Michael Strahan To Take Over for Regis Philbin

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that Michael Strahan has been signed to replace Regis Philbin on  the new season of Live With Kelly!  After 59 guest hosts sat in the vacant chair, it seems the final decision has been made. I’m quite pleased with this selection. Michael is hilarious with Kelly and the two of them have great chemistry. His gigantic size next to tiny little Kelly is its own comedy. Michael was apparently seen leaving NBC smiling and happy today. The new season debuts on September 4th.

Who were y’all wanting to see get the job?


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8 responses to “Michael Strahan To Take Over for Regis Philbin

  1. Nicole

    I haven’t watched Live in a long time, but I really like when Bryant Gumbel filled in for Regis. I also liked when Anderson Cooper guest hosted. I might have to check it out again if this is true.

  2. Tc

    I can’t wait to not watch.

  3. I work but I did catch the show when Michael was on and I gotta say I was drawn in! He was funny and charismatic. I also saw it when Nick Lachey cohost and it didn’t have the same energy.

  4. joan Klem

    Sorry, it’s just going to become pranks against one another – spraying silly string over one another’s dressing rooms…..the list is endless.

  5. mina

    Does this mean Nicole wont be in such dire straights? I liked it when Anderson Cooper was on, personally, but best wishes to Michael. Anyone with a job is blessed, nowadays.

  6. Oh My That's Not It

    Does that mean Nicole is moving to the east coast?

  7. Bobbi

    Well, Anderson has his own show and Neil Patrick Harris has a nighttime gig. They would have been my first two choices. But, I like Michael and Kelly together. It will definitely be a different show. Michael will also attract a different demographic than Kelly and Regis did, so I think it will help the ratings too. I am glad they finally settled on someone!

  8. Lou

    What happened to Rob Lowe???

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