Renee Graziano’s Former Plastic Surgeon Sues for $77 Million

Who is that guy? That’s probably what you are asking yourself. Am I right? Why, that is Renee’s Graziano’s plastic surgeon, Andrew Klapper. Before we go on, let me just say that I have a thing about doctor’s names and would never select one named Klapper.  Where were we? Oh yeah, Dr. Klapper is the guy who decided to do a full body lift on Renee last year. Even if a “full body lift” was a good idea, Klapper clearly screwed it up. Not only did she lose several pints of blood on the operating table he left her with a hole in her back and lots of scar tissue according to Graziano.  The bill for the entire nightmare was 30K which Renee apparently did not pay according to Klapper. Who could blame her?  Renee also filed a complaint with the State Board of Health claiming that she was not properly informed of the risks. No action has been taken against Klapper according to his attorney Barry Levin.  So now Klapper is suing Graziano for  $77 million dollars according to the Dail Mail.  Klapper claims his practice has suffered a tremendous loss of income since he allowed himself to be filmed doing the procedure. That footage is likely all Graziano needs to defend herself. Meanwhile, last month Renee showed off the results of her recent surgery to correct the botched surgery. She had plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Michael Fiorillo, fix the hole in her back, and give her the butt she has always wanted. Renee is very pleased with the results.



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11 responses to “Renee Graziano’s Former Plastic Surgeon Sues for $77 Million

  1. Tc

    Signs that tell you that you should avoid a plastic surgeon: 1. he has a very crooked nose. 2. Big dark circles under his eyes 3. Saggy eyelids and shaggy eyebrows 4. dumbo ears.

  2. A.W.

    He looks questionable.

  3. Oh My That's Not It

    How do you allow a plastic surgeon who is not as vain as yourself to perform your procedure? He need a lot of facial surgery himself.

  4. Danielle

    Quack quack.

  5. Danielle

    I spent (too much) time looking for before and after shots of his procedures and work and could not find anything beyond the testimonies of the patients of his topical skincare products. Has anyone been able to dig up proof that this guy is who he says he is?

  6. If i’d ever get plastic surgery it will def. not be from someone who looks like Dr. Evil. He just looks like….”You know i’m not going to stitch you back up right?”….

    And where does he expect this 77 million to come from? if she couldn’t or hasn’t paid 30K then the other 76,000,070 is going to come from….?

  7. You can not judge a Dr.’s performance by his own appearance. When I got out of college I had my nose done by a doctor who had a nose that made Streisand look Irish. I am very happy with the job he did. You just need to shop around and research a Dr.s history.
    As for Renee, I think once she shows up in court, the Dr. will win his case. Renee is a pretty messed up looking woman to begin with. I can’t believe she is only in her 40’s, she appears to be much older is you ask me.

  8. Tc

    Nah. It’s common practice and common sense for a person to be an example for their profession. Or at least not look like a suicide bomber. Just good bidness.

  9. Tc

    Big twitter stink happening. I guess twitter has removed photos of Renee’s botched surgery. Not sure if it’s because it’s graphic or legal.

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