep your mouth close what God has for her will be hers get yours then talk out loud!!!!!!! It seems to be all of you’ll are in shock that the house did get built and will be finish as she said LOL!!!!!! Go Sheree make your haters your motivators and know the sky is not limited to you keep doing you and continue to let the negative energy from talk go out of the windows you just had built!!!! Open up one of your new windows and send your haters back to the pit of hell know God has your back believe in him and know he will see you through. People talk but they do not know the walk you have had to take in life only you and God know the full details. I’m proud of you and keep your head up. God Bless you and your family.

    • Wow. What religion are you if I may ask. Because your God sounds like a complete idiot. And rather vengeful. What is it about Sheree that you are proud of exactly. And why would you think that anyone’s desire here is to be mocked on a reality program? You’re an interesting bird.

    • Justsayin

      You sound like a complete idiot…oh did I say idiot!!!

  28. evelynbutnice

    the crazy thing was, sheree was the first housewife who thought of creating a brand, she by sheree, and take advantage of being part of the show. but too bad it did not pan out. but i’m happy for her that she’s moving on building her dream house.

  29. cjpmama

    OMGosh, I watch & love ALL the Housewives shows! :-) I also love these little stories & updates on the internet about all the “ladies” (however I use the term VERY loosley)! OK – you can totally tell that “NS” & “Tenesha Burks” are the same person by the misused & repeated “you’ll” in each set of her comments. I’m like a ‘lil detective with this stuff. LOL! I honestly don’t think ANYONE who truly is Sheree’s friend or defender should even read these type of stories where you know people are going to be bashing her! This is a GOSSIP column & will probably only serve to upset YOU in some way. If you really are a FRIEND or know her PERSONALLY then I don’t think she would like you spreading her any of her PRIVATE BUSINESS on a GOSSIP website! That is SO not your place &, like Sheree, you should be TOTALLY IGNORING these type of stories! They are for ENTERTAINMENT alone & not to be taken seriously AT ALL! You really have some ISSUES if you’re all over the internet all the time trying to set the story straight about Sheree! Just LET IT GO & don’t trip on what HATERS want to say about her! It’s not worth your time or energy & will only get YOU more upset. Also, if you really are a CHRISTIAN & a GODLY person then you should/would NEVER wish ill will upon ANYONE for silly comments made on a GOSSIP WEBSITE for goodness sake! It’s actually VERY IMMATURE & indicates that YOU need to take a GOOD, LONG LOOK in the mirror at YOURSELF to remember what a true CHRISTIAN WOMAN would want for these commenters. You should want them to learn KINDNESS for others & how to build people up rather than tear them down, etc.! It is not a good look for you to hope people GO TO HELL for writing a negative comment about a REALITY TV STAR on an INTERNET WEBSITE! There are things I like about Sheree & things I don’t like about Sheree – but what I do know is that I don’t really “KNOW” her AT ALL just because she’s on a “REALITY” TV program. Don’t worry so much about defending her – I think she’s probably just fine! Another thing you should realize is that most people don’t make comments about how much they LOVE a star following these stories – if you REALLY checked things out you’d see that most people only comment if they have something NEGATIVE to say. Anyways, those are my observations & my advice…peace & love to all <3

  30. Alex Mireles

    We Need Another Update On Chateau Sheree! It Looks Amazing So Far! She’s Making Good Progress. So Happy For Her. I Can’t Wait Til Its Finish!

  31. momadison

    These comments about being on a corner remind me of an old joke; what’s the difference btw toys and adult toys ? Location, location, location!!

  32. angela

    The government is going to take it or her attorney will put some kind of hold on it until she pays them the back money that’s owes.

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