Translated Transcript of Video of Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen in Croatia

Bloggers/OtherMedia: This is original work in a series regarding the Anderson Cooper et al trip to Croatia. Please do not use this translation in its entirety. Please quote and link to my site with the proper attribution.

I asked someone to translate the Croatian video I postes in conjuction with a story about Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen being in Croatia. That translation has now arrived. I am wondering if the paparazzi narrating the story reads my blog becuause they seem to really want the two Andys to be there together. The amusing translation is below. Although they know about Ben, they clearly did not recognize him on the boat or Mark Consuelos who they seem to think may have been a body guard for the “famous trio” of Anderson, Kelly and Andy.  Unfortunately, since I posted the video here as a US Exclusive, one of the big boys appears to have purchased the video as it is no longer available. I’m posting the translation here anyway, though I am disappointed the video is gone. :(

BTW, Both Anderson and Ben were caught by paparazzi this morning outside Anderson’s cute apartment that was once a firehouse. It seems they are just fine.

See the full (and humorous) translation on the next page.

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  1. SweeetBea

    Too fun!!

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