What’s Going on With Willow Smith?

Update: It’s clear on her Instagram that she posted this note because she found it recently after having written it “years ago.” Whatever that means when you are twelve. Based on her Instagram and tumblr it’s fair to say she’s um, very mature for her age. 

I’ve been sort of worried about Willow Smith for a while.  Her Parents, Will and Jada Smith, have taken a very permissive parenting stance when it comes to letting Willow be her own person. While I’m all for kids expressing their creativity, I waver on this stance when it comes to a ten-year-old making a single about whipping her hair around, an 11-year-old with a fake tongue ring, and a twelve-year-old shaving her head bald. I’m not sure where the line on letting kids explore their own personalities should be. Parents need to give children boundaries. Structure provides the kid with a sense of safety. On the other hand, they need to be able to express their feelings. Parents also need to pay attention to those feelings and understand the root cause of the exploratory behaviors.

So what brought this address on parenting from my little soapbox this morning? Willow has posted the letter pictured above on her Instagram account. Which raises many questions. Should a 12-year-old have an Instagram account? Isn’t the age limit for most social media 14? Also, is Willow getting the proper education?  The letter which reads, “Dear Tupac, I know you are alive some place. I think that my mommy really misses you. Can you please come back so mommy and me can be happy! I wish you were here… I really do! Love, Willow.” isn’t very well written.  She also doesn’t seem to understand that Tupac died. Interestingly, Jada went to High School with Tupac. Is Willow trying to find a man that will make her mother and herself happy? Problems on the homefront?

Did Willow post this letter as a cry for help? Or is this typical middle-school behavior? Thoughts?


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17 responses to “What’s Going on With Willow Smith?

  1. chitown shelley

    tamara i agree with your entire assessment. when this story first broke, i was hoping you would post on it. this child is the saddest little girl to me. how she can have such low self esteem is unbelievable to me. and when did she write that letter? it looks like it was written by a five year old. will and jada may be special, but i always had pretty high regard for his parents; they certainly seemed normal. this child, and probably her brother as well, if the rumors about his arrogant and boorish behavior are true, are in need of counseling/an intervention stat.

  2. sweetnessnbubba

    here is a thought.. Will and jada are Scientologists (under radar but Will is supporting a school for kids that is a Scientology school)… Scientologists believe in reincarnation, so its possible that willow thinks he is out in a new body somewhere..

    Or she has been watching too many Oliver Stone movies..

  3. WD

    Sadly, education isn’t a high priority for a lot of the Hollywood bunch. Very obvious from this note that it’s definitely not a priority for the Smith family. I look forward to her autobiography at 30 about life as a coke addict who stripped to make rent.

    • Whatever

      Or she turns out like Chaz Bono. Not knowing who or what she is. I think there is a lot of sexual perversion going on in the Smith home. Why does she even know who her mother used to be in a relationship with? I don’t know who my parents dated before getting married.

  4. sweetnessnbubba

    Also Scientologists dont believe that little kids are little kids, they feel they are thousands of years old thetans. So they tend to let kids do whatever they want (unless what they want isnt to practice Scientologist)… They believe that the main purpose of life is to “clear the planet” of BTs so their schools are big on auditing and have little use for the 3 Rs..

  5. Critter

    The guy died 9-13-96, yes 1996 – 16 years ago…
    Find it hard to believe she misses him since she never
    knew him except from mom & media…
    Also find the writing odd, private schools teach much
    better writing & verbal skills…

  6. Tc

    It’s for sure real? She has the handwriting of a serial killer (to quote Steele Magnolias).

  7. Queen

    I read some place that Willow said this is a letter she wrote when she was like 6! However, it still raises many many questions..

  8. mina

    Why is her handwriting so poor? Equally disturbing as her text is her handwriting. Is the child being educated? That should come before she is allowed to whip her hair back and forth.

    • That most certainly should come before a public whipping of her hair back and forth, Mina. Your comment made me smile. I hope Queen is right and this is a note she wrote when she was much younger that she posted on Instagram because it amused her. I would assume she and her brother are getting a good education. The variety of ways that she acts out for attn is for me the most concerning.

  9. seventhings

    I’m disturbed because Jada and Tupac dated many years ago. Why is Willow writing a letter to her mother’s dead ex-boyfriend?!

  10. seventhings

    I’m disturbed by this because Tupac and Jada dated many years ago. Why is Willow writing a letter to her mother’s dead ex-boyfriend?!

  11. Whatever

    Is Tupac Willow’s father? I know he died in 1996, but something is up. Why would the letter only mention Jada and Willow being happy with Tupac? Why not include her brothers and Will? Isn’t this the same type of letter Princess Diana wrote to her lover and signed it “From me and Harry”. Probing people to think Prince Harry is her lover’s son and not Prince Charles’. I think Willow is definitely disturbed and probably abused and neglected. Will and Jada turned out to be horrible parents.

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