Rihanna on Oprah, A Reverse Recap of Sorts…

Tonight, after watching a quite ridiculously edited episode of Big Brother and before tonight’s episode ever of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I found myself flipping around for something good to watch. I happened upon the Oprah interview with Rihanna. I was about ten minutes late, which it seems as though was spent on touching dead grandmother stories. Let’s see if there is anything interesting enough about to happen to make me publish this blog.

This is my first time watching Rihanna speak on TV. I wasn’t expecting a particularly high level of intelligence, but she seems extremely immature. I don’t mean that harshly. She literally seems like a 13-year-old in every sense of the word. It’s amazing to me that with all that she has been through she still has this innocent naiveté about her.

Meanwhile, I got new cable boxes today. They worked great when the guy was here and for the last couple hours I have had my signal drop several times until finally there was none. Now I am trying that reset the box strategy they recommend. Don’t you hate that? /grrrr

The reset didn’t work on the new TV but the bedroom TV has some intermittent connectivity. Rihanna is talking about reconciling with her father. I read something just today about her father calling her fat. She’s actually in Japan with her father now. Why is he living in Japan? I dunno. Anyway, I heard her tell Oprah that she had forgiven Chris Brown and how that doesn’t make her like other victims of domestic violence. But I’ve yet to hear the answer to the question, “Is Chris Brown one of your true loves?” or however inanely Oprah worded the question. It looks like I missed it, because Rihanna is now giving her mother a house and there are four minutes left in the show. So tell me, did I miss anything important? If my fancy new TV every gets along with the new cable box should I watch the interview again? What did O say about the interview before she started? Was there the expected line about how deep and pure Rihanna is and how she is nothing like the nymph she is perceived to be?

Whut I miss? Oh Time for RHONJ and it sounds like the TV is back! Cross your fingers!


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3 responses to “Rihanna on Oprah, A Reverse Recap of Sorts…

  1. gigi

    loved the interview. check twitter for a recap.. they’re trending

  2. Well, didn’t think this was going to be a ‘must see tv’ kinda show. It was obvious from the start that Oprah was going to go soft on her. Personally, from this progam and the various interviews out the last year, Rihanna doesn’t get the issue. She’s puttin out new music (with an S&M video,kinky sex chains, etc.) So, she’s been abused, goes back to the abuser, sings songs about how kinky it is to get tied up and slapped, or worse, have your sex partner beat on you. Yeah, that’s really healthy behaviour. It’s very obvious she has some type of sexual trauma in her early years, or teen years? She gives an excuse for Chris Brown when his name comes up….still protecting the abuser. Oprah didn’t need to interview her, everything is out in the public now.

  3. shanda says

    Tamara, you are correct..Rihanna seems very immature–i think she started her career entirely too early–she cant articulate very well and obviously cant add either since she has money issues (not mentioned on Oprah but through Tmz).. I dont think she ever finished formal schooling.

    As for the whole chris brown thing, they were involved for a long time and obviously in love and from what she tries to say, abuse didnt happen all the time, which is why she was so shocked when it did. She pretty much said she was still in love with him and barring his girlfriend would go right back…i would have never put that out there and still have to look this guy (and his new gf) in the face..its embarassing.

    Also, what you missed, she gave her mom a house..did her mom seem surprised? nope. so what i think is that she already gave it to her before the oprah taping and re-gave it to her for Oprah’s benefit..Oprah was more excited than the mother. lol

    Side note; Dang, she has a HUGE forehead!

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